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Isaiah Institute with Avraham Gileadi Ph.D. - Vignette of 1 6

Avraham GileadiAvraham Gileadi is an expert in Isaiah and is a member of the church. For those who are inresserad to learn more about Isaiah, this is a film that is exciting to see.

[Vimeo 114946880 w = h = 500 281]

Isaiah Institute with Avraham Gileadi Ph.D. - Vignette of 1 6 from Color My Media on Vimeo.

Salesman - A documentary about four Bible salesman

Salesman_mayslesIt was a long time since I saw the documentary Salesman. It is about four Bible salesmen in America. It was recorded in January 1967 (perhaps too late December 1966) and the copyright date 1968.

For Catholics and Protestants, so this film is something of a must see, a classic that is always current and timeless. One must follow the four vendors as they travel around and go door to door and trying to peddle expensive Bibles to often very poor people on the installment plan.

Here you can see the vendors use all the tools available, and they take all the sales tricks to sell to those who are not really afford. They sell even to people who already have a lot of Bibles, and the protests will be muted with well-known tricks and lots of flattery and a little flirting.

Everything is going to sell the mortgage payments, although expensive Bibles that nobody needs. There is a large beautiful bible with many pictures and jättedyr. One hears sales jargon from the vendors, and they are very polished and aware of what they do when they manipulate the prospective customer.

The prospective customers find them, inter alia in the church when they go to church services and brings up names that they then seek out the next few days. The contact that they have with someone a Sunday has already cooled down on a Wednesday, so the first few days of the week is hectic for them.

Of course, the customer wakes up the following day and realize they are not at all afford the expensive Bible, and when the seller comes to deliver the Bible so they do not want it. It is then that they realize they have to pay because of the contract they signed with the seller.

The documentary follows particularly the struggle salesman Paul Brennan, a middle-aged red Irish-American from Jamaica Plain, Boston, struggling to try to retain the sales volume that he has.

Bible salesman as these have been found among Catholics and Protestants very long time. In Sweden, as they were called colporteurs, and they sold except Bibles even other religious literature.

So when Mormon missionaries knock on doors, and among the first things they do is to take up the Book of Mormon, so even a child can understand that people draw a direct parallel to these Bible salesman and lay preachers.

People perceive it in general as Mormon missionaries want to sell anything they, too, Mormon, even if it is free. For everyone knows that things are still free despite everything costs something, the only question is what? So it's not for nothing that the Mormon missionaries are perceived as religious salesman.

Just look at the four Bible salesmen in the documentary. They look like a Mormon missionaries everyone, and the only thing missing is just a name badge on his chest. It's suit, white shirt, tie, cut short, talkative, confident in his message, and with customers in mind all the time.

So for readers who happen to be Mormons - this is the way that non Mormons perceive missionaries.


The American Red Cross continues its partnership with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


"The American Red Cross is pleased to announce a continued partnership with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In addition to working together to promote the importance of emergency preparedness and receipt, so the Red Cross to get all the net income that comes from the movie "Meet the Mormons"Which had its premiere on 10 October.

American Red Cross encourages people to see the movie Meet The Mormons that focuses on volunteering and serving the community. Volunteering is the American Red Cross's cornerstone and the film supports the importance of getting involved in the local community and give back by serving. "Meet the Mormons" is a documentary that tells the story of six members of the SDH church around the world. More information about the film and where it is played, you can find here:

Omrking 200 000 people have benefited from the project sponsored by LDS Charities through cooperation with the American Red Cross, with more than 85% who have been in crisis. Almost 10 millions of dollars have been invested by LDS Charities in projects in cooperation with the Red Cross. Both organizations look forward to future projects when they can work again together to alleviate suffering. LDS Charities are happy to donate all net profits * from screenings of Meet The Mormon to the American Red Cross to help with the great work they do here in Texas, across the US and around the world.

* Net profit means that you get from biovisningar excluding distribution costs.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross provides shelter, supplies and providing psychological support to victims of disasters: they provide is more 40% of the nation's blood: teach skills to save lives; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a charitable organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of Americans to carry out his mission. For more information, visit redcross.orgor visit our blog "

Yourhoustonnews141015.American Red Cross Announces Continued Partnership with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Kirby: Now let's face the real Mormons

robert It's not easy to do right. The new movie that launched the Church Meet The Mormons have cleared both rose and rice at critics, but also among members. Some members feel they are not represented in the film, such as LGBTQ people. Otherwise, I think that those who put together the film nevertheless has taken into account various parameters such as age, ethnicity, gender, marital status (enstamstående mother) and feminism (a kickboxande woman).

Last in the line of critics is Robert Kirby, the ironic columnist at the Salt Lake Tribune, who is also a member of the church. Under the heading Now let's face the real Mormons so does Kirby up with the myth of the perfect, well-groomed Mormons, an image is maintained, not least by the church itself. The reality is quite different.

"I've just seen" Meet the Mormons ". A sort of documentary on my own which was released last Friday. A star for effort. The film is mostly a showcase of hellyllemormoner than an honest picture of the real us. While it's nice that the mine is portrayed as so blissful positive, so I stand there and wonder if I've grown up in a completely different church. There on display are six sketches of the "typical" Mormon families living typically mormonskt. There, with an ex. homeless, single mother, a candy bomber from World War II, an American football coach, a humanitarian aid worker in Nepal, a black bishop in Atlanta and an American mother who is a kick boxer.

The problem for me is that each story is nicely wrapped in some kind 50- 60's motto of "Father Knows Best" or "middle class format Leave it to The Beaver ". All are perfectly trimmed. All real frustrations and follies implied rather than put the focus on. Brother Cleaver: "Oh dear, it is time for the church."Beaver" Jeez. I love to sit still for hours " Sister Cleaver: "Let me just get the scriptures dear. "

Please. I have been a Mormon all my life and I've never had a go-to-church-experience that resembled something like that.

Old man: "Have you hidden your kyrkisbyxor again? Come here! "

Me: "I do not want to go. It's boring"

Mom "Do not press on his head as hard as Bob, do not forget what the bishop said.

In fact, the church was in "Meet the Mormons"As unreal as the church I was in. All the kids stayed at his place and was reverent. People sat quietly and waited for the meeting to begin. The True Mormon Church - especially in the younger churches with a lot of kids - sounds equally reverent and uplifting as March cats. There were a lot of ideas that we behaved ourselves properly. No one was sent to his room because they failed to read the Scriptures with the rest of the family, or to have made up an irreverent prayer at the blessing of the food. No one was thrown out of the seminary and family home evening was not like a small riot. If "Meet the Mormons"Aims to show that we are the same as your non-Mormons, you would probably beat your head too. I know of someone who is so orderly and spotless. I think the same applies to you.

At best, it showed "Meet the Mormons " for those who did not know that we do not just reside in Utah, which holds the Amish in Pennsylvania, and that there are different color versions of us around the world, but that was about all.

Mercifully, there are some good parts. I especially liked the part about the black bishop in Atlanta and kick boxes and sister in Costa Rica.

In fact, I'd love to belong to a church where everyone had different skin color than mine. It had ivarjefall been more interesting than the sensory loss of color vision that surrounds me now ... But something must be done to be able to create something that shows the real us, the sort of Mormons that you already know because you lived next door to them and sometimes they go get on your nerves and bothering you to the max. You can bet your life that the LDS church is not going to do it. So therefore, I will, as soon as I raised money, get involved in creating the sequel: "Now let us meet the real Mormons." Source: Salt Lake Tribune. 141012.Kirby: Now meet the real Mormon

When I read Kirby's column so I feel he has a point. I remember when I got that new investigators to the church. What struck me was how well-groomed and perfect it all was. How would I fit in there? But afterwards, I learned that beneath the surface, we are all equally imperfect. The difference is probably that as a member of the Church, strives to live as good a life as possible. And screaming kids - it's something you never get away in a Mormon congregation. There are kids everywhere - and all are equally mischievous ...

A comedy like no other. For your sister and your mother.

Pretty darn funny

Pretty Darn Funnyis a comedy web series about life as a woman, a mother and ... comedian.

The Award Winning Pretty Darn Funny web series started in April and has 2012 Continued To Keep Thousands of people laughing. Pretty Darn Funny has won five Telly Awards, Honored alongside other notable Recipients Such as Time Warner Cable, ABC Family Digital Media, and AOL Media. Its parody videos were featured onThe 700 Club, The flagship television program of the Christian Broadcasting Network, airing in syndication Throughout the United States.

Seasonings 1 Followed Gracie Moore, a mom who gets more than she bargains for When She forms an all-female comedy troupe in Efforts to clean up the local comedy scene. It features a cast of colorful, loveable characters. It will make you laugh. It might make you cry (from laughing so hard). However you spin it, we know you'll think it's Pretty Darn Awesome.

Seasonings 2 is launching August 2013 and Continues the craziness of Gracie's life. From battling crossfit and the Pressures of Pinterest Envy, to Competing With The PTA president for superior fundraising cred, Gracie and the troop Show That No Matter What life throws at you it's always worth the laughs.

Each new "bite-sized" 6 8-minute webisode is released weekly and is designed for your busy lifestyle. (Meaning you can watch it in-between picking up your kids from soccer, making a fabulous meal That half of your kids will probably refuse to eat, and composing what is sure to be the best blog post ever written in the history of the world . You know, in all your free time.)

Pretty Darn Funny is your new best friend. Your new, very funny, best friend.

EverythingPretty Darn Funny is brought to you by Deseret Book and Tinder Transmedia.

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