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Pre-Colombian animals in the Book of Mormon

Precolumbiansk pig.

Pre-Colombian animals in the Book of Mormon. Mormon (MB) has been criticized for describing animals that may not have been on the US mainland during the period of about 600 BC - ca AD 400 which covers MB. In MB mentioned donkey, cow, horse, ox, sheep, pigs, goats, elephants and chicken.

There were horses in the MB's time, for example? Today's research suggests that the horse disappeared from the American mainland about 10 000 years BC, and was reintroduced in the US mainland by the conquistadors in 1600 century.

One indication that the horse has not been on the US mainland over 11000 years is that the horse skeleton found has been dated to 10 000 years BC.

But should the absence of archeological findings imply that there were no horses at all during the MB's time?

During the many wars that are described in MB so do not seem to have used horses, which can cause hand that there were not enough horses to use in battle, or that the horses were perhaps small and not good enough to ride on.

The absence of findings of horse skeletons can be compared with the absence of findings of horse skeletons in the kingdom of the Huns.

"We know very little of the Huns' horses. It is interesting That not a single usable horse bone has been found in the territory of the whole Empire of the Huns " Read more

It may be mentioned that it today has found the grave of a princess from the Huns have been buried. Adjacent to the tomb also found 5 horse skulls. The tomb was 16 meters down into the earth to be preserved from, among other grave robbers. Read more

Gloria Farley was an American researcher who pocketed the American continent during precolumbiansk time received visitors from Scandia Vien, Egypt, Iberia and Libya.

She has among others, found a rock carving in Anubisgrottan in Oklahoma representing the Celtic goddess Epona. Epona was a protector of horses, donkeys and mules.

The Celtic cult had its start about 400 BC. Who knows if the Celts also had with them horses, donkeys and mules on their boats? Read more

The MB is also the book of Ether. It is about a people who came to the US mainland at the time of the Tower of Babel. Jaredite history, estimated at about 3100 BC.

It is only in the book of Ether that the existence of elephants is described. Mastordonten a proboscis animals are said to have died out about 10 000 years BC.

However, it has now found the finds dated to 5200 BC, BC 5140, 4150 4080 BC and BC. Therefore, it is not unlikely that it was mastordonter as Jaredites found. Mastordonten learn finally to have completely eradicated by hunting. Read more There is also a type of mastodon, Cuvieronius in South America, exterminated as late as between 200- 400 years AD. Read more

Chickens mentioned in the MB, but only 3 10 Nephi chapter verse 4-6. That is when Christ speaks to the Nephite people. However, one can imagine that the Nephites actually knew chickens because they have found archaeological finds of the drumstick.

When DNA testing has proved that these bones are identical to the Polynesian chickens and that one can surmise that Polynesians visited the US mainland, leaving chickens.

Since the Polynesians also had pigs, it is not farfetched to imagine that even pigs, which is mentioned in MB, may have left behind. "Polynesians Introduced dogs, pigs, and chickens have been to many of the Islands They settled". Read more

Here are a couple of pre-Colombian artifacts pigs: Read more Read more

In MB mention sheep, but usually in metaphorical contexts, for example, speaks of "the Good Shepherd". There is nothing in MB to practice sheep farming occurred, only that there were sheep that gave the meat. It need not have been domesticated sheep. Wild sheep were already at precolumbiansk time. Read more

There are several aspects of animals and MB. One is that those who arrived in the American continent simply termed the animals they looked after the terminology they knew. A hippo is not a horse, an orange is not an apple from China (Apel = apple, sin = China) et c.

Another aspect is that there are several species considered to be extinct, sometimes millions of years, and which has been shown to still exist. Read more

More about the MB and the flora and fauna found among other things to read here: Read more

Update! Precolumbianskt skeletons from both horse and donkey found. Read more

I did not write about sheep and goats because they are still in the United States. Big Horn Sheep lived more prevalent for a few hundred years ago. The share of the Big Horn Sheep fell dramatically in the Columbus arrival. Read more

American mountain goat: Read more

They live in North America today, but I find nothing about the earlier distribution. "High mountains Alaska, western Canada, Washington, and Idaho; Introduced into Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and South Dakota. "

Found an interesting non-Mormon source propagating for precolumbian contact between America and Europe. Here is temple, horse ... Read more

Lost tribes of Israel - What happened to them?

Lost tribes of Israel - What happened to them? Israel's original 12 strains available today only Judah and Benjamin tribe left.

Today's Jews are also the descendants of these two remaining tribes. The other 10 tribes began to dissipate when Jerusalem fell into the hands of Babylon 587 BC

About 600 f. Kr takes Mormon boot when a man named Lehi gets revealed by God that Jerusalem will be destroyed.

Lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem and will eventually settle on the American continent.

In 1 Book of Mormon, Nephi chapter verse 5 14-16 appears that Lehi's ancestor was Joseph. Joseph's descendants are no longer represented as an identified ethnic group, along with the rest of the ten tribes. Joseph has in turn been divided by his two sons divided into Ephraim and Manasseh.

A group of people who come from the states of Manipur and Mizoram in northeastern India call themselves Bnei Menashe and claim that they are descendants of the lost Manasseh tribe. They have been accepted as Jews despite their Jewishness can not be confirmed through DNA. Read more

There are also Jewish scholars who argue that the 10 lost tribes have simply been absorbed in world population and that we all have Israeli blood in our veins.

The Orthodox Jew Yair Davidiy claiming among other things that Joseph tribes came to the UK and North America. Read more

Another link between the Native Americans made in the journal Evolutionary Anthropology.

It states that the Ojibwa Indians, which is the third largest remaining Native American group north of Mexico have shared DNA with populations in Orkney Islands (UK) and the Druze who live in Syria, Lebanon, Israel / Palestine and Jordan. Read more