If the Mormon Church the whole truth?

Let me make a bold statement - no, the Mormon Church is not the whole truth. The Mormon Church has enough truth so that members can be saved. The key is belief in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. He has reconciled the people with God the Father.

How often do not hear Mormons that the Mormon Church is a cult because the Mormon Church believe they have the whole truth? Often, very often. But the Mormon Church do not pretend to have all the truth. It just states that all other churches and denominations that have a little more truth than others - but this is a natural thing in the world of religion.

The Mormon Church is additionally so open-minded that it claims that other churches also have truth, but just a little less. The Mormon Church claims not mean that it is absolutely right and all others are wrong.

The Mormon Church's articles of faith gives us a clue, and especially the ninth: "We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom."

Hmm .. So there are things that are not yet revealed to the prophets and apostles of the Mormon Church. Can they know everything already, here and now? No, of course not. There are a lot that are not yet revealed, and they therefore have the wrong idea about right now. They are waiting to be corrected by God. The revelations will give them more truth in which they now believe the wrong things. These revelations and visions will not at once, but it will step by step, little by little.

The longer time passes, the more knowledge available in the church. It is only in the Millennium as the full revelation comes in and with Jesus' Second Coming. What we should consider is that everyone on earth is our Heavenly Father's beloved children, his sons and daughters. We are all imperfect people, and we here on earth to teach us things, walk in a spiritual school and grow as people. None of us will have time to be perfect already here and now during our time on earth, and we will always need our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, both here on earth and in heaven. Best of all is that we do not need to worry about our family, friends, colleagues and all the others will go to heaven or not. We will all meet there because of Jesus' atoning work. It takes maybe a little different lengths of time, but Jesus does not abandon even one of us.

Do you have to like the Mormons agree with everything in the Mormon Church to be allowed to be a member? No absolutely not. We see time and time again throughout history that prophets and apostles in the church do not agree with each other. This utilizes anti-Mormons when they refer to a prophet, claiming that the Mormon Church therefore believe the same thing. But it's not.

There are so many different kinds of members of the Church. Did you know that some are doing yoga, Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, herbs as medicine, etc.? Other Mormons feel better about going to a psychologist and eating regular school medicine. The span of the Mormons are and what they do is very large, and it is important to find the one you feel the best of himself.

But just as in all the other churches, it's not ok to spread unrest in the church. A member of the Swedish church can not during the meetings propagate one thing that the pastor is received. The member can not be done before or after the meetings, if done in the Swedish Church's land outside the church, not before or after the meeting in the church hall mm. The same is true in the Mormon Church and all other churches. It is prohibited to disseminate propaganda in the church premises and on the site where the church hall stands. This applies to all religious buildings. A church is not a sect just because you do not get this. For the Catholic Church does the same, it makes the Swedish Church, the Baptist Church and all other churches.