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Mormons and Darwin

Faith and evolution: Mormonism teaches why God created the world, not how, say scientists. At Brigham Young University (BYU) taught Darwin's theories in a way that allows students to keep their faith in God, but that it becomes a mental meltdown.

Mormonism talks about why God created, not how, says Daniel Fairbanks. He has helped create BYU's Department of Evolutionary Biology is one of the best in the U.S., and most students who lasts science gets a fresh look at Darwin. Read more

Hebrew DNA recently found with Indians in South America

A DNA marker, Cohen modal haplotype, found in Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia. While this may prove to be a testament to the Book of Mormon is correct, so do not want DNA researchers go so far in their conclusions, but it is an interesting discovery.

"According to Scott R. Woodward, executive director of the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, a DNA chip, called the" Cohen modal haplotype, "sometimes Associated with the Hebrew people, has been found in Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia."Read more

Mormon Church - Creation - intelligent design - evolution

The church has no official opinion about evolution and creation or intelligent design. Each member has the right to express their opinion on the subject. The First Presidency has expressed its views three times:

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But some General Authorities and members have expressed positive views on evolution. In other words, when the church 15 top leaders do not agree on this subject, so do not have any official church opinion.

One must remember that the church is very positive about both science and scripture. At Brigham Young University, then taught in evolution.

It is taught in the natural sciences, but in a way that allows one to continue to have faith in God.