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The promoting the doubt and the dangerous doubt


It is popular to doubt the Church. If we do not doubt that you are probably not sufficiently well-informed or have a childlike faith (read: naive). For me, doubt is not so strange. We all have our ups and down waves of life. But the question is if doubt itself is nothing edifying? Say you have a motorcycle in the yard. You're going to take a ride, but wonders if the bike is in running condition. You begin to doubt that you can get that coveted motorcycle tour. What are you doing? Sit down and begin to philosophize about what might be wrong with the motorcycle? Maybe start up a closed Facebook group and draws up a number of siblings doubters to confirm your tvivlarbehov? Nah, probably not. You go up to the motorcycle and try to start it. Maybe get off the motorcycle and go test it. Perhaps you check the oil, or anything technical. Or?

So here it is with faith too.

We can intellectualize, we can mess, we can discuss with equally intelligent insightful people who also doubt to confirm our ego, sorry, to confirm that we are part of a larger community, I mean ...
But faith is in fact an act. The belief is that your motorcycle. You have to test and see if it works.

Recently, I was invited to a closed-ended facebook group for doubts. I think the one who invited me thought that maybe I was intellectually enough to fit in. Yes, of course, you must have critical thinking, right? Of pure curiosity and to get any spreads to spice this blog, I went with. To make a long story short, I finally became excluded from the group. The problem? I did not doubt enough. If you ignore all the general gnash over parents, relatives, members of the congregation, Church leaders, etc., criticism of Church polygamy was high on the list. Absolutely hesitant I commented that I personally did not experience any problems with polygamy. Honestly. Imagine being TWO women who say the man's cheek to take care of the counter. No, I really did not express them on their blog, but I would still like to point out that the problem was of a typical and local nature. In Africa, the church has a problem that members of the church want to invite polygamy again.

There I could learn from this group was to irrelevant things were raised that do not really have the truth of the Gospel to make, for example, personal conflicts, and that the group was not a neutral tvivlargrupp. Is a group of neutral, all voices be heard, but this was not the case in this group. A brother in my congregation who is a professor (I think) taught me the concept of "bubblefiering". They live in their own little imagination it as a facebook group and can not accept other points of view. Something that I end up not doubted in terms of this facebook group was that it was really about an exit group. To doubt is something we should welcome and not repress, man, there is doubt dangerous. There is the example of different groups where the goal is not that you should be able to come to believe again, but that you should leave the faith completely. There was no tvivlargrupp that I was thrown out of, it was a clean exit group. The famous name of the group that Hans Mattsson and John Dehlin was the group did not think I doubted less on the matter.

When I was in the temple last time I had the privilege of having a conversation with one of the temple servants there. She told her that she had been on mission to Utah in her youth. There she met on many women from polygamous communities. At one point, she found writings at the University of the Church where any leader at the early 1800 speech stated that it was good for men to attract young attractive women. This information prompted her to really doubt and she thought to herself, "What am I doing here?" She was on mission and no longer believed. However, this temple servant told her that she realized that there was only one source she could turn to in order to gain knowledge. She prayed to God and asked him. Yet, it is only God who knows the answer.

Doubt has existed in all ages. The disciples doubted Jesus Christ, despite all the miracles they witnessed. Jesus Christ himself perhaps in a faint moment doubted his own mission when he proclaimed "My God, my God." Why have you abandoned me? "So I'm the last to doubt doubt, but I urge everyone to try God. Can you test your motorcycle, then you can kneel down and ask God. My personal experience is also that I build my faith by living right. Do I follow all the bids? Do I read the scriptures and justify them? Do I ask regularly? Can I show gratitude? Can I realize I can never understand because I'm an imperfect human being?

"What do we do with our motorcycle?" Yes, because it's not going to bother, I suppose you have to entertain it in some way. Do we maintain our faith or do we only maintain our doubts? Sometimes we must simply take a stand and work based on that position. Before I became a member of the Church, I doubted much. I was neither hot nor cold and did not want to take a stand. It was a special event that made me suddenly realize that I had to decide. When I decided, I let myself baptize. But that's not enough. I must also follow Christ and His commandments. Sometimes I really feel how I've tried faith. When I divorced and stood alone with four children, the tenth was a big challenge. I remember how depressed I felt when, in connection with my divorce, I read a newspaper article about how poorly economically single mothers had it. When I read this, I fell down and I thought that most single mothers might have two children, not four children and they did not pay the tenth. But I decided to try the Lord. I continued to pay my tenth every month on my gross salary. Of course I have not had that fat, but I have witnessed several times how my faith was enhanced by all the blessings I have received when I have chosen to follow my faith.

What does the Bible say about the doubts? Yes, there is such a website that brings out all the scriptures where it is taken up. I have selected some of these scriptures to show what attitude we should have and which way we can go.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. (Word 3: 5)

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives to all liberally and without criticizing, and he should get. 6 But he will pray in faith without doubting. The one who doubts resembles the wave of the sea driven and whipped by the wind. 7 Such a person should not think that she can receive anything from the Lord, 8 split as she is and unstable on all her ways. (Jak 1: 5-8)

But he said to them: "Why are you so worried? Why is it up doubt in your hearts? Luke 24: 38

Jesus answered them, "I tell you the truth: If you have faith and do not doubt, you can do not only what the fig tree. You'll even be able to say to this mountain, lift up and cast into the sea, and it will happen. (Matthew 21: 21)

Against those who doubt you will be merciful (Jud 1: 22)

Source: 46 Bible verses about doubt.

Tempeltjänarnas accommodations in Washington DC is now considered monastery


For almost four years, I have regularly written on the largest forum in the Nordic region, Flashback, that you can resemble the Mormon Temple and its associated buildings with the historical monasteries and its buildings.

Mormon Temples and its ceremonies has its counterpart in the old churches, monasteries and nunneväsende. In some arranges live monks and nuns at the monastery, while the other orders as they live at home and have regular jobs. Some Mormons live in the house next to the temple or in apartments in the same block, ie the temple area. Other Mormons live at home and have regular jobs. Mormons who have made the temple promises (vows) have a temple recommend, and are allowed to stay in the temples.

To my great pleasure, something has finally happened in Washington DC Temple, Maryland. The purchased apartment complex with 44 apartments, located just over one mile from the temple itself, and used by visiting members to serve in the temple, has been given the status of monastery of Maryland's Supreme Court.

So now I really hope that the leaders of the church continues with this, and refer just now that they have tax exemptions on buildings used as in the same manner as in monasteries.

Mormon Temple and associated buildings are in fact the Mormon Church convent, and I'm very happy that I see that church leaders look at it all the same way as me.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not have to pay property taxes on a Montgomery County apartment complex where it houses religious workers, the state's highest court held Wednesday.

The Court of Appeals said the apartment qualified for a property tax exemption as a "convent," Which is Contrary to the determination by the Supervisor of Assessments of Montgomery County and the Maryland Tax Court, an executive branch agency.

The church was seeking to reinstate its exemption for the building, Which houses visiting workers who Generally spent two years serving at the church's Washington DC Temple in Kensington.

"We are pleased to hear That the Maryland Court of Appeals upheld a status That has been in place for almost three decades," church spokesman Eric Hawkins said in an emailed statement.

Salesman - A documentary about four Bible salesman

Salesman_mayslesIt was a long time since I saw the documentary Salesman. It is about four Bible sellers in America. It was recorded in January 1967 (maybe also late December 1966) and has the copyright date 1968.

For Catholics and Protestants, so this film is something of a must see, a classic that is always current and timeless. One must follow the four vendors as they travel around and go door to door and trying to peddle expensive Bibles to often very poor people on the installment plan.

Here you can see the vendors use all the tools available, and they take all the sales tricks to sell to those who are not really afford. They sell even to people who already have a lot of Bibles, and the protests will be muted with well-known tricks and lots of flattery and a little flirting.

Everything is going to sell the mortgage payments, although expensive Bibles that nobody needs. There is a large beautiful bible with many pictures and jättedyr. One hears sales jargon from the vendors, and they are very polished and aware of what they do when they manipulate the prospective customer.

The prospective customers find them, inter alia in the church when they go to church services and brings up names that they then seek out the next few days. The contact that they have with someone a Sunday has already cooled down on a Wednesday, so the first few days of the week is hectic for them.

Of course, the customer wakes up the following day and realize they are not at all afford the expensive Bible, and when the seller comes to deliver the Bible so they do not want it. It is then that they realize they have to pay because of the contract they signed with the seller.

The documentary especially follows the struggle that soldier Paul Brennan has, a middle-aged Irish-American from Jamaica Plain, Boston, who struggles to try to maintain the sales volume he has.

Bible salesman as these have been found among Catholics and Protestants very long time. In Sweden, as they were called colporteurs, and they sold except Bibles even other religious literature.

So when Mormon missionaries knock on doors, and among the first things they do is to take up the Book of Mormon, so even a child can understand that people draw a direct parallel to these Bible salesman and lay preachers.

People perceive it in general as Mormon missionaries want to sell anything they, too, Mormon, even if it is free. For everyone knows that things are still free despite everything costs something, the only question is what? So it's not for nothing that the Mormon missionaries are perceived as religious salesman.

Just look at the four Bible salesmen in the documentary. They look like a Mormon missionaries everyone, and the only thing missing is just a name badge on his chest. It's suit, white shirt, tie, cut short, talkative, confident in his message, and with customers in mind all the time.

So for readers who happen to be Mormons - it's like this does not mean mormons perceive the missionaries.


Now the old chapel in Växjö sold

The chapel in Växjö Folkungagatan 10 c
The old chapel on Folkungagatan 10 C in Växjö

It was the 22 April 2013 as Växjö branch moved from Folkungagatan 10 C to Main Street 4 opposite Smålandsposten.

The old chapel was previously a doctor's residence where the famous växjö physician Emil Lindell lived. The church has had this remodeled house in a little more than 50 years. Many members felt that it was emotionally hard, for they had been baptized there and grown up with this chapel.

From the beginning it felt chapel probably very central, but the more that Vaxjo grew so closed some streets and it felt like it was aloof. It was not so easy to invite people to the old chapel because of this.

There was no handicap toilet, and there was no elevator to the rooms on the second floor where the lesson rooms were, and it was very difficult for some members to walk in the steep staircase. There was also a lack of parking space for the cars, because it was not good to park on the street outside the slope. In other words, no good situation at all.

In the beginning it felt strange to meet in the new chapel. It was both exciting and sad. It was a converted room in the center, which was adapted for the needs of the Church. There is a lot of traffic and many who walk by. The noise level outside the new chapel may seem annoying at first, but amazingly, so get used to it after a while.

The new chapel has a toilet for the disabled, and the whole chapel is located on the ground floor of the house. It is needed in other words, no elevator. It's also easy to get into the chapel by wheelchair. There are many places where you can park cars in the center, and it is easily accessible as well. Moreover, it is close to the bus stop and it takes only few minutes to walk from the bus station. Full marks for the leaders of finding a place that is centrally located and easily accessible.

Now Vaxjo branch has been at the new place a couple of years, and finally it is the old chapel sold. From the beginning, was the starting price for 2,7 million. The tender process has taken a long time because there have been two who were interested in buying the house. But this week it became increasingly clear, and the chapel was sold for 3,5 million.

Those who bought the house and will be moving into a young couple with two small children. The house is a beautiful old house, but it will have to be upgraded for 1-1,5 million probably. The price had probably not been as high as if it had just been a fan, but it is primarily state that is interesting. That is why the price became so high after all. In addition, there is a very large and lovely garden that fits just for a family.

Navajo blanket blessing to transport injured man

of the form Right now I'm in the middle of a estate. One of the things I wanted to have and which now decorate my home is a parchment-like piece with paintings of Native Americans on. In the middle dances a decorated horse. It was my uncle, who was very culturally interested, who came over this work of art, which he then framed under glass. For me, the artwork has a special meaning when one of the things I was intrigued by when I first looked at the church was the link between the Book of Mormon and America's indigenous peoples. Furthermore, the Book of Mormon accused of being false on the basis of the horses mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Today we know that horses have been precolumbiansk in America, but it was not until recently that research came up with this. Personally, I have no idea if my Native American art at home with a dancing horse in the late dated, or if it's something very old, but I really appreciate the horse in the picture, which really seems to be associated with the people that are around you.

A fb group that I receive updates from the They often have very nice message and today they shared with him a story about an American man, whose economy had gone bust when he was seriously injured in a car accident. One evening he saw the equivalent of antique round on television. He balked when they showed up an Indian blanket which turned out to be very costly. The man himself had such a blanket at home and decided to find out what it was worth. The exciting story you can take part of the Youttube clip below.