What is wrong with eternal life?

evigtlivMy dad never doubted that there was life after death. He never went to a few churches and was deeply critical of any institutional religion. What was the basis for his belief was a near-death experience that he had to be very small when he had surgery. Dad was born 1918 and at that time doctors were not as talented with anesthesia. The father remembered was that during the surgery left his body and hovered over the body and saw his body, and nurses and doctors.
Leaving his body was a fantastic experience and dad remembers that he wanted to return to her body. However, he could feel how he was drawn back to his body when doctors struggled to save his liv.När I joined The Church of Jesus Christ could my dad not to draw from my new faith, but I remember still his peaceful expression of his desire for heaven. "It does not matter where I'm going, only that there are sailboats and I can sail".

Well, we all have our definitions and requirements for how the kingdom of heaven should look like and yes, I think my father will have the opportunity to sail in the next life. A little more puzzled I became of a woman who left the Church of Jesus Christ and expressed to me that she no longer believed in God, nor did exist after this life. To me the statement contradictory because she also was clear to point out that she really loved life. That's what I do not understand: if you love life so it should have been hoping for eternal life, right? For eternal life is simply a continuation of the life that we are already living.

Another thing that I also responded when the woman expressed that she wanted that life should go after death is relationships. I can understand that there are people who do not want to share eternity with some of their relatives, but at the same time such as this woman more children. Why she has no desire for an eternal life with their children?

The questions pile up more and more while I realize how important my faith in eternal life is for me. How I imagine eternal life forms actually my values ​​even for this life. For me, the important relationships. Every morning and evening when I and my children are with family prayer, so I thank you for the people and animals that we have been taught to know and thank you also for that once again we will get to meet and live together in eternity. In my world, I see before me an eternity with my dad, which I have to perform vicarious work for, my four beloved children, other dear relatives, friends that I have had in this mortal life and everyone loved animals, both cats, dogs and rabbits.

If you are reading this thinking about your image of eternal life, its to be or not to be, and how you wished it had been. Have your picture made its mark on how you live your life today and how you value it? Cornelis Vreeswijk have so beautifully expressed in one of his songs "You can take nothing with you wherever you go. "That is so true and so we should focus on what we can take with us. We should invest in our relationships and feel gratitude and trust that we can always live together.