The Missionaries

Interesting to follow a few missionaries as they evangelize. One can see that their calls are not governed by any rules, but that they just want to tell people about their personal beliefs and experiences. It's not easy to knock the door, because you do not know what is waiting behind the door.

Especially in Sweden that is so secular, so it's hard to knock on doors. The new mission president in Sweden shared some interesting figures about the mission. For each 3.000 door knocks it will be a new member, and a third of the new members become active. This means that the missionaries have to knock on doors 9.000 for it to become an active member. Interesting to know.

It's not really any news, because I remember when I was doing the sales job. If you spread out the pieces in the mailboxes so it becomes about 0,1-1% who become customers, depending on what kind of product and the advertising looks. Most often, you probably expect 0,3% of earnings, ie 1000 patches provide about 3 customers.

Those who are doing marketing via email is even more difficult, and they may need to send out 10.000-1 million emails to get a customer.

So I think that missionaries are skilled and courageous, because they are so young and inexperienced.