My path to the gospel

Today I have been mjesusonmountainedlem Church of Jesus Christ of SDH in 20 years! The March 26 1995 was the day I was baptized! Just thought I might be a little simply could share with you my story; I was born in 1978 of young parents (also has an older sister was born in 1975). Our parents divorced 1982 and I had to grow up with my father. I had a good time there and was the mother two weekends a month. Both my parents remarried and we got a lot more siblings. 1985 came my mother's husband (A) in contact with a man who told me he was a Mormon (R). A home invited this man to hang out, an interest arose from his faith with my mother especially. Additional members of his congregation visited us, and finally the missionaries. In December 1985 was my mother baptized, then it is never with her was no doubt that this must be the truth. As for me, it took a few more years. I had thus come to church almost every Sunday. I do not really remember what I thought at the time. It just doing what they see their parents do and do not think much of it. When I was a teenager, I began to get more volunteer activities in the church, even when I was with my father. I can remember that I felt a warmth and a community that I do not know anyone else. It felt great to be there. But I lived a different life also that I had no direct view of giving up. My friends and I saw a crude language and partied happy times with alcohol and cigarettes, even at 13, 14, 15 age They then I continued going to church, and in January 1995 would be a Bolliad in Borlänge (where I lived and still live). My friends in the church wanted me to come along and I thought it was okay just because it was at home so I could go home and sleep. So I was anyway on the days there and during testimony meeting last day I experienced any as I had never been through; my heart was beating so fast and my tears just rolled down my cheeks because of the absolutely fantastic feeling that met all of me, I could not stop crying the whole day and my heart cried out that I have to baptize me, this is true. I sought no because I thought I had it good as I was, but after this experience I simply could not go on without making a change. I felt in my heart that this gospel as these people testified, was true. I needed to baptize me! So two and a half months later, where I was baptized. My father would have liked me to wait until I was of age but my mother and I received help from above to persuade him. Both of my parents, my bonusmor, my grandmother and all my siblings was on my baptism. One of my brothers who have never been to church earlier was strongly influenced by the spirit and later asked his mother why he was crying at the baptism! She could not answer that but I said it was the Holy Spirit who testified for him that what I did was right .It was an amazing day of my life. Being able to feel completely clean and happy! I have since received many testimonies that God, our Heavenly Father lives and that Jesus Christ is his restored kingdom here on earth. I have during these years 20 not doubted the gospel once! My testimony has certainly been less burning in me because I might not be a prayer or reading the scriptures as I should, or because they erred. Entrusted all those amazing feelings that spirit can give us this is still a belief, that is why we are here on earth to Believe! Faith is something we choose and I choose to believe in it every day because it's so amazing and it feels so true! As if everything and fall into place. Jesus says in the Bible to his apostles; oxå will you leave me? Then answered Simon Peter; Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life !. It's so I can feel; To whom shall I go ?.
No, now that's enough for now. Thanks to everyone who read the hope it can somehow have strengthened your testimony !?

It is important to examine their sources ....

Today I read about the problems researchers contend with working with Joseph Smith Papers. Joseph Smith is well documented. He had printers who wrote down everything he said and did. The problem of course is that the printers may have misheard, misunderstood, and that those who read what has been written has not managed to decipher some printer's handwriting. An example in the article that was raised was that a printer had drawn down to Emma Smith had [given] a child (child) and that Joseph Smith went away the following day. Little wonder, perhaps, until that concludes that no child is said to have been born at this time, but it was a cold (chill) that Emma had.

Deseret News. 150312.The good, the bad and the illegible: Deciphering handwriting of the early LDS Church scribes

Prince Ata, the second son of the King of Tonga and fourth in line to the throne has finally been baptized

Prince Ata viewing the October 2014 General Conference with missionaries.
Prince Ata viewing the October 2014 General Conference with missionaries.

There was a lot of controversy when the Prince Ata Tonga showed interest in the Mormon Church. The king learned of his second son decided to be baptized, and when he sent his soldiers first to stop the baptism, but the prince sent the soldiers.

The king was not content with this, but sent the Prime Minister of Tonga to bring an end to the spectacle and negotiate with the prince. The baptism was postponed for a while and the prince continued to go to church.

But now, finally, Prince Ata been baptized in a church in Hawaii in March. We must hope that the king did not make him arvslös and everything else that he threatened. It's not easy when you have errant parents who do not like the religion chosen. This occurs more often than you think.

Ephesians 2: 8-10