Like a beacon in the darkness of life


Lighthouses shows the way. The whole point of a lighthouse is that it gives off a much stronger light to clear realize that there is a lighthouse. It went extremely well for many thousands of years, but then came the electricity. Suddenly the bright lights everywhere, so now a lighthouse be even stronger - or might be far away from buildings.

When my mother (who was born in 1920 century in a small village in northern Sweden) was a child, she could see all the stars of the village at night, because there was so little electric light in the village. Now, when she is old in Stockholm, she sees very few stars. Not that there have been fewer stars, but because there is so much that disturbs.

I recently read about a Catholic priest who got tired of people's mobile phone rang in season and out, even during funerals. He bought a cheap interference device and installed it in his church, and now avoids finally disruptive mobile phones during church services. The entire article can be found at the following link:

As for our own opportunities to listen to the Spirit of God and to our own hearts, we can have the same problem. There is so much that disturbs. How can we focus on the message of God's Spirit trying to communicate to us about other things in our environment is constantly drowning out the Spirit's voice or lights so garishly that we do not notice His soft light?

For me, such a distraction stress of everything that needs to be done. Life sometimes seems to be one long to-do list. The thoughts spinning around what I need to do, when to do it, how to do it - followed closely by a certain annoyance at people who come with additional things they wonder if I could. Summarizes not that I already have too much, and that I need to slow down a bit?

The answer is obviously no, it summarizes they do not, because the only one who knows how much I have to do is myself. So I have to calmly and firmly say, no, unfortunately I have too much already. And then I let it go, rather than feeling stress and feeling guilty that I did not squeezed into yet another task on my to-do list.

I was sick leave in a couple of years 90 century, while the Social Insurance and my employer argued about who was responsible for my rehabilitation (back problems due to too many heavy lifting without aids). During this period slowed the pace up so much that I started to bottom out in myself. I discovered what was important to me, how I felt about various phenomena, and - above all - I got time to be there for my kids when they needed me.

This time was invaluable to me as a person. It was as if someone pulled the cord for life's electricity, and I could see all the stars again. Now the world is spinning again, faster than ever, but now I know how beautiful the stars are. I feel the need to sometimes snooze, so I can see them clearly again.

God's radiant light is like a beacon in the darkness of life. But to the lighthouse should be able to show the way, its light shine brightly against a dark background. For us to be able to follow its light we need, at least sometimes, extinguish all life's distractions so that we can concentrate on what matters most. I hope we can all have a Christmas where we can do just that, so that we can find peace in our innermost and joy in our hearts.

Guest Columnist: Miriam