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Saving grace and redemptive acts

When I surf around the internet, I see so many lies that anti-Mormons spread of the Mormon Church and its theology. First of all, they claim that the Mormon Church is a theology which means that one is saved by works. Pyttsan either! Take something old over you as you spread such lies about us. The worst is that they pull it all over again, like a parrot: kakaka-kakaka-kakaka! So let it all the time. Mormons are Christians and do not think works is redemptive. Absolutely not.

What Mormons say, is rather that there are two kinds of faith: a faith that is alive and include deeds, and a faith that is dead and does not include offenses. Then you should clean utilitarian look of the fruit (deeds) to see if there is one true and living faith or not. The mouth can speak so much: blablabla-blablabla! But what lies behind these words. Is there something there or it is nothing!

Not one act can save us, for it can only Jesus Christ do. Though if you can count a conscious decision to want to believe in Jesus and become a follower, then it is so. Then there are two kinds of perceptions here. One group of Christians believe that only some people have had faith in Jesus as the gift and some do not, and it's already predetermined that some will believe and some do not. But then the moral guardians and protesters. "Can that God hold on and pick and choose like that, either? For it would mean that some people were predestined to hell after all. "

Second group of Christians believe that all people have the ability to believe in Jesus Christ and that God does not really pick and choose among the people. Mormons belong to the latter group, because we believe that God has given everyone the ability to believe in Jesus Christ. Taken just otherwise.

But what should we have the offense to do? God needs hands and feet, money and other resources. He is not here right now in physical form, but the job must be done anyway, that is God's will. For is not it so that you ask God for help in prayer about things? I mean, you do so and believe that he will help you? Thus, God is not here, apart from the Holy Spirit. We humans + the Holy Spirit together making things.

If we put people of so nothing will be done. So ... as long as people expect answers to prayer to their problems, and the groans and complains to God everywhere, and the cries and whimpers of despair ... just as long as someone has to fulfill these wishes for you do not believe that the answer to prayer arrive one by sky magic with a "poof" if waving a rod? If you think so, then you have problems. It does not work so when it comes to prayer.

If we do nothing, nothing happens, and we want it that way? Nah ... could not believe it. However, when we realize that it is we who have to do the will of God and to ensure that good things are happening, so people get prayers answered ... do we believe that these deeds will save us? Nah. We believe that faith in Jesus Christ saves, but there must be a loving faith which works included.

Faith and Works, together it is like a coin with two sides. Heads and tails. How would the coin look like with a crown on each side, or tails on both sides? The coin, we would not be able to shop for in the shops. And who has seen a envingad bird fly? Not me, anyway.


Found a post on an interesting blog that deals with Muslim converts. Apparently, Muslims also problems with converts as "burns" out. They are so faithful, so fanatical, so obsessed with being literal believers that they finally "get tired" and want away from religion again. The blogger has met many such individuals who "take a break" from religion. Read more

Many converts to Islam are Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists, etc., who claim to have seen the light and believe That Islam is the only true religion. Muslims welcome These New converts and Encourage Them to Share Their Stories on the Internet, magazines, and television. They are thwart featured on various Muslim media outlets to Demonstrate That Islam is the one true religion. To Muslims These New converts are Proof That Islam is true.

However, most individuals who convert rarely choose to study Islam objectively before making Such an Important decision. They choose instead to be taken in by the propaganda, only to discover That They have made one of the biggest mistakes of Their Lives. This is confirmed with research Carried out by the Respected Pakistani-born American Muslim Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus (1932 - 2007) [6] who found That 75% of new Muslim converts in the US leaves Islam within a few years. Read more

It is women who are more active religious matter what religion that regard, that they are the "foot soldiers", then they switch to the religion that man has. As for the leaders who are visible, they are usually men. Very many convert to Islam changes in 3 years, but in all other converts who convert to other religions as well. In other words, a very large movement to "convert the market." The women often switch back if there is a divorce. Read more

As for the Christian converts the market as it is at least equal, regardless of the church is. Usually you move the convert just one or two steps away theologically from the original church.

"And my sense, after years of examining megachurches, Is that 80% of the people who join, including Those Who go through new member classes, are gone within the first two years."

Says Brad Waggoner, LifeWay's vice president of research and ministry development: "There's no simple answer why people are so restless." Read more

Martin Luther

There are many things that Martin Luther would agree with Joseph Smith. Luther did not believe that the Bible was faultless. It would be wrong to say that he was a Mormon, but his theological views are not identical to today's evangelical Christians either.

Martin Luther did a lot for the kingdom of God when he translated the Bible into German. When you then discover that he also believed that people could have the opportunity to change his mind after death and begin to believe in Jesus, then jumps to the heart of many. It's not just Mormons who believe it then.

According to Luther, one can thus learn things after death for the new lessons, it is possible to understand what Jesus has done for us humans. It is Jesus Christ who is the Lord and Savior, and without him there is no hope. Everything is just the grace of whatever we do, we do it in the power of the Lord when we are His disciples in all simplicity.

"God forbid, That I should limit the time of Acquiring faith to the present life. In the depths if the Divine Mercy, there May be opportunity to win it in the future state. "

"God forbid that I should limit the time of acquiring faith to the present life. In the depths of the divine grace might be able to conquer it in a future state. "

(Letter to Hansen von Rechenberg, 1522, (Luther's briefe, ii. 454. 168 Cited page, The Afterlife of Henry Buckle, George W. Jacobs & Co. Phila., Pa.)) Read more