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Mormons and cult or ....?

Today's guest columnist: Christian the Christian

Most news journalists today is very neutral in his articles about the church. They are more well-informed, better educated and can differentiate better on what is appropriate in the use of the word Mormon and not. Time has proven to overcome many prejudices. Political correctness also plays a role here, and a sense to treat a 14 000 000 member church with greater respect than before.

But sometimes, certain real pole shot at journalists out in the ether. Surprisingly also even from the great and respected newspapers. In particular, when the presidential campaign in the U.S. 2008 with candidate Mitt Romney.

Michael Otterson, press officer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, wrote an interesting Post in the Washington Post the other week there, criticized the newspaperBritish Independentwho wanted such show that if you googled Mormons and cult you had to round 3 million hits. The reporter wanted to do with this claim that there was a general attitude of common people of the church, namely that the Mormons were a cult.

What he told me was that if you google for example, mainstream Christian churches and writes Baptists and cult you get well over 8 million hits Methodists and cult so get over 4 million hits. Googlar be Manchester United and cult you get around 2 million hits. Otterson said that it was an easy way for reporters to facka in and marginalize members. For they belong to a cult, then "everything else with" automatic too. (read more)

But JKKASDH is America's fourth largest church and it's strange that they did not meet out of greater respect. Alternative Christian interpretations are found in all Christian churches. Mainstream Christians and especially the evangelical churches have never like Mormon theology that much. But that means we are not Christians not to follow a mainstream Christian pattern?

This requires deeper discussion between the churches. Why do we have the Book of Mormon? - For the testimony of Jesus, as the Bible does, why we believe in the revelations from God today? For that they lead us closer to Jesus in a modern, technological world. We have problems today that we must face that was not there at the time of Jesus. It is important to remember that the first Christians had the Bible that we have today.

John himself said:Jesus did many other things. If every event would be written down, I think that not even the whole world could contain the books that would then be written. (John 21: 25) This verse raises some questions about really. Which parts of the gospel was not written down? Could there be envangeliebitar that simply is not in the Bible?

Saved by grace

Guest Columnist: Reza

Did you know that one of the most fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that Christ will redeem all mankind? That all people will arise and be assigned different glories?

"For we have put our hope in God who gives life and is the Savior of all people, first and foremost of the believers." 1 Tim 4: 10

The Bible says that Christ "first place" is the Savior of the faithful shows in no uncertain terms that he saves all of humanity, but for those who believe in something beyond the ordinary. Therefore, it is a devastating nonchalance that some anti-Mormons with misguided assertions trying SLANDER by claiming that people under JKK have to earn their salvation. (Where deliberately designed to confuse confuse this with exaltation). Once you respond to the claim uses them to say: What, is it not the case in the Book of Mormon?

"For we know that it is by grace we are saved, then we have done all we can do." 2 Nephi 25: 23

The verse says that it is by grace we are saved. If you get saved by grace, it is by grace and nothing else. And some, these anti-Mormons understand on their own when the verse says, "then we have done all we can do." What made them selves to be saved? Did they not want anyone preaching and teaching them? Did they not come to faith in Christ? Did they finally baptized? This is about some spiritual and practical details that must be done as Christ also see that the progress of all mankind. That is why it is built more temples around the world where people earn in these particular in order to perform vicarious work for those who died and who will die without Christ.


The miracle of life

Guest Columnist: Reza

A few years ago here at home I trod on a legobit in the darkness which meant I had pain in the heel for several days. Oddly may seem. But in that moment when the immediate shock and the pain subsided, it was not that I felt irritation or so. Without feeling that came to me was: "there is life here." It was our first little children's Lego pieces lying everywhere. It is true that the inexhaustible mess in terms of spreading toys bear witness to exuberant life and the miracle of life. Feel very grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ for my family.

Are Mormon Zionists?

Zi · on · ism
Zi-ə-Ni zəm
an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel

After speaking to a bright, enthusiastic group of Mormon college student last year in Oslo, Norway, I visited one of the many cafés on Karl Johan Street near the Parliament building. There were few seats available, and before long a trio of comely Oslovians Asked if They Could sit with me. This was not a terribly hard decision to make. After we friendlyness our orders, I asked them abouttheir lives in Norway. When it was my turn to share, I told them that i worked for a Jewish organization. When They asked which one, I answered "the Zionist Organization of America." Judging from Their expression, you'd have thought that i tightened slid puppies for a living. One of them moved her chair back a few inches. When I asked her what was wrong, she stammered, "You're actually a Zionist ...?!?!" I said I was, and then asked her what she knew about Zionism. Her answer floored me: "I do not know exactly what it is, but I know it's bad." Drawing on my experience as a press attaché at an Israeli consulate, in point them in a discussion of Zionism, Israel, and the media in Scandinavia. By the time we said our goodbyes, two of them had 'declared themeselves to be Zionists, and the chair-mover had acknowledged That Zionists were not as bad as she had thought. [I try to avoid shameless plugs on this blog, but if the Government of Israel, Should ever need a PR person to speak to Scandinavian women about Zionism and Israel, I have experience and am willing to sacrifice for the cause].

Of course, Norwegians are not the only ones who ask Mormons about Zionism. Israel is central to Judaism in a way That makes the two inseparable. Sooner or later, Jews will ask Their non-Jewish friends What They think about Israel. Regardless of how much you love and appreciate Jewish culture, values, food, delis, music, or liturgy, Jews do not fully understand how you feel about them and Their faith Until they know how you feel about the Jewish state. Avoiding the question is like answering an expectant son who wants to know what you think of his new fiancée by telling Him That She has nice hair, dresses well, has a lovely voice, etc. Until he knows what you think of her as a person , he can not know how you really feel about her.

Mormon Should Certainly welcome this question. The modern incarnation of our Church has been on the Earth for 180 years; No other church That has been around at least That long Comparable has a record of continuous support for the Jewish people. Indeed, Israel is the only country in the world Whose creation was officially supported by the LDS Church. From its earliest days, the Church has called on Jews to gather to Palestine and form a state. The first edition of the first Church newspaper Announced That it "comes to bring good tidings of great joy to all people, but more especially to the House of Israel scattered abroad, for the Lord hath set His hand again the second time to restore them to The country of Their inheritance. "in response to an Article Entitled" What Do Mormons believe? "Written by a newspaper editor, an 1834 article in a Church newspaper Stated:" We believe That God has set His hand to recover the remnant of His people, Israel; and That the time is near When He will bring them from the Four Winds and reinstate them upon Their own country, Which He Gave Their fathers by covenant. "Orson Hyde, a prominent early apostle, traveled to Europe in 1841 to warn European Jewish leaders to flee to Palestine in order to escape an inevitable catastrophe (unfortunately, They ignored his warnings). He then went to Palestine, Which he dedicated for the gathering of the Jews. In his dedicatory prayer (the first of at least 11 recorded apostolic blessings given in the Holy Land), Elder Hyde made The Following request of God for the scattered children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: "Let the country've become abundantly Fruitful When Possessed by its rightful heirs. "At the dedication of our first temple in 1836, the President of the Church asked that" the children of Judah May begin to return to the country, Which thou didst give to Abraham, to Their Father. "Following the establishment of Israel, the Church Quantity Thousands of dollars of Israel bonds. Church President David O.McKay That clarified the purchase was made "to show our sympathy with the effort being made to Establish the Jews in theirhome country." The Church has maintained cordial relations with the Government of Israel since 1948, and the Israeli Consul General in Los Angeles Regularly meets with Church leaders in Salt Lake City.

When asked about Israel, many Mormon Immediately volunteer That Their Church is "neutral" when it comes to the Jewish state (and all other countries, for that matter). This answer is half-right. To be sure, the LDS Church does not take positions on political conflicts anywhere in the world, including the Middle East, and Mormons are free to support or oppose any countries, political parties or candidates They choose. I fully support this policy of neutrality, Which I believe to be inspired. However, history shows unequivocally That the LDS Church was NOT neutral on the Question of Whether there Should be a Jewish state in Palestine: it supported what Became "Zionism" decades before Theodore Herzl drew his first breath. Any discussion of Israel between Mormons and Jews is incomplete without this acknowledgment.

The active LDS outreach to Muslims worldwide is laudable, and has nothing to do with this discussion. After all, one can love Muslims, respect Islam, support the creation of a Palestinian state, criticize Israel, and still be an ardent Zionist. As every Jew knows, there are many Israelis who do all Of Those Things. Any Mormon who feels uncomfortable Describing himself as a Zionist probably does not use the classical, historical, dictionary definition That Appears above. He May Believe (Incorrectly) That Zionists can not criticize Israel (In which case, there would be no Zionists in Israel!), Hate Arabs, want to expel Palestinians from the West Bank, etc. People can define Zionism Any Way They wish , but I prefer to keep the historical definition, The One That moved Herzl and other European Jewish leaders to embark on an experiment That has changed the world for the better. As Mormon-Jewish friendships continue to blossom, I anticipate That more people will've become aware of our Zionist history. As my friends in Oslo would say, That's Not Such a bad thing after all.

Mark Paredes is the religion columnist for the Latter-day Trumpet newspaper and serves as a High Councilor in the Santa Monica Stake of the LDS Church.