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Bagley Mormon family in Utah makes YouTube hit


For a grand total of 5,49 USD and a fun afternoon, the family Bagley from Riverton, Utah garnered national attention. Their live-action remake of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" has almost 50 million hits on YouTube.

Robbie Bagley dedicated his sisters Mia and Ariana to help him shoot the video. Most of the costumes and props were made from things around the house or borrowed from neighbors: leftover fabric for dresses, a borrowed DLSR camera to record video and a Rock Band microphone for audio, reported the Salt Lake Tribune. Even Mia's shoes were, that was too big, held together with duct tape. They 5,49 USD was spent to paper to decorate the "Elsas" door.

When the video was first published, it received much attention, and received an average of one million impressions per day, but during the last week, so it took really taken off. Unfortunately it with increased fame also came increased criticism, and many YouTube users have taken matters into their own hands to defend the two sisters:



Lucy Walker - one of Joseph Smith's wives

30102678_122861881853Now FAIRMormon to begin a video series on Joseph Smith's wives. Lucy Walker is the first in this series.

"After much suffering and sadness, the Walker family settled in Nauvoo, where They Became acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith and lived with his family for a number of years. May 1st, 1843, Lucy was married by Wm. Clayton to the Prophet Joseph as a plural wife. "


Views on marriage will not change

vatican summit banner-2

Pope invited to a conference in Rome. There, met many religious leaders who shared their traditions around marriage. All had the same view of it all. Men and women complement each other and have different roles, and a child needs his mother and father.

The religious leaders felt invigorated by the conference and they knew they had a challenge ahead of them to deal with. It is difficult for them will be when they want to be able to meet all the people who are LGBT are in their particular life situation. They are not heterosexual, and they feel they do not fit into the religious norm. Moreover, they are not LGBT-are because they chose it, but they are born that way.

This is of course a great disappointment for all those who want to see a change and that same sex marriages should be allowed. The Pope raised the hope for a little while ago because he wanted the tone of homosexuals would be toned down and become softer and inclusive. They are now disappointed and believe that the pope has turned coat after the wind.



LDS women with children now eligible for full-time work at the seminary and institute


LDS mothers with children at home are now eligible to work full time as a teacher in the Church's seminary and institute programs.

The policy change was presented to staff on Friday, said Chad Webb, the administrator of the LDS religion department, seminary and institute. It quickly generated buzz and excitement among women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"We have not previously had women employees who have small children at home, given their important role as mothers," Webb said. "While we continue to recognize the contribution that they make in their homes, we also recognize that sometimes their personal circumstances such that the family situation requires that they work."

The church employs more than 2000 full-time seminary and institute teachers around the world.

Full-time salaried seminary teachers who work in areas with large LDS population in Utah and Idaho, where the Church offers seminary classes in buildings adjacent to public high schools in the liberated school hours. More than 400.000 mormonn young people participate in seminar classes around the world, although most are taught outside school hours with 44.000 volunteer teachers serving in Church callings or as missionaries.

Institute program takes care of almost 400.000 young college-age at the Institut around more than 500 colleges and universities around the world.

The first woman to serve as a director of a district of Religion Institute expressed excitement about the policy change.

"It has been a worry that if I ever had children I would have to leave the seminary and institute," says Barbara Morgan, who oversees LDS Institute in Greater Boston Area, including at Harvard and MIT. "This decision is great. I love it. I think it's the right time. I would have been surprised if it had not changed soon. "

"I'm honestly very excited," she added, "No 1 for my future and for other women, and No. 2, I'm really happy for the students, both male and female students, who have the ability to have women with children experienced in establishing families as a teacher in the classroom. "

Webb said the adjustment has been carefully crafted for years now and discussed with church leaders with higher rank in charge of the church's teaching.

He also asked for advice from the women who lead the Church auxiliaries.

"We specifically sought their advice and found that they were united in their feelings that this was the right thing to do," he said. "But in the end it was an employment decision taken by the Administration in seminary and institute."

The decision comes at a time when other changes for women has happened in the church. Over the past 25 months, the church has, among other things, lowered the age at which women can serve full-time missions, created new leadership positions for missionaries, made it possible for women to pray at general conferences and made kvonnornas general meeting to part of the general conferences.

Morgan has known Webb and other members of the administration of the seminary and institute in 15 years. She confirmed that they have talked about and considered the policy for at least this time.

Morgan knows women with children who decided not to go into teacher education because they knew they could not be employed. She knows women who married men who had children from a previous relationship and had to leave the seminary and institute.

She is also known teachers who married, also she eventually hope to do, and then had children and had to leave the seminary and institute.

"I remember thinking when I came into the program from the beginning, that this might not be the right career for me if my husband dies and I have children and I need a job, I'll be trained to do this but not be eligible for a job. "

This is one of the reasons that Morgan, who earned a bachelor's and master's degree at BYU, finished with a Ph.D. at Utah State University where she taught church history at BYU after having taught at the seminary for six years.

Webb said that all this was considerations played a role in the decision.

"These decisions are important, so therefore we have thought of it all a lot. I am glad that the time is right. We recognize and value the important role of mothers and families. We also recognize that many women are amazing teachers and role models for our students. We trust that our teachers will make the right decisions for their own personal and family situation. "...

... Webb said that administrators removed the policy that made the different members unfit for employment as full-time teachers. Now, those who remarried after a divorce be considered for employment.

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For those interested, you can read the full article here

Home Parents on P1

phoneMormon militant mothers - No, kidding, I just, it is not. But as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as we are expected to be active citizens. Some of us are active in political parties and some are active in various other organizations. Now a member of my congregation made its voice heard on behalf of the Parents' Home network P1. She writes the following on Facebook:

Ended up at P1 today .. a little rusty when it was a while ago it was but I think said smth anyway. Madeleine from home parents were super professional and Johanna Åkesson I became teary-eyed by ...
At 09: 30 morning ..

The link that I have been given below should then lead to the posts in the debate, but I have not found it - yet ....