Michael's baptism

Michael's baptism
Michael's baptism the 3 May 2014 at 13: 00 in Täby parish. In the picture you see elders Sahlin, Elder Johnson, Michael and elders Ogaard.

I have been a member of the church since May 2014 and many have wondered how I have come in contact with the Church, what my parents think about the church and why I joined. It was little more than half a year ago I was baptized, that I was going to celebrate it by writing a blog post about why I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The fact is that I have always had an interest in religion since I was very small, I have always believed in God, or at least believed in a higher power. When I was younger, I read sometimes the stories of the Children's Bible about Jesus, Jonah and David and several characters and thought of it as standing. I have been a member of the Swedish church since I was very small as most Swedes have, and I did not go to church so much until autumn 2012 when I became more serious in my faith and I read all the Gospels in the New Testament.

I was on a kind of alternative confirmation camp that is not my home, but had it was a bit more like a language trip. I was in England a few weeks, very nice people and so, but I knew well that the Swedish Church was not sufficiently Christian without adapted too much to what people wanted to hear and not what they ought to hear. I still like the Swedish church and many there are very nice people, but I decided to test on another church that was a Free Church. Even though I liked it more, I felt in the end not comfortable with everything that unbelievers will go to hell.

I later read about other religions and churches, and finally found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon Church as it is often called. I was a little familiar with it, knew that they had the Book of Mormon that Mitt Romney, who was a presidential candidate in the election 2012 in the US was Mormon, and I had also read about the church a few years ago when it was more up to date but did not think much more on that.

I read in any case on genealogy, temple, Joseph Smith, the church's history and some of the church's publications online, and after that I ordered home Book of Mormon, and two American missionaries came and handed over the book. I asked the missionaries and listened to their message. They came several times and I liked everything what they told me. I visited the chapel located in a municipality near where I live and thought it was nice, since they continued to visit me and we decided a date for baptism, the 3 May 2014 pm. 13.00 in Täby parish.

Baptism began with some speeches and hymns that I am a child of God and Come follow me, and then I was baptized and became submerged in the water. After the baptismal service continued with several speeches and hymns and then were treated to refreshments and I got as a gift all the Church's writings (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) that the missionaries had written a page with a message to me.

Baptism was the best moment of my life when I became born again and all my sins were forgiven. I had believed in Jesus before but now I followed him through to join his church. I knew and still know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God who established the true religion and that he was especially selected by God. Joseph is one of my greatest heroes when he sacrificed his life for us living today could take part of the gospel that we read about in The Doctrine and Covenants 135: 7

"They were innocent of any crime, as they have often proven to be, and put in prison only by traitors and wicked men scheming. And their innocent blood on the Carthage Jail floor is a large seal, sat on Mormonism, which no court on earth can reject, and their innocent blood on the State of Illinois coat of arms, with the state's broken promise, given by the governor, is a witness to the everlasting gospel is true and that the world can not question, and their innocent blood on the banner of liberty, and the United States Magna Carta, is an ambassador for Jesus Christ religion that must touch the honest hearts of people of all the nations, and their innocent blood, together with all the martyrs of innocent blood, which John saw underaaltaret, cry out to the Lord of Hosts till he avenged the blood of the earth. Amen."

The church is true, and even though I have heard some criticism of the church, both from critics and people who have left the Church, it has not affected me when I was able to get an answer to critical questions by reading on church websites where there is very good information or websites or blogs that Mormon Lady & Friends or FAIR Mormon and of course also by praying to God by asking.

Now it has been 6 months and over 7 days ago, I was baptized as a member of the church, and I have never regretted it, I'm still as active and thrive even better than I did when I became a member because I've got more friends and know more about the church now. It has not been as tough as those in my family who know I am a member for supporting me and many of my friends think it's cool for me to take such a decision to become a member of the Mormon Church.

Guest Columnist: Michael