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It is important to examine their sources ....

Today I read about the problems researchers contend with working with Joseph Smith Papers. Joseph Smith is well documented. He had printers who wrote down everything he said and did. The problem of course is that the printers may have misheard, misunderstood, and that those who read what has been written has not managed to decipher some printer's handwriting. An example in the article that was raised was that a printer had drawn down to Emma Smith had [given] a child (child) and that Joseph Smith went away the following day. Little wonder, perhaps, until that concludes that no child is said to have been born at this time, but it was a cold (chill) that Emma had.

Deseret News. 150312.The good, the bad and the illegible: Deciphering handwriting of the early LDS Church scribes

Swedish Society of Genetic Genealogy


Here about a week I got an email from Maren belonging to my congregation. She told me about a recent website for those interested in genealogy DNA. Swedish Society of Genetic Genealogy (SSGG) has gathered the top names in Sweden for genealogy. Hit you as an individual turn if you want to know more about how to interpret your DNA results. In addition to this website, there is also, of course facebook group DNA ancestry.

The letter from Uncle


Imagine what you can find a lot when you go through after a estate. Last fall, so we found the letter written 1939. It was my uncle Anders, then 23 years, who wrote the letter to his mother Greta, my grandmother. They stood very close throughout their lives and letters mean a lot to me because it allowed me to get to know my uncle even more after his death when I was 15 years.

Helgö Rappe the 16 January 1939

My beloved.

Helgö is an island in Lake Helga. Helgasjön an island in Småland.På Helgö I live now. Lives and reigns. Living in the shell building, where all vildbasarna stay. A nice room. Bathroom on the same floor, etc. Outside my room a big giant balcony.

Arrive at Rappe station clock 8 last night. Got to go by car up here. About an hour from the station is Helga. A delightful herrgård.- Yesterday evening cocoa and sandwiches. The breakfast porridge and milk and sandwich. Each one had to take as much as he wanted. No fuss. Neither of the boys.

Today I had my first lesson. Swedish essay writing. Topic: A letter to a friend or relative with an account of the Christmas holidays. You should have seen them. I had the fourth grade. One sat biting the pen. Another held the pen down on the lead when he wrote. A third just sat and watched. Yes, it was a sight. One wrote about the trip here to the school: On the train back went also a nice gentleman. Then I understood that he was a teacher. It was our new gym teacher. Cederblads boy looks nice. More I dare not say. NOW: Småklassernas boys I think are rejälast. Is the class teacher for first grade.

Ms. Ullman is one of those truly hefty middle-aged lady. A true educator. We talked about the baccalaureate. It will certainly organize themselves. Rector Stensson on one of the high schools in the country - which I do not remember - has been a teacher here too before. He also read. Traveled to Lund one term and then for university studies, etc.

Yes, as I said, I think I'll be fine here. Just the environment I have wanted me all the time. "Now I just hope that it will be nice at home too. I know I'm getting nice.



Helgö, Rappe the 7 March 1939

Dear Mam and the rest of you ..........

Yes, the first hour is available today. Next hour I will have Swedish in the first class. Last night I was at the cinema with the boys. We saw Ben Hur - an outstanding beautiful movie. Went in bus everybody. I solved tickets for everyone. After the end of the game the bus waited again. The film was highly cultural-historical. Sadly, there was no speech - only music. It was a silent movie to which they were playing music.

Otherwise, life goes its quiet time. Ms. Ullman and Mr. Bothén were together yesterday afternoon a kind. It was part baubles. She's probably senile - this does, she forgets everything she has said once. Bl. a. I had at her birthday like that in passing when we talked about some boys mentioned that I felt we should have had the boys around the teachers' table when it was served wine and spirits. The fact is that some of the teachers were a little excited. For my part unvek booze - drinking a little wine. - This I said to her after a few days - then I received the letter from home. I mentioned but not this letter. The boys sat and grinned a little at a teacher. - Bl. a. Mrs. Ullman felt that the boys' behavior testified bad upbringing. - I think I should tell her where I got my opinion.

She is always so unpredictable there. One thing that is quite illustrative of her is that she, to get teachers to treat students like criminals electricity. like. speak to the students about the teachers and say to them, in case they treat students properly only do it to them shall be proper, etc., etc. - things which I do not if. With it's so typical of her.

Otherwise, I enjoy good here. She has its good points, too. Is highly talkative. Talk about everything between heaven and earth. Seems not to care much about, if he listeners hear or not.

Yes, that's the way she is, Ms. Ullman. Such is she. Added to this is that the blood clot, which means she must be. Do nonetheless control everything from his room. How it gets - it's a different thing. Usually, contrary to what it would have been if she had been with the fire itself.

I like it here - yet it is as if I do not feel comfortable. Now it's been here a long time whim, that one can make a judgment. It is very isolated. Poor record time. A lot of work. - The latter makes me no harm - on the contrary, it is just good to get practice in teaching, etc. I do not believe that I stay longer than the term out. If I can help it.

Thought, if all goes well, to take a trip international summer. Think what it would do good at language skills.

So now there is another problem: should I check on semis? Should I throw away four years there - if I come in? Or shall I work here at home or a blow to until I can take the exam in acreage - in the fall, I could take it - and then pass those subjects required for entry at GCI. How to do? Should you be a serious businessman? Do business entirely .... Yes, it's probably not stupid either. But be sure to be a folk school teacher throughout your life - correct styles and the like for the kids' kids - I can not do that. In that case, it would be like a springboard to GCI to get rid of the deal. And the student.

But then one thinks like this: to really these "idiots" näranog when it comes to reading, take the plot involved - should not you then be able to teach it. No German work now that you have opportunities - Master Holmberg to help the as soon as we have time. - Yes, this is a thoughtful solutions - thoughts, which often culminate in the thought: but, after all, would not it be better if you were a businessman. Started working with houses - created dej a fortune etc. etc. You can if you want.

What shall I do Mams ?? Maybe some time here and then some time in YMCA service? or what? -

How's the house at home now? - Yes, I see that I need to come home more often. Should not we try to get that house next to you? Eler what her (sic) Olsson said about it? I will go down and call and ask mom ...... Said and done.

Vapid letter was yes. I will try to change me as soon as possible. Yes already. Did not think it was good that you left Aschebergsgatan 36. It was at least a few hundred pr year in extra income. I would gladly have taken them. They would be able to form an endowment for the firm. - No, now it will be given with this letter adequately with all the others - it becomes vacuous. For the rest, Aunt Paula said she thought I'd put an ad in the newspaper and find a rich man with an old property, I could take over. No stupid idea. Be heir of a historic castle. Fidekomiss. Have there mams and the whole bunch - and then live happily ever after ... just like in the fairy tale. Yes, only now I notice that all I have is one big story. Maybe I'm as big boheme-type friend Bohus poet. Perhaps equally conceited. Perhaps. We humans shall all have our faults. Right?

The best thing would be - to return to reality - that I had to be in Gothenburg a kind. Bred real, was examined in those subjects in Latin line - put in my papers on GCI - went through there - could then do what I wanted. Had a proper degree.

For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.

Now it's morning again - the time is a little over seven. I'm up early and tänkter finish writing this letter, and read a little. The boys have already started to move - I can hear it through the walls and floors - which are pretty thin.

So I will check the Scout trial today. It's Thursday - thus I have my kristendomsdag. Has Christianity in three classes today. Quite hopkört. Different courses. But there is no danger. Outside, the sun shines and casts long shadows among the pine trees in the forest. The lake is just a mirror. It is very beautiful here - sometimes. When the weather is nice. If it rains, then it is terrible here. Mud where to go. Not one can bike anywhere either - you sink into the mud. Today, dry and finely everywhere. Really summer - despite the chill in the air. How is it in Gothenburg? Same ?

No, now the end of the day - will write again soon -

many greetings from

Putte sweets

Lucy Walker - one of Joseph Smith's wives

30102678_122861881853Now FAIRMormon to begin a video series on Joseph Smith's wives. Lucy Walker is the first in this series.

"After much suffering and sadness, the Walker family settled in Nauvoo, where They Became acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith and lived with his family for a number of years. May 1st, 1843, Lucy was married by Wm. Clayton to the Prophet Joseph as a plural wife. "


DN and CNN notes that Joseph Smith had many wives


Say what you want about news in newspapers, but now pay attention to the DN that Joseph Smith had many wives. Large headlines and everything is sensational when DN writes:

"Mormon Church recognizes for the first time that its founder had almost 40 wives, the youngest only 14 years old."

Even CNN is celebrating today that Smith had several wives, and even those have gotten the idea that the Mormon Church has not said anything about this before. Hmm .. and what about the source criticism really?

"Smith's marital history had been the subject of frequent-historical debate, but Until recently Mormon leaders had taken pains to present its founding prophet as happily married to one woman. Now, the church says, "Careful Estimates put the number between 30 and 40. '"

It's good to write about this, but so very new is not really information. But perhaps it is news for those, who knows. It seems that some members of the Mormon Church, nor knew that Smith had several wives, and then I'm a bit surprised actually. Do they only attended church occasionally and not been doing self-study?

We can do family history and see it in the FamilySearch if you want, and then you see also Joseph Smith wives. So the question is how things are with the members genealogy really.

For those who want to read in the Church's material available on the Internet, and there are quite a few that are there, so you can get information about Smith had multiple wives. It is plainly in the Institute's book.

"Moreover, Joseph Smith and the Church were to accept the principle of plural marriage as part of the restoration of all things (see v. 45). Accustomed to Conventional marriage patterns, the Prophet was at first understandably reluctant to engage in this new practice. Due to a lack of historical documentation, we do not know what his early Attempts were to Comply with the commandment in Ohio. His first recorded plural marriage in Nauvoo was to Louisa Beaman; it was Performed by Bishop Joseph B. Noble on April 5 1841.12During the next three years Joseph took additional plural wives in accordance with the Lord's commands. "