Jesus is alive!

It is many years since I got my real strength, "Jesus lives" experience. I lay in my bed and chatted a bit with God in lugnan quiet, and suddenly it was as if a bolt of lightning struck down in my consciousness. Then only I knew with 100 percent belief in all of me, that Jesus is alive now today.

I thought so before of course, but since that experience, I knew that. There's a difference in mental attitude. Nothing was the same again thereafter. I had suddenly become one of those people who started telling others that "Jesus lives".

Sometimes I think I was a little pushy. Like when my friends and I contacted the Gideons and was able to buy their New Testaments, but without their logo on. Just 10 SEK each. I ordered an entire box. Then we went around town and evangelized and helped people and gave those who had no Bible, one of these New Testaments. It was at that time I was active in a regular independent church, not the Mormon Church.

We often had to help full people home in the small hours, for we were completely unafraid of the time. I do not get it today. We were out from 9-10 in the evening and until 2-3 in the morning. Had we like to drink and freshly baked buns. We were among the first who were involved with bull guerrilla.

Do you know what bull guerrilla is? Well it is when you bake a giant load of such cinnamon buns, fill the thermos flasks with something warm to drink, brings New Testaments and tracts, and so you get on a particular place or wandering around the streets and looking for "victims" because we evangelized and was looking for presumptive new members.

Yes, they are not victims in the normal sense, but looking for people who want to talk, drunkards, alone, foreigners, young people, troublemakers mm. Anyone who dares to take a "snack" with those religious. There were several intense years and we had great fun.

What I discovered was just the people willing to listen if they get something back. Not just listening for listening's sake. Some wanted to have some practical help, others needed a hot drink and a bun for they were hungry and frozen, some had kind words and a hug or an encouraging pat on the back.

Unable to share the gospel when people have big needs. they are unable to listen then. But if they had something that still needs them, then they listen. It was at these times that my friends and I got the chance to tell us that Jesus is alive.

Now it's been many years since. I know that Jesus is still alive? Yes, absolutely. But the experience I had was unique. It should not be such uppleverlser all the time. I needed to learn to recognize this. For a while, I thought there was something wrong if I did not always feel like I felt then. But that does not work the Christian faith and life.

God gives us special occasions, and those we cherish and remember fondly. It may require the times that we have a hard time in life. It is then that those memories and experiences carry us, and gives us new strength to deal with all that is needed.

God bless you ... Jesus lives today!