Me and Angelica on the pier outside Strandbaden Spa in Falkenberg.
Me and Angelica on the pier outside Strandbaden Spa in Falkenberg.

Chronicle, Northern Halland, January 30 2015

My body jerks in the warm water. Slightly disoriented, I open the eyes slowly. I must have fallen asleep. I sit up in the shallow spabassängen looking out through a fogged window. There is a flat calm Vinterhav, the rest from yesterday's storm. It is beautiful, but it looks chilly out. In here, it's hot. Oh, how I have needed this.

I look at the clock that Angelica still have thirty minutes left on his facial. Then I can relax a bit to. I lie on his stomach with his arms resting on the edge of the pool. Outside, I see a jumping dog on the beach. Dad reluctantly follow behind and pulls down his cap over his ears. That said, I'm glad that I'm on the inside.

"But Yolo, Dad!" I suddenly hear in my head. It is my son's voice.

"Huh! Isaac, what are you doing here? Would not I and your mother be children free today? "

"Well, yes ... I disappear soon. I just wanted to remind you of what I said the other day: 'You must live Yolo, Dad!' "

"Yes, I remember you said that. Yolo. You only live once. "



"What? and!? Do not you see what you have in front of you?

"Yes, an ice-cold sea!"

"No, Dad, not just an icy sea. It is your icy seas! Today owns you! "

"What are you talking about, Isaac?"

"Just what du always talking about. You are the master of yourself. Do not be limited by any obstacles. You can if you want! "

"But ... if I did not wants then?"

"Mom would probably be impressed."


"Yes, she'd probably think you were a real man."

"Do you think?"

"I do not think. I know! "

I lie quietly in the 38: degree water and think. "Perhaps…"

"Do not think! Just do it! Do not you know how the sea calling you? Yolo, Dad! Yolo "

The voice disappears as suddenly as it came. Am I becoming tokig.Jag fixes his eyes on the sea. Yes ... it almost feels like the call. Fantasy or not, before I have time to think anymore, I jump out of the tank and press up the front door. Between me and the sea is a hundred meters beach. I start sprinting.

"Ouch! Evil, evil! Oh! Eiiii "

The ground is cold as an ice rink, and the stones and the sharp seashells does not make things easier. I leap up like a madman, with flapping arms and a body like smoke vapor. Hope no one sees me now! Too late. A corpulent lady in bathrobe waving to me from the hotel balcony.

Once at the water I am met by a thick blanket of seaweed. As I wade through the twenty-meter cold mud, I start to lose all feeling in his legs. Yolo, Louis, Yolo! Think of Angelica! After seaweed bath sprints I few more seconds before I throw myself forward and surrender my body to the sea that waiting for me.

"Gaaaaaa !!!!"

Later, when I meet my wife says she happily about her facial. I listen patiently but may end up not keeping me: "You ... I have swum in the ocean today."

"Oops! Have you?"

"Yes ... it was freezing cold, and ..."

"But you ..." She interrupts me, "You do not think I'm too red in the face now?

"No, no, not at all!" I reply, and continues: "I had to step through the sticky pliers. really Cool was it! "

"Yes, I can imagine," she says as she looks in her bag. "I'll just spray on lotion. It's good for my skin. Feeling a little cold in the face. Does it show?

I'm calm on the outside but on the inside I scream.Isaaaaaaak !!!!

Guest Columnist: Louis Herrey