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Celibacy - a divine regulation?

Celibacy, like the tree tion security doctrine a dogma that has developed within the Christian church.

"Jesus says that those who can acquire this [celibacy] should do it, for the kingdom of heaven's sake (Matthew 19: 12) But this was no unanimity rule and several of the apostles were married (Matt. 8: 14, 1 Cor. 9 : 5), in all cases from the beginning (Matte 19: 29). But partly because of an opinion of Paul, that singleness in certain circumstances is preferable (1 Cor. 7: 38), partly as a result of it through monasticism itself increasingly expansive view of asceticism välbehaglighet before God began to gradually within the church consider singleness as anything particularly remarkable. "

At Nicaea 325 when one tried to unite the Christian Doctrine of the Faith met, however the proposal on the celibacy of the clergy with great resistance and it was not until the eleventh century by Gregory the VII succeeded in enforcing "Celibacy as a whole to the Roman clergy applicable statutory." Anyone who was already married was simply divorce or abandon their posts.

Today, researchers believe that the Catholic Church's celibacy requirement for priests really were not religiously motivated, but primarily about money. The Catholic Church simply did not pay maintenance for the deceased priest's wife. This meant that the priests instead took the concubines:

"In reality, the 1139 law did not enact celibacy but Merely changed marriage into concubinage. Rice quotes from a document on celibacy prepared by church historian Hubert Jedi for the Second Vatican Council: "It would be a mistake to Imagine That These permanent concubines, especially in the countryside, would have aroused a lot of scandal," said the Jedi. "We know of many cases where` These keepers of concubines' possessed the sympathies of Their parishioners and were looked upon as good and virtuous pastors. "No finer mind than Thomas Aquinas had provided stubborn opposition to Those Who Saw celibacy rulings as part of divine law. Thomas contended That the celibacy requirement for Catholic priests was Merely Church law thatcould be reversed by any time by papal or conciliar authority. "

Even today raised voices against the obligation to remove celibatsplikten for priests on the grounds that it would cost the Catholic Church too much money. In connection with the pedophile scandals that have flourished in the Catholic Church has more and more critical voices raised against Catholic priests pliktcelibat.

In the Catholic Church is a perception that Catholic priests are better pastor if they do not have a family, but instead can wholeheartedly devote themselves to their calling.

The Church of Jesus Christ is the opposite approach to the Catholic Church's views on celibacy. Because the Church of Jesus Christ does not take some of the teachings that emerged within Christianity, is not the view of celibacy as something better, or spiritual. The view that the meat was something sinful and sexuality immediately was seen as something dirty, were much an influence from non-Christian teachings and traditions Gnosticism. The Catholic Church's belief that Mary, Mother of Jesus, would have lived a celibate throughout his life divided not by the Church of Jesus Christ.

In Genesis, God calls Adam and Eve to multiply. The family was fundamental and that view is also in the Church of Jesus Christ. To qualify for the responsible ministries in the Church requires that one is married. A small congregation (branch) are allowed to have a community manager (branch president) who is unmarried, but a large assembly must have a parish superintendent (bishop) who is married. It is the parish superintendent acting parish pastor. Many who come to limit the president or bishop wants help and support to family conflicts. Therefore, a married man to have a better understanding of this type of problem.

Naturally, the office of pastor much time and effort on the part, but because the Church of Jesus Christ is a lekmannakyrka, the branch president or bishop relieved from his duties after a few years.

Baby Afton

A very nice tradition that we have in the Church is the baby evening. Of course, other traditions exist in the church, as to kidnap a person who is getting married and implement a bachelorette party, but the baby evening is something I have not encountered anywhere else than in the church.

The auxiliary is whispered it and passed around pieces of paper. Baby Eve is like hen party should be kept secret from the woman who becomes a victim. Normally the baby evening when a woman expecting her first child, but sometimes a woman such as replacing the parish have a baby evening for children No 2 because it is the Assembly's first baby.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was completely unaware invited to another member's home and waited there a bunch of women members (men are the gatekeepers prohibited). The traditions may vary, just like on a hen party, but a song booklet had been assembled, all women had to take a present and all women had to write little notes what they wanted for the properties for the expectant baby. I remember such a patch that I got. It said that it was desired that the child would have a comfortable cry. Hm, I thought it sounded a little strange, but the fact is that when my Paula was born so she cried not like that shrill and piercing as many other babies crying, but she used clean Bass Voice in their screams. This was actually her cry a lot more bearable. None of my kids have been screaming that much, so pleasant screams are good wishes for the future mother.

A member of the Church who live in the North has written a small blog post about a baby evening. Please note all gift ties the mother has in her hair. There is some kind of tradition that when you open a package, the band attached to the hair. Worst of all is that you should go home that way too! But worse, it may be a hen party. When you build an entire wedding dress of paper napkins that the bride will go home in.

Words of wisdom in times of stress

A member of my church, we can call him David, told me on one occasion when he was giving a lesson in church about their experiences of stress.

He was only thirty years when one day he fell down together. He had had a collapse, but as a consequence of taking a course in stress management. David has always been a very active person. He was married with four young children. His wife was home with the kids and even though they only had an income, they lived in a house in a middle-class neighborhood.

David had a stressful project management jobs and worked almost constantly. The words of wisdom that he came away with after the course in stress management was three points:

1) Say NO.
You can not take on everything, say yes to everything and be the one to always be there.

2) Prioritize.
What is most important? Make a list, the beta of the first things first, at your own pace.

3) Delegate.
Some people seem to think that everything depends on them. But yes, we can distribute tasks to others. Everyone can do something.

To me that is a single mother with four children feel these three points really important. Of course I would like to do lots of things I was doing when I was younger and had no children, but it has to wait. When at least not become large enough, I look forward to turn me into a club and or any political party, singing in the choir and go a lot of courses.

Prioritizing is important. Do I have to clean up, shopping, paying bills, washing, going to the swimming school with the smallest and parents meeting the same day? No, I take first things first. The rest have to wait until tomorrow. I gain nothing from doing everything in one day and burn me out. There must be a balance between work and rest.

My kids are today 6, 8, 10 and 13 years. They all help with anything. Paula, my oldest will help me to take little sister at a riding school, the three oldest helps to clean the litter box, my eldest son has the primary responsibility to dispose of waste including source segregated garbage, my youngest son helps me sort and fold laundry to be in boys cabinet. All children must ensure that the cats and the rabbit has food and water. Paula gonna clean the rabbit box. Children should themselves as far as possible to clean their rooms. The older children help the younger children with homework. Paula is really good at cooking and making cake ...

A former colleague of mine was sick for many years due to stress. She had been advised by a doctor to do something fun. This is the advice I have taken to me, and when time and inclination arises I pick with my genealogy.

On my front door sits a postcard with words of wisdom. There are excerpts from a book by Gullmay Idman named Will, daring, opt. Her points are as follows:

  • Spread a happy mood and do something fun every day.
  • Dare to make life exciting and bring a positive challenge every day.
  • To resolve concerns as they come and at least a little every day. Take conflicts, difficulties and crises as challenges.
  • Teach responsibility. Grant to others the pleasure of, you will get time for yourself every day.

Finding faith you already had ...

Do you have a faith? Do you believe in something? Are you alone in the belief you have? Yes, it's probably for many Swedes. We are experts at being private believer. Many times, we may also think that the concept of the world we have and the spiritual experiences that we have done is something unique just for us.

So could I at least think before I was taught by the missionaries. It was probably just me who thought like I did and what I experienced was just something that I had experienced. So it was a big surprise when the missionaries began to tell about förexistensen for me. Of course, I knew that there was a förexistens, but I did not know there was a church that taught this.

My parents were not at all religious, in addition to private religious, had a strange experience that it illustrated for me during my childhood. My sisters were ten and thirteen when I was born. The idea was to stick to only two children.

My mother told me that she felt a voice speaking to her. The message was: "I'm a woman and I want to be born". Mom hit it off the experience, but her voice came back again and again. Finally she went to my dad and talked about his experience. My father had confirmed to the mother that he had had the same experience, but did not dare tell my mother. My mother told me that the voice that she heard again and again did not end until she was pregnant.

Once I had been taught förexistensen I went first to the mother and asked her if it was a joke that she told me during my childhood. No, the mother confirmed that it was a joke. This was indeed what she had experienced. Then I went to my dad and asked him alone if it was true that he had experienced a voice that told him that "I am a woman and want to be born". My father confirmed to me that there really was a joke, but really had happened.

Why my parents had this experience and why I was so promt obviously wanted to be nedfödd to this particular family, I can not say, but that förexistensen exist and we actively choose our parents is something I know, without support from the Church of Jesus Christ.

The same goes for the belief in the afterlife. My mother took her mother's death very hard and deeply mourned. Her mother had died of cancer at 81 age. She says that one day she saw her mother standing in front of her. Her mother did not see the old out, but was in his forties that is the age she was when my mother grew up. Mom saw her mother put his hand as if to caress mom's cheek. Mom felt like a cold wind on the cheek.

Something mom regret is that she was not happy to see her mother, but just scared. She shouted at her mother not to show up again and threw himself into my dad's lap when he showed up for a while after the experience. Afterwards felt mom is glad to have met her mother, but who is not afraid of such an experience?

When I was taught by the missionaries as they told me about the spirit world. That our dead are alive here and now but in another dimension. They see us and can get in touch with us.

When my dad passed away so I was home sick with the flu. After receiving the news of death, I went to bed. I entered some sort of half-slumber, and dreamed that I was lying in bed at home, but in my bed at home in his childhood home. My father appeared at the door to my room and said briefly "Yes then I say well goodnight then". He would always speak in that way when I was growing up. I flew out of bed and hugged my father with the words "You are alive after all!" I remember that my father looked around in wonder. Where had he gone? Then he suddenly said to me: "Gunnel, that which you believe. Do you really think it's true? " I understood that my father was no longer so negative to my faith anymore when he switched to the other side and said to him, "Yes, Daddy. I truly believe that it is true. "

The dream ended and I woke up. Of course, I have had many dreams in my life that has only been just dreams. But this dream was different. I really felt that I had met my father who had just gone over from one life to a whole new life. The next day, I was really down in my sorrow. Then I suddenly felt a presence. I knew it was my dad who was standing next to me to comfort me and I remember feeling that I would never feel such deep sadness again, because I knew that dad was there at my side.

The relationship Faden-Son-Man-Woman

Today's guest columnist: Christian the Christian

How was it with all the heads of the New Testament. One can get "headaches" for less. Paul takes up the three "principal relations," namely that God the Father is the head of Christ, Christ is man's head and the man is a woman's head (1 Cows 11: 3). I think of a travesty of the song "Shall we swap stuff with one another" You might want to stop the "heads" with each other instead.

Verses have countless times been misinterpreted and applied through the centuries by men who think they have the right to control women. There is actually no "head" it is just the main. so if we remove the of head and instead writes responsibility afterwards we get the word "primary responsibility".

How men have the primary responsibility of his family? Well thanks to the priesthood. The men have promised God when they received the priesthood power and authority that they would be responsible for his and his family's spiritual development. The major responsibility therefore rests on the man to lead his family in the right direction together in righteousness with his wife. The wife should not have to nag about spiritual chores such as home evening, family prayers, table prayers, church missions, temple trips and other spiritual entrepreneurship. The men to the priesthood to bless and inspire his family just as Christ loved his parishes. Jesus said when he taught the Nephites-What manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you even as I am. (3 Ne 27: 27) Jesus was hardly a woman abuser, bully or tyrant, but he taught about love, patience and gentle sake of principles. So, men should be too.

As the Father, the Son are one and we'll also try to be one with them in thought, speech, words and actions. Christ thinks that the Father does, man should think as Christ does and woman should think as man does (if the man lives righteously that is).

Paul taught that The Lord so is it that woman is not without the man or the man without a woman. (1 Cor 1: 11) The doctrine of exaltation can hardly be better confirm Paul's words to us. The man can not be raised without his woman and the woman can not be raised without her husband. (131 LOF: 1-3), (132 LOF: 19). The new and everlasting covenant which Jesus is talking about temple marriage for time and eternity.

Priesthood vows oaths and covenants are as follows
1. The men, God promises to be faithful and glorify his priesthood calling. (84 LOF: 33) To magnify his calling is to do their best at all times and to perform all priesthood duties. We promise to be faithful and keep the commandments.
2. The Lord promises in turn to the priesthood should be sanctified by the Spirit to the renewing of their bodies. (84 LOF: 33). Faithful priesthood holders can rejoice to be strengthened in body and spirit while performing their vocation.
3. They also Moses and Aaron's sons with the same promises. (84 LOF: 34) Aaron and Moses sons administered the saving ordinances to Israel. Priesthood holders now enjoy the same privileges as they faithfully serve in the priesthood, holy ordinances.
4. They will also belong to the seed of Abraham and the promises of the Abrahamic covenant includes. (84 LOF: 34) To read about the Lord's promises to Abraham, so please (Abr 2: 8-11)
5. Last but not least, the powerful promise in verse 38.84 LOF: 38 Therefore all that my Father has given to him

If you read carefully then from verse 36 we see that the priesthood, in turn, bless those who receive their words with the exact same blessings. Thus, all female members access to exactly the same blessings by the men.
36 for he who receives my servants receiveth me;
37 and whoever receives me receives my Father;
38 and he that receiveth my Father receives the kingdom of my Father. Therefore all that my Father has given to him.

Paul understood this when he talked about the three heads. There have been several people have not done sadly.