Things you did not know about Mormons

  1. top secretUsually carries no religious symbols. It's just Mormons who are priests (chaplains) in the United States military that has a cross on the collar of his uniform.

  2. Not all Mormons have the holy underwear, only those who have permission to visit the temples, that have a temple recommend.

  3. About 40% of the members are active in the church (go on at least one meeting in the quarter).

  4. About 20% of members have a temple recommend.

  5. The average life expectancy in Salt Lake City is 11 years higher than the rest of the United States. Church rules are good.

  6. Anyone who becomes a member of the church restored as both a Christian and know the Israeli tribal affiliation. Israel was divided into Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom, later deported the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom, followed by the nomadic tribes (assimilated) north towards non-inhabited areas and ended up among others in Europe.

  7. Because of our Israelite tribal affiliation we have inherited from our ancestors, combined with our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we get very often the answer to prayer (in a survey members had more answers to prayer than Catholics, Orthodox, Evangelicals, etc.).

  8. Think they are saved because of their faith in Jesus Christ, not because of deeds / work (Christian leaders in other churches would love to stretch the truth a little bit about our faith, to scare people who are curious about us and maybe would like to become members eventually ).

  9. Those who visit us experience that they have come to the early church, as it was at the time of the apostles. A similar organization as Jesus Christ organized when he lived here on earth to 2000 years ago.

  10. Men and women are equal, need each other.

  11. Both men and women are allowed to speak (preach) in sacrament meeting (worship service). All mature active members may offer to speak.

  12. The priests have no pay for their work, it is a lekmannakyrka.