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Prince Ata, the second son of the King of Tonga and fourth in line to the throne has finally been baptized

Prince Ata viewing the October 2014 General Conference with missionaries.
Prince Ata viewing the October 2014 General Conference with missionaries.

There was a lot of controversy when the Prince Ata Tonga showed interest in the Mormon Church. The king learned of his second son decided to be baptized, and when he sent his soldiers first to stop the baptism, but the prince sent the soldiers.

The king was not content with this, but sent the Prime Minister of Tonga to bring an end to the spectacle and negotiate with the prince. The baptism was postponed for a while and the prince continued to go to church.

But now, finally, Prince Ata been baptized in a church in Hawaii in March. We must hope that the king did not make him arvslös and everything else that he threatened. It's not easy when you have errant parents who do not like the religion chosen. This occurs more often than you think.



When I was growing up, I often felt shame. My mother was mentally ill and there was nothing you at all talking about. I carefully avoided anything that could reveal my mother's illness. It was an upbringing in shame and denial. I also felt a great debt. It felt somehow as if everything was my fault and that it was my responsibility to set things right.

In school, it could whispers of alcoholism. "Stina moved away from home. She could not stand their parents. Her father drank. "I remember that I felt envious of people who Stina. It had been so easy to just say that your parents drank. But no. Mental illness in itself was talk never about. Yes, of course. I actually had a classmate in high school, Frederick was his name. He told me that his parents were divorced because his mother was mentally ill. Only now in high school, he had been told that he not only had a sister, but two other siblings that no one had told me about. Frederick's father had not been able to take care of four children, but the two youngest, he had left off and never told any of Fredrik and his older sister. I felt terribly sorry for Frederick and also felt an affinity. It was not the only one in the entire universe who had a mentally ill parent.

My mother's mental illness made it among others in the fact that she could not clean up, but instead gathered and accumulated. She was not able to throw anything. When other friends took their buddies so I went alone. I could never bring home someone and I had nobody to talk to. When I was maybe twelve years old then expressed my mother very hard and clear to me that if I divulged a single word about how it looked in our home so I would be utkört. I remember the fear I felt. Where would I go? I had nowhere to take my refuge and I had no one at all to talk to.

My siblings were much older than me and them, I could not talk to. Everything was somehow under the lid. In stealth, I tried to clean up as much as I could. One summer I emptied my nephew and my parents' basement in secret. It was basically just rubbish we sorted out and threw the container. Unfortunately, it did not take long, it was just as much junk in the basement again.

When I moved away from home to 19 years old, it was such an incredible relief that I could finally stay somewhere where I could keep in order. I enjoyed being able to win friends and I made a decision to not feel guilty that I was no longer at home and cleaned my parents. Eventually I realized that I actually could do nothing. I freed myself from a lot of the responsibility that I put on myself to be responsible for my parents' lives.

There is an expression in Sweden that I really hate, and it is the expression; "It's a sin and a shame." It is so incredibly easy to confuse these two concepts. Taste these words himself: SHAME - SHAME.

When I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as I learned about sin. What is a shame really? According to our theology is a pity that of their own free will choose to disobey God's commandments or not to act righteously despite knowing the truth. James 4: 17 says:

He who thus knoweth to do good and doeth it not, he sins.

Sin is thus only about one thing; not following the will of God / the good that we know what is right or wrong. Sin is not about what other people do, it's not about making mistakes, though it was not intentional and it is definitely not about shame.

In our church, we have a wonderful theological doctrine that shields us from shame. Unlike all other Christian churches we believe is not for the original sin. Original Sin means that someone else has done wrong and we others can carry the sin and shame. How unfair is not it.

When I read the literature I'll take some of the thoughts of the förkättade original sin as completely poison the people's self-perception. You can find it in Baudelaire The Fleurs du malas well as Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. We are born as sinners, we inherit the sins of others ... How false is this doctrine! The truth is that we are born quite new and clean without sin and we do not inherit the sins of others.

Most recently I read Jean Paul Sartre's play The flies that just about guilt and freedom of action. Sartre was one of the 1900's greatest existentialists and he stressed that we as humans were free. We are, if condemned to freedom. It means that we do not inherit someone's sin, and it also means that we must take personal responsibility for our decisions. Unfortunately, it seems that Sartre considers that the fact that people can take their fate in their own hands also means that people can feel the anxiety and guilt.

To have the gospel in their lives and really discover what the gospel means has for me meant that I can understand what sin is and I can distinguish between sin and guilt. I know I am innocent of my parents' behavior and I vices nor them for their way of life. Mental illness is in itself no sin.

The gospel has really meant a lot in my life and one of the things is that I have because of the gospel has come to realize that I can not take responsibility for other people's decisions and way of life, but is responsible for my own decisions and the way we live and I do not need to feel guilty, but can let God take care of my negative feelings. All I have to do is start afresh and learn to listen to the Holy Spirit's promptings.

Of course, all this is a process. When I was 28 years and met my current husband, I felt a great shame to tell him about my parents, how my mother was and how it looked in my childhood home. It is only in his forties that I have come so far in my development that I no longer feel shame, but can distinguish between my life and my parents' lives and tell you about my upbringing.

A happy funeral


What do you think of when you hear the word funeral? My Swedish church experience is that it is a sad and final event. Grief, sadness and solemnity. My mother's funeral felt like a business association of humanists; no faith, no faith, nothing more than an impersonal priest who rattled off their lines and impersonal ritual mantra.

On Friday, so I attended a funeral of a dear brother in the church. He had for years suffered from Parkinson's disease and experienced the disease as a monster who had taken over his body. For his missing relatives were mixed with relief that his brother now had it good.

As I wrote in other blog posts, I love Mormon funerals. When I arrived at the chapel, I had with me three roses to lay on the coffin; one red, one white and one gammelrosagul. Although I do not actively spent time with family in private, I experienced Fredrik as a dear brother in the congregation.

The chapel was completely filled with people. I recognized a few people who are no longer active in the church, some people I had never seen before. Each of us was assigned a meeting leaves. What I noticed was a couple of quotes that stood in the meeting sheet: "There is no such thing as 'can not' "as well as "Should something be done as it should be done properly. "

Frederick was a practical man and an incurable optimist. It was clear when the various speakers in a personal way told about Frederick. An older man told funny anecdotes about his antics with Fredrik. Both were northerners so it was good to hear earthy northern and stories about fishing trips. On a fishing trip as Frederick had a hand in plaster, yet he took in and rowed to the plaster came off. They both get to Tarnaby to Frederick would get new plaster and the older brother put it, all in Tarnaby from the janitor up to the doctor GIPSA. All the five children of Frederick was also up there and talked about her dear father. They talked about his scarred hands that is used extensively when he had worked as a carpenter, they talked about his stubbornness, his boldness to share the gospel and his eternal optimism - his ability to "think outside the box.

It was a meeting full of memories, smiles and a strong faith. Frederick was now with his parents his daughter who died of sudden infant death and her granddaughter who died in the ninth month. There is no sadness, just missing, but also a great joy that Frederick had met his savior Jesus Christ and that he had a good life.

When the speeches were over and all the great hymns - Yes, I must not forget that our bishop Fabrice played guitar and sang Frank Sinatra's "My Way"At the funeral. The song was Frederick's special wishes - then gathered the immediate family in front of the coffin and held each other. Then we all go to the coffin to say goodbye and lay our flowers on the coffin. It was a true light, what a joy and such a gratitude over the funeral. It felt like one big revival meeting where the speakers are not just talking personally about Fredrik, but also testified about God and Jesus Christ and how close we live our deceased. They are with us, on the other side of the veil. The hymns were sung Where Thee Every Hour, Only one day in moments and Great Thou Art. It was a powerful encounter with the Spirit's presence and I am thankful that I got to be with.

After the funeral, wrote the eldest son in the family this on facebook:

Thanks for all the warmth and participation of this special day when we took leave of our beloved husband, father, relative and friend. We feel a regret, of course, but at the same time a great peace of mind knowing that Fredrik is where he should be now. He has certainly started the new major construction projects in our Father's loving kingdom and welcomes many cherished reunions! Thanks to many special year Dad and all the best - you will be missed!

Breaking records, sharing faith: 1,000 gather for live Nativity in Provo

YouTubers-Largest-Live Nativity-Guinness-World-Record-600x369

What Happens When You gather world-class musicians, YouTube celebrities, 2,000 people dressed as angels, a donkey, two sheep and a camel? The Guinness World Record for the Largest Live Nativity Scene, plus an epic YouTube music video, and a free download of MP3 What Will rapidly've become a Christmas classic.

Radiant is pleased to serve as the sponsor and creative partner to this amazing, unprecedented collaboration between Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, The Piano Guys, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Several Other notable YouTube personalities, including Shay Carl, Alex Boye, Cute Girl Hairstyles , Devin Supertramp, Stuart Edge, Kid History, Studio C, The Gardiner Sisters, and others. The project came together in record time with help from the heavens-as well as a heavenly host of earthly angels who worked around the clock to bring the creative vision to life.



Seventy word for loneliness

Lonely Girl

In Sweden, it is very many people who feel lonely and beyond. I see people wander through life all alone, and I'm thinking why they do not try to acquire some friends. But it's not always easy to make friends in Sweden, for very many acquire them already in childhood and youth in school.

Stuck in Sweden so we move on us a lot because we get a job in a new city. As we stand there all alone and without it there safe social network that we all need. For the network that we have built up will not help as much as we need friends in the place we live and work.

Now the festive season, I think quite special at all these lonely people who are in Sweden. Should they need to hibernate alone in their apartment or house? Should they go into hibernation? Who will warm their hearts and make them happy now? In December, so hang you too much with close friends and family, and it is then that they alone feel even more alone.

Hillevi Wahl, columnist for the Metro newspaper writes:

The social loneliness is something else. Anyone who my mother was suffering from, after many years of abuse. And I also felt such shame and sorrow over in my youth. I had no family, friends and social contacts. When I had my thirty birthday party I invited around sixty people - and no one came. In retrospect, I can understand why, I was bad at making people feel special. And in myself there since the early feeling that if I disappeared from the face of the earth, no one would miss me. Maybe I would have needed someone showed me a way out of loneliness. Professor John Cacioppo has launched method called EASE - Ease Your Way to Social Connection. E stands for Extend yourself. He believes that if we want to break the isolation, we must extend a hand, start chatting with the person we want to get to know. A stands for Action Plan - we must look for us to contexts where contact occurs, an association, a choir, a congregation. S stands for Selection - choose rather few deep connections in front of many superficial. And perhaps the most important and most difficult of all: E - Expect the best. We must dare to believe that others wish us well.!mInvPrezmNc/

It can be difficult to extend a hand when you feel lonely, but it's just when it needed extra. It is not enough that society that TV provides. We need to look up an association, a choir or congregation as soon as possible. And I know that the Mormon Church, there are many who love to stretch out a hand and looking for new friends. Why not daring to look up the church and go to the Christmas party or a meeting on Sunday? It's like they say: "Fresh ventured, nothing gained."