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My path to the gospel

Today I have been mjesusonmountainEdlem in the Church of Jesus Christ of SDH for 20 Years! The 26 Mars 1995 was the day I was baptized! Just thought if I could easily share my story: I was born 1978 by young parents (also has an older sister born 1975). Our parents divorced 1982 and I had to grow up with my dad. I was well there and was with my mother two weekends a month. Both of my parents got married and we had many more siblings. 1985 came to my mother's husband (A) in contact with a man who told me he was mormon (R). A invited this man to hang out, an interest arose from his faith with my mother in particular. Additional members of his congregation visited us, and finally also the missionaries. In December 1985, my mother was baptized, when she never had any doubt that this must be the truth. As for me, it took a few years. In that way, I could come to church almost every other Sunday. I do not really remember what I liked at the time. You only do what you see your parents do and do not think so much about it. When I was in my teens, I began to volunteer on activities in the church, even when I was with my father. I can remember that I felt a warmth and a community that I did not feel elsewhere. It felt great to be there. But I lived another life too, as I had no direct thought of giving up. Me and my friends used to use a raw language, and sometimes they often used alcohol and cigarettes at 13, 14, 15. As I continued to church, and in January 1995, there would be a Bolliad in Borlänge (where I lived and still boron). My friends in the church wanted me to come along and I thought it was okay just because it was at home so I could go home and sleep. So I was anyway on the days there and during testimony meeting last day I experienced any as I had never been through; my heart was beating so fast and my tears just rolled down my cheeks because of the absolutely fantastic feeling that met all of me, I could not stop crying the whole day and my heart cried out that I have to baptize me, this is true. I sought no because I thought I had it good as I was, but after this experience I simply could not go on without making a change. I felt in my heart that this gospel as these people testified, was true. I needed to baptize me! So two and a half months later, where I was baptized. My father would have liked me to wait until I was of age but my mother and I received help from above to persuade him. Both of my parents, my bonusmor, my grandmother and all my siblings was on my baptism. One of my brothers who have never been to church earlier was strongly influenced by the spirit and later asked his mother why he was crying at the baptism! She could not answer that but I said it was the Holy Spirit who testified for him that what I did was right .It was an amazing day of my life. Being able to feel completely clean and happy! I have since received many testimonies that God, our Heavenly Father lives and that Jesus Christ is his restored kingdom here on earth. I have during these years 20 not doubted the gospel once! My testimony has certainly been less burning in me because I might not be a prayer or reading the scriptures as I should, or because they erred. Entrusted all those amazing feelings that spirit can give us this is still a belief, that is why we are here on earth to Believe! Faith is something we choose and I choose to believe in it every day because it's so amazing and it feels so true! As if everything and fall into place. Jesus says in the Bible to his apostles; oxå will you leave me? Then answered Simon Peter; Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life !. It's so I can feel; To whom shall I go ?.
No, it will suffice for this time. Thank you all who read, hope it in some way may have reinforced your testimony !?

Something big could happen

Jon Henry and other artists, good luck tonight!
Jon Henry and other artists, good luck tonight!

Chronicle of Östersunds Posten, February 21 2015

One Saturday for precise thirty-one years ago, the audience begins to flow into the Liseberg Hall in Gothenburg. While doing to all artists ready. All except me and Richard. We are still stuck in the long checkout line at the Domus, the Avenue.

Twenty minutes earlier, the impulsive but bright realization struck us: what if we win the whole party! How do we do then? SVT has certainly prepared the Champagne for the winners, but ... we're abstainers.

Each with a ginger ale bottle in hand, we begin to move forward. "Sorry ... can we penetrate us before?"

Marveled gaze meets us.

"The fact is that we will sing in a little while," explains Richard.

"Yes ... Melodifestivalen!" I add, and clears his throat me apologetically.

Talk about stress. But it had been all week. It started with the original costumes. They felt completely wrong. Too much glitz and ostentation. Could not we just run with something simpler, cleaner style? White pants and pastel colored shirts maybe? But the shoes then? We could take some Peter Pan boots and spray them with gold paint. But it will be really neat? Hmmm ... they will have to do anyway. And by the way, it will probably not many in the audience will pay attention to the shoes anyway.

The choreography we also have to simplify. It could barely sing to that aerobics session. We will remove most Spins. We jump less. And all flapping his arms, we cut down to a minimum. However, we should probably keep the little armsnurren the beginning of the chorus. Who knows, someone might think it looks great?

We return to the Liseberg Hall with the breath in the throat and the Pommac bottles in the hand. It only takes a moment to change. Then we get ready behind the curtain. Ready to conquer the world. And when we dance on stage as the swinging intro and Per start singing "Flashes and thunder ..." then I know: now something big will happen.

Today I am forty-eight years. Very wonderful has happened over the years, but I still remember with clarity the transformative joy of age of seventeen sing a popular song of the world's best songs - a song I already knew would survive us all. Certainly there are more important things in life than the Eurovision Song Contest, but I'd be lying if I did not acknowledge me humble and grateful for the opportunity that was given me and my brothers.

Therefore, I'm pleased with the people who get this opportunity. Tonight, for example, there will be several debutants at Östersund Arena Stage, including the region's own Jon Henrik Fjällgren. I hope he shows - as I and the brothers tried to do - devotion and love for his melody. Do I know him fairly, he does it. And who knows when it might happen something big.


In my eight year old daughter, there is another recipe for success in Mello. You have to look nice and cute in television, "as you were when you sang Diggiloo Diggiley, Dad."

"What?" I protest. "Is not I still pretty?"

"Oh yes!" She says, and pauses. "It seems to me mom, anyway!"

Guest Columnist: Luois Herrey


Me and Angelica on the pier outside Strandbaden Spa in Falkenberg.
Me and Angelica on the pier outside Strandbaden Spa in Falkenberg.

Chronicle, Northern Halland, January 30 2015

My body jerks in the warm water. Slightly disoriented, I open the eyes slowly. I must have fallen asleep. I sit up in the shallow spabassängen looking out through a fogged window. There is a flat calm Vinterhav, the rest from yesterday's storm. It is beautiful, but it looks chilly out. In here, it's hot. Oh, how I have needed this.

I look at the clock that Angelica still have thirty minutes left on his facial. Then I can relax a bit to. I lie on his stomach with his arms resting on the edge of the pool. Outside, I see a jumping dog on the beach. Dad reluctantly follow behind and pulls down his cap over his ears. That said, I'm glad that I'm on the inside.

"But Yolo, Dad!" I suddenly hear in my head. It is my son's voice.

"Huh! Isaac, what are you doing here? Would not I and your mother be children free today? "

"Well, yes ... I disappear soon. I just wanted to remind you of what I said the other day: 'You must live Yolo, Dad!' "

"Yes, I remember you said that. Yolo. You only live once. "



"What? and!? Do not you see what you have in front of you?

"Yes, an ice-cold sea!"

"No, Dad, not just an icy sea. It is your icy seas! Today owns you! "

"What are you talking about, Isaac?"

"Just what du always talking about. You are the master of yourself. Do not be limited by any obstacles. You can if you want! "

"But ... if I did not wants then?"

"Mom would probably be impressed."


"Yes, she'd probably think you were a real man."

"Do you think?"

"I do not think. I know! "

I lie quietly in the 38: degree water and think. "Perhaps…"

"Do not think! Just do it! Do not you know how the sea calling you? Yolo, Dad! Yolo "

The voice disappears as suddenly as it came. Am I becoming tokig.Jag fixes his eyes on the sea. Yes ... it almost feels like the call. Fantasy or not, before I have time to think anymore, I jump out of the tank and press up the front door. Between me and the sea is a hundred meters beach. I start sprinting.

"Ouch! Evil, evil! Oh! Eiiii "

The ground is cold as an ice rink, and the stones and the sharp seashells does not make things easier. I leap up like a madman, with flapping arms and a body like smoke vapor. Hope no one sees me now! Too late. A corpulent lady in bathrobe waving to me from the hotel balcony.

Once at the water I am met by a thick blanket of seaweed. As I wade through the twenty-meter cold mud, I start to lose all feeling in his legs. Yolo, Louis, Yolo! Think of Angelica! After seaweed bath sprints I few more seconds before I throw myself forward and surrender my body to the sea that waiting for me.

"Gaaaaaa !!!!"

Later, when I meet my wife says she happily about her facial. I listen patiently but may end up not keeping me: "You ... I have swum in the ocean today."

"Oops! Have you?"

"Yes ... it was freezing cold, and ..."

"But you ..." She interrupts me, "You do not think I'm too red in the face now?

"No, no, not at all!" I reply, and continues: "I had to step through the sticky pliers. really Cool was it! "

"Yes, I can imagine," she says as she looks in her bag. "I'll just spray on lotion. It's good for my skin. Feeling a little cold in the face. Does it show?

I'm calm on the outside, but on the inside I scream. Isaaaaaaak !!!!

Guest Columnist: Louis Herrey

Call - not ostracism - reduces the SD's influence


Chronicle of Northern Halland, 5 December 2014

Is not it time to drop the term "Polish parliament"? Not good enough "Swedish parliament" well and good for a world that now witnessing the largest parliamentary collapse in modern times? And all this for the Sweden Democrats brought down the government's budget.

Is the SD therefore culprit? Yes, if we are to believe many pundits. It was SD, who voted for the Alliance's budget, even though the party really stood closer to the Government's proposals. It was SD as trilskt flexed its muscles in a demonstration of power. It was the SD who would rather devoted himself to political games (read: trying to outmaneuver the Green Party from the government) than political solutions.

But we have not forgotten one important detail? The biggest reason SD has such a strong influence today is because of the other parliamentary parties' unwillingness to talk - to put it mildly. There is no denying the facts. By systematically freeze out the Sweden Democrats have the other parties contributed to the antagonist has grown twice as strong.

This is not rocket science. It's very simple: "bullying" has aroused sympathy, and sympathy has generated voices. Additionally, SD has taken a monopoly on migration and integration issues because no one else dares to talk about it. Obviously, these questions are important for many voters. Can anyone therefore be surprised at the election results?

Should not then the other parties have learned a lesson? Yes, reasonably. But unfortunately it seems reasonableness and rationality have fled their cow. Instead, they pursue the same path, determined to ignore his opponent. Now talk Anders Björk and others that even marginalize Sweden Democrats by a coalition between the Alliance and the Social Democrats. A bad idea.

Firstly, we already know from experience that SD is neither being reduced in power or popularity just for applying an isolation strategy. Secondly, if the Alliance and Socialdemokaterna the unlikely form coalition, who do we have left in opposition: the extreme right and left forces in our country.

One need not be a political scientist to understand the parliamentary instability such a weak opposition would create. A strong democracy requires a strong opposition.

I share most people's concerns about the Sweden Democrats' immigration policy. And their humanity awakens anything but my sympathies. But think, there are two obvious problems with the way this party has been met.

  1. Think what you like about the Sweden Democrats' agenda, the party is a elected party. It got 13 percent of the Swedish people's voices. It is Sweden's third largest party. One can, on either moral or democratic grounds, ignore or sweep under the carpet voters in the manner made. If there is democracy, we want to affirm we will never attain the goal by behaving undemocratically.
  1. It can of course asserted that many (not all) Sweden Democrats harboring ill will toward immigrants. But what is better, to systematically demonize the SD for the sake of it or get involved in a factual debate with convincing arguments - for it is not very difficult. Is not the story clearly masters: hatred has never been overcome with hatred. It will not work this time either.

Please leader, for all our sakes, when you sit at the round table, do not be afraid to invite SD. The way to reduce the Sweden Democrats' influence on politics is not to freeze them out. It just makes them victims and increase their influence even more. It's a mystery to me that you have previously turned a blind eye to this fact.

But we do not negotiate with racists, someone might say, moreover, SD rooted in neo-Nazism. Certainly, but if it is consistent we should be, we should not exclude the west portion of all calls too? It was not long ago that the party acclaimed communist dictatorships. No, we must be able to have mature conversations between all the democratically elected parties, no matter what we think of them.

Moreover, the most successful politicians are the ones who lived by the motto: "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." It's up close we can influence our environment and have greater control, not when we buries its head in the sand and pretend that if problems do not exist.

And if there is anyone who is worried about the debate, was just calm. It's actually not difficult to disarm the Sweden Democrats with sound arguments. (A tribute to the Liberal Party Robert Hannah which is one of the first to dare to take the debate on integration policy.)

But "xenophobia may not control," Gustav Fridolin has recently said. I agree. But if you really mean it, Mr Fridolin, then should you and other party leaders follow the above advice. Otherwise it will 22 March to be a dark day in the history of Sweden. For it is the day when Sweden Democrats get far more than 13 percent of parliamentary votes. Mark my words.

Remember where you read it first.

Guest Columnist: Louis Herrey

Like a beacon in the darkness of life


Lighthouses shows the way. The whole point of a lighthouse is that it gives off a much stronger light to clear realize that there is a lighthouse. It went extremely well for many thousands of years, but then came the electricity. Suddenly the bright lights everywhere, so now a lighthouse be even stronger - or might be far away from buildings.

When my mother (who was born in 1920 century in a small village in northern Sweden) was a child, she could see all the stars of the village at night, because there was so little electric light in the village. Now, when she is old in Stockholm, she sees very few stars. Not that there have been fewer stars, but because there is so much that disturbs.

I recently read about a Catholic priest who got tired of people's mobile phone rang in season and out, even during funerals. He bought a cheap interference device and installed it in his church, and now avoids finally disruptive mobile phones during church services. The entire article can be found at the following link:

As for our own opportunities to listen to the Spirit of God and to our own hearts, we can have the same problem. There is so much that disturbs. How can we focus on the message of God's Spirit trying to communicate to us about other things in our environment is constantly drowning out the Spirit's voice or lights so garishly that we do not notice His soft light?

For me, such a distraction stress of everything that needs to be done. Life sometimes seems to be one long to-do list. The thoughts spinning around what I need to do, when to do it, how to do it - followed closely by a certain annoyance at people who come with additional things they wonder if I could. Summarizes not that I already have too much, and that I need to slow down a bit?

The answer is obviously no, it summarizes they do not, because the only one who knows how much I have to do is myself. So I have to calmly and firmly say, no, unfortunately I have too much already. And then I let it go, rather than feeling stress and feeling guilty that I did not squeezed into yet another task on my to-do list.

I was sick leave in a couple of years 90 century, while the Social Insurance and my employer argued about who was responsible for my rehabilitation (back problems due to too many heavy lifting without aids). During this period slowed the pace up so much that I started to bottom out in myself. I discovered what was important to me, how I felt about various phenomena, and - above all - I got time to be there for my kids when they needed me.

This time was invaluable to me as a person. It was as if someone pulled the cord for life's electricity, and I could see all the stars again. Now the world is spinning again, faster than ever, but now I know how beautiful the stars are. I feel the need to sometimes snooze, so I can see them clearly again.

God's radiant light is like a beacon in the darkness of life. But to the lighthouse should be able to show the way, its light shine brightly against a dark background. For us to be able to follow its light we need, at least sometimes, extinguish all life's distractions so that we can concentrate on what matters most. I hope we can all have a Christmas where we can do just that, so that we can find peace in our innermost and joy in our hearts.

Guest Columnist: Miriam