DN and CNN notes that Joseph Smith had many wives


Say what you want about news in newspapers, but now pay attention to the DN that Joseph Smith had many wives. Large headlines and everything is sensational when DN writes:

"Mormon Church recognizes for the first time that its founder had almost 40 wives, the youngest only 14 years old."


Even CNN is celebrating today that Smith had several wives, and even those have gotten the idea that the Mormon Church has not said anything about this before. Hmm .. and what about the source criticism really?

"Smith's marital history had been the subject of frequent-historical debate, but Until recently Mormon leaders had taken pains to present its founding prophet as happily married to one woman. Now, the church says, "Careful Estimates put the number between 30 and 40. '"


It's good to write about this, but so very new is not really information. But perhaps it is news for those, who knows. It seems that some members of the Mormon Church, nor knew that Smith had several wives, and then I'm a bit surprised actually. Do they only attended church occasionally and not been doing self-study?

We can do family history and see it in the FamilySearch if you want, and then you see also Joseph Smith wives. So the question is how things are with the members genealogy really.

For those who want to read in the Church's material available on the Internet, and there are quite a few that are there, so you can get information about Smith had multiple wives. It is plainly in the Institute's book.

"Moreover, Joseph Smith and the Church were to accept the principle of plural marriage as part of the restoration of all things (see v. 45). Accustomed to Conventional marriage patterns, the Prophet was at first understandably reluctant to engage in this new practice. Due to a lack of historical documentation, we do not know what his early Attempts were to Comply with the commandment in Ohio. His first recorded plural marriage in Nauvoo was to Louisa Beaman; it was Performed by Bishop Joseph B. Noble on April 5 1841.12During the next three years Joseph took additional plural wives in accordance with the Lord's commands. "