... And then there came a helicopter


Some time ago when I was talking to my little daughter Eila so she told me a story.

- Mom, it was a man who had fallen in the water. He prayed to God to be saved. A boat came by and wanted to pick up the man, but the man replied that he would be saved by God. And then there came a helicopter. They celebrated down a ladder and wanted to save the man. But the man refused to be rescued saying that he would be saved by God. In the end, the man drowned and he met God. The man asked accusingly God why God had not come to save him. God answered:

-First So I sent a boat, but you did not want to be picked up and then I sent a helicopter, but you did not want my help then either.

When Eila had told his story, I wondered in my own mind if it was I who had originally told this to her because it is one of my favorite stories. I believe that God is with each of us every second and I think that God in very acts by other people. It may mean that we ask for something, thinking about something, need help with something, and then it pops up a fellow human being who answers even prayers, thoughts or what you need help with. The person providing your answers to prayers do not need to be a member of the same church as you, or even believers. It might as well be a Christer Sturmark. God works through all people.

Last Sunday, I met an elderly female member of the Church. She actually belongs Utby Assembly, but because we belonging Frölunda parish now goes Utby ward when our chapel renovated so it happens quite often that we Frolunda Members encounter Utbymedlemmar. I myself have sometimes gone to their meeting times and sometimes I see some little utbybo going on our meeting times.

Anyway, I went up to the older female member and regretted the grief when her ex-husband had recently passed away. We started talking about her divorce and how her life had become when she suddenly told me that she had long wanted to talk to me. I was a little surprised because really we do not know each other directly, but she is an older sister of the neighboring parish that I rarely someone once have encountered and exchanged a few words with. But she said she had known that she would go to me and say that I have to move on in life. I understood exactly what she meant by her words and felt awe at how God had just spoken to me through this sister.

Sometimes God also speaks to us through the scriptures. We, as members of the Church believe in personal revelation for our lives. Sometimes the revelation come when we read the scriptures. Just over a week ago, I was in the temple in Stockholm. In anticipation of a session, so I sat down in the temple's entrance vestibule, picked an outsourced Bible and began to read. Randomly I started reading in Luke. Then suddenly a scripture for me as I never have considered.

"Master! Tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me. " Jesus said to him, "Man, who made me the arbiter between you?"Then he said to them: "Make sure your guard against all kinds of greed for life is not about the abundance of possessions." (Luke 12: 13-15)

Since I am currently doing a probate and dread over it so it felt like a direct address from God.

When you are in the temple as you meet always interesting people you may never have met before, and probably never meet again. Some of the best conversations I have had during these meetings. In the recent past, I have pondered much on my relationship with my ex. man, one of my children Asperger diagnosis and my mother who was a so-called. collector. Especially now that you're up in succession over, I think a lot of the latter. Perhaps it was so that God knew I needed someone to just bounce my thoughts with the temple, I met a wonderful woman, we can call her "Karin", who was there as ordinance workers. It turned out that both she and I are divorced and we started talking relationships. The first Karin says that "it would have been so wonderful if we had met a man who could walk on older missionary with." I just felt "oh" and told just exactly as I have also thought. Otherwise, I think that both she and I have a good and active life.

When I came home from the temple so I sought Karin's fb friendship. It is not the first time I meet someone in the temple which I then become fb friends with. It was not long before it was a small request on fb from Karin if she could sleep over at my place in Gothenburg. She would be on the course outside Gothenburg and thought it would be expensive with the hotel. I wrote back on fb: "can you take cats?" I have three cats at home and it can cause problems for some. I was told that she had two cats and a dog.

So the night before last I met Karin at the train. We ate supper together and we were all in bed pretty late. In the morning I went out with her wherever she would go to meet other students as she could travel with. Yesterday when the course was over, so we träfades again and went out and ate before she would take the train back to Stockholm again. It always feels so nice to have an adult member of the Church in his home. We could keep prayer together and it was not just me at home that was adult. When we talked on so I was amazed how similar Karin and I was. Little tentative so I picked up that I thought it was a little awkward with my ex. Since I have put the welfare of children at the center, I have given him come to my home at Christmas dinner, Easter dinner, at dinner, in general, etc. In recent times, it feels as if exet more or less moved in with me and it feels so good. When I take it up with the kids so they do of course I'm really weird because it's their dad, I'm talking about. I can also get this little creeping feeling of "how do I explain this" if I someday would start dating again?

It turned out that Karin is just as weird. She also puts the needs of children in the center. Her children do not want to be with her dad so therefore, their dad home to them instead. He has even been the keys to their home. Just to be worse than me, told Karin that she t about has gone on vacation with his ex, kids and exets new wife. She explained to me that her ex. husband's new wife is from China so she is very tolerant of her husband's ex. wife always present.

Karin and I have a daughter with disabilities. Therefore, we started talking about it and it turned out that Karen's nephew also has aspergers. We started talking about disability in general and when told Karin about their relatives who are collectors. I then had not even told her that my mother was a collector. As I sat and talked to Karin, I was more and more amazed at how much we had in common. When choosing a restaurant so Karin Indian food as their favorite food like me, we reluctantly made off to the Three Indians, perhaps Gothenburg best Indian restaurant, but it turned out to be fully booked. Then I wondered if Karin liked vegetarian food. Self, I'm a vegetarian and the Church, we are invited to just eat a little meat, but it is a council that not all members embrace. It turned out, however, that Karin does not eat very much meat and that both her children are vegetarians. Then we reluctantly made on through Haga Sunflower restaurant and ate our dinner there instead. The sunflower is an old cult restaurant and perhaps the best vegetarian restaurant in town, apart from Govinda.

Today as I write this, I feel so strong experience of God's presence in my life. Things I pondered God through others and scriptures answered. Maybe I have not received an answer about what is right or wrong in detail, or a mapped out plan of action, but life feels suddenly much easier and I feel that whatever may be in my life, there is always God there and send a boat or a helicopter.