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Old favorites: Jesus meets quarterback Tim Tebow

tim-tebow-jesus-jerseyAfter searching kill me after an old blog post, I have now given up and put it up again. Now I have also added a category to the blog so it will be easier to find. There is much we can live without in life, but not without humor. So now humor finally become a category on this forum.

The post I was looking for was how Saturday Night Live does a skit where Jesus visiting Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who is a Mormon ... At the end of the skit, Jesus says, " 'Mormonism All True, Every Single Word


The last days of my life

meme Monson-examples-1311925-gallery

What happens to a man when told that he will die soon and not have so long to live. When you know that you have a disease that is not treatable one usually first panic frequently and begin to think of everything that you did not have time in life and you want to do.

After a while, the realization step by step and you start living in the present, and every minute and hour is infinitely precious. Problems and conflicts in the world does not mean much anymore, and instead you start to concentrate on the people you have around themselves.

People become important, and the relationship with them is very important. You begin to see people as they are and not what you can get out of friendship. For as it still will die soon, so you do not have to think about what you can get out of it, and instead, you can rejoice in the pure selfless friendship and enjoy it.

Most people are afraid to die. They are afraid to suffer, to experience pain and losing control of himself. One wonders if it will be able to recognize themselves and if they are in their right mind or not.

But when the fear has subsided and it has completely accepted that one should die, well then it is usually for the most part appear a peace that you never thought that you could experience. This peace allows one to see clearly at many things in life when the mind no longer clouded by worries and concerns.

During this process, so it revalues ​​much in his life, and to value things differently than before. And as I have mentioned, it is becoming more and more important with genuine and true relationships with people, so it excites no longer up on little things.

It is during this process that we humans figuratively transformed from a chrysalis into a butterfly. We turn out and in on ourselves, and we dare to be true to ourselves and our surroundings. Many see this as incredibly liberating, and although it is an extremely difficult process, they would not want to be without it. You dare to accept himself as the man is, and can feel that they're good enough and is loved.

We humans are born as original and unique, but for the time we live here on earth so it will be easy that we copy each other and lose a part of our uniqueness. But the Dying Process, then the unique back, step by step again.

We who are baptized and are members of the Church have an advantage over those who have not been baptized. We died in baptism and ascended from dopgraven to a new life. We can already here and now take part of this process, all because of Jesus Christ's atoning work. But how often do we think about this?

Think of the words "Latter-day Saints." Do we live as if it were the last days of our lives and that we died with Jesus Christ and risen with Him to a new life, and that this new life is sacred? Have baptism affected us as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ want?

Being a Saint means a lot. We should live as if it were the last days of our lives right now. this even though we might live 10-30-50 years or even more. The last days are so precious and it is very important to take advantage of them when they can not run them in the replay.

First Missionary


I remember the first Missionary I ever met.

It was on a bus and he was so excited to tell me about the Gospel. Back then I was an agnostic. We had The Same mothertounge; Airlines. He was suprised that i rode the Book of Mormon in a week. Back then I rode it as a fairytale. Now as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I believe The Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

One week ago we met for a soda. Fredrik Means alot to me and with hope he will Become a pilot some day. That is his ambition and dream.

"Lo, this only have I found, That God hath made man upright; but They have sought out many inventions. "Eccelatis 7: 29.

Thanks Fredrik though it was not you who baptized me.

Johan Finne is a writer, gardener and artist. 2013 He received an honorable mention for his many years of work in the Swedish-Finnish HBTIQ movement of the compound Regnbågsankan. He's employees and writer on including and also works as a gardener and artist.

The King of Tonga sends the Prime Minister to stop his son from being baptized

Prince Ata-11
Prince Ata, the Guest of Honour at the Ensign and Sainehā Alumni Reunion 2014, in Hawaii. Ensign and Sainehā high schools belong to the Mormon Church.

Actually, this story quite so common. One or both parents react when their children want to be baptized in the Mormon Church and do what they can to stop the baptism.

But it is not so common that it is a regents children, and in this case, is the story of Prince Ata, the second son of the King of Tonga and fourth in line to the throne.

Son has been a while in the Mormon Church and engaged there, and now he wants to be baptized. But this would not be the king, and he uses the power that he has. He threatens her son to take away from him the title of prince.

The King sends Prime Minister for stopping baptism. Prince Ata has agreed to postpone baptism for a while, how long we do not know.

Baptism would have taken place in early September in Havelu Stake Center in Tonga, however. Now it's been two months and he's still not baptized, but he still goes to meetings of the Mormon Church and is committed there.

The royal family in Tonga belonging to the Free Wesleyan Church is the largest church in Tonga. After a dramatic increase in the number of members as is now the Mormon Church is the second largest church in Tonga, and the Catholic church which was formerly the second largest is now the third largest church.

Commercial wedding organizers in the United States are required to set up the same-sex marriage


For persons who commercially rent out buildings to stage weddings there is now a high risk that they should be notified if they do not accept same-sex marriage. In the US, the issue led to a couple in Idaho that rent out a chapel for weddings now have added a lawsuit to have the right to discriminate against same-sex couples. Religious organizations will be so far away from the law, but a commercial company must by law provide goods and services to all people without discrimination.

All who rent chapel for weddings in Idaho is however not adverse to same-sex marriage. Della Jolley who along with her husband Norman owns The Joulet Wedding and Reception Center says that she will not deny same-sex couples to use their premises, a former. Church. "JAG supports same-sex marriage because I am deeply religious, and I believe the Lord ... has given us a free will"; she says. Jolley defines "free will"As a right given by God, where every individual to believe and act as they wish. Jolley, describes himself as a heterosexual Mormon personally believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. "I do not drink, I do not smoke. I do not believe in extramarital relationships. " While she does not want to foist on their own personal religious values ​​on others, especially those in the LGBT community. There is more goodness in a person than their sexual preferences", she says. "If I point the finger at you, there are three fingers pointing back at me ... I'd be the devil's advocate if I refused to provide services for same-sex couples. I would take away God's gift of free will.

For differe against Knapps in Coeur d'Alene, commercial chapel where they oppose same-sex marriage, so the couple does not perform the marriage itself, but provides just the venue, decorations and food, etc.

Read more about the couple who refuse to let same sex couples marry in their commercial chapels and Mormon Della Jolley who have a completely different view of the matter.