Seventy word for loneliness

Lonely Girl

In Sweden, it is very many people who feel lonely and beyond. I see people wander through life all alone, and I'm thinking why they do not try to acquire some friends. But it's not always easy to make friends in Sweden, for very many acquire them already in childhood and youth in school.

Stuck in Sweden so we move on us a lot because we get a job in a new city. As we stand there all alone and without it there safe social network that we all need. For the network that we have built up will not help as much as we need friends in the place we live and work.

Now the festive season, I think quite special at all these lonely people who are in Sweden. Should they need to hibernate alone in their apartment or house? Should they go into hibernation? Who will warm their hearts and make them happy now? In December, so hang you too much with close friends and family, and it is then that they alone feel even more alone.

Hillevi Wahl, columnist for the Metro newspaper writes:

The social loneliness is something else. Anyone who my mother was suffering from, after many years of abuse. And I also felt such shame and sorrow over in my youth. I had no family, friends and social contacts. When I had my thirty birthday party I invited around sixty people - and no one came. In retrospect, I can understand why, I was bad at making people feel special. And in myself there since the early feeling that if I disappeared from the face of the earth, no one would miss me. Maybe I would have needed someone showed me a way out of loneliness. Professor John Cacioppo has launched method called EASE - Ease Your Way to Social Connection. E stands for Extend yourself. He believes that if we want to break the isolation, we must extend a hand, start chatting with the person we want to get to know. A stands for Action Plan - we must look for us to contexts where contact occurs, an association, a choir, a congregation. S stands for Selection - choose rather few deep connections in front of many superficial. And perhaps the most important and most difficult of all: E - Expect the best. We must dare to believe that others wish us well.!mInvPrezmNc/

It can be difficult to extend a hand when you feel lonely, but it's just when it needed extra. It is not enough that society that TV provides. We need to look up an association, a choir or congregation as soon as possible. And I know that the Mormon Church, there are many who love to stretch out a hand and looking for new friends. Why not daring to look up the church and go to the Christmas party or a meeting on Sunday? It's like they say: "Fresh ventured, nothing gained."