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Genline + Ancestry = True

Now, U.S. genealogy company purchased Genline for 53 million. In doing so, the American family researchers looking for their Swedish roots. Ancestry Inc. was a publishing company that was started 1983, and 1997 bought by some members of the church. Ancestry has evolved to become the world's largest genealogy company.

Ca 2-3 percent of the members of the Mormon Church are doing genealogy research via It is probably most Americans do, and because Ancestry is the largest on the market, so one might conclude that there is more than up to double the number of family research at all.

In other words, I have trouble understanding all this spectacle that critics of the Mormon Church does, then this is about 5 percent of the members of family research in total.

A blogger tells tvångsdop. But tvångsdop = spädbarnsdop, because they have absolutely nothing to say. A vicarious baptism is an offer that can be received or rejected. As the person is deceased, then the body does not contact the water at all, and the person has not been technically named.

It's about faith, and to receive the vicarious baptism of faith. If the person does not, then there is no baptism to be given credit. In 1 Cor 15: 29 says: "Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead? If the dead rise not at all, why are they then baptized for the dead? "

Paul uses the vicarious baptism as the only example of why there are a resurrection and life after death. Baptism for the dead is the proof he uses to convince his friends that there is a heaven that we can hope for. It was the Catholic Church which banned the practice in the late 300 century.

Deputy baptism was done in some orthodox Christian groups, and 393 AD. so it was decided that they could not give communion to those who died, and four years later so it was decided that they had not been baptized them with a vicarious baptism.

Anitha Bondestam - Do not cry over spilled milk (2006)

Not that I know that some liberals have an evil eye to the Mormon Church and everything that deals with religion, but now I stumbled across a book that paints the church negatively. It is Anitha Bondestams book "Do not cry over spilled milk"2006 from which this occurs.

It makes me think of Arthur Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet (1889), and when he described the Mormons in a stereotyped and negative way in. Actually, he had not thought about anything other than writing a bestselling book, and he needed some "bad guys" and chose the Mormons because they had a reputation. The end justifies the means.

For Doyle was poor and needed to make it as a writer so he could have writing as their living bread. Later, when he broke through as he apologized for his prior child. Some Mormons were very bitter, while others made an effort to show him forgiveness.

To return to the book as Bondestam has written and portrayed the Mormon Church negatively. Wonder if she'll apologize eventually. Because she chose the Mormons is not a coincidence, I'm convinced. It is rather a well-considered choice.

Now it's not the SPAR Fixing Philippa's multi-million commission, but the Mormon large registers. The same records that Henry, Minister of Finance, will have access to when he was in the government's name is a cunning tax treaties with the Mormon Church. "

Henry suspended in her plan when he gets the government to take care of Mormon World Congress in Gothenburg. "

It is somewhat ironic, because the Mormon Church would never ask the government for help to hold a world congress, or General Conference, as they say in the Mormon Church. It is the opposite in fact. It was the U.S. who asked the Mormon Church for help, for example, when they would arrange for the technical with simultanöversättningarna in Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Games. It was just the Mormons who had the knowledge and capacity, and knew how to get it all together when it came to so many different languages ​​simultaneously would simultanöversättas through different channels.

It was the same when the FBI asked the Mormon Church to solve their computer problems when they had an antiquated computer systems that crashed all the time. They had looked to the Mormon Church's system for a while and got help. The church sent his best IT expert to them, and he and the church solved their problems.

And the National Security Agency are building up a huge data center in Utah. They need help with translation of everything that is intercepted, and the Mormon missionaries returning from working abroad are worth gold with their language skills and more.

When the CIA needs more staff, so they go to the Mormons in Salt Lake City and visit Brigham Young University. Almost all who are former missionaries to be hired if they wish. This applies to the CIA to convince the students. BYU has already spionutbidning in the crack advanced codes and more.

So how can Bondestam get the idea that the Mormon Church to ask for help for their conference? It is not for them to ask for help, but they provide help and knowledge.

Then there's this with the so-called astute tax treaty, which she describes in the book. If she is not really sensible? The Mormon big names on the register is dead, dead people, and can not be used other than in genealogy purposes.

Then it performs Mormon temple work for their deceased relatives. All this is done free of charge and without payment. In addition, Sweden received copies of the micro-films as the Mormon Church photographed by all the church books, and they got them for free. It has not cost Sweden a single penny to get them.

So when Bondestam talking about money and astute tax, she is downright common. The Mormon Church at all, the money is because the some of the members tithe, and that's not all do it, maybe 10-20 percent only

It is because only a handful have salary and employment in the Mormon Church as there is money to build churches and temples, and everything else that is done. Other churches employ the their priests, and it costs them about 0,5 millions to have one person employed. There are a lot of money as the Mormon Church has saved.

Nah, Bondestam paints a picture of the Mormon Church who are not at all fair and good, but she has been through his book spread stereotypes about Mormons that are not true. It is not OK, but she should ask the Mormon Church to apologize.

Because she is a public figure and the book is published, so she should apologize publicly. It is the least we can ask for my opinion. She will then see and experience some of the Mormons might be resentful of her, but most try to show kindness and be forgiving.

B'nai Shalom (Children of Peace)

B'nai Shalom (Children of Peace). There is an organization called B'nai Shalom, whose members are Mormons and Jews.

Mormons are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and shares a common jew background or have an interest and love for the Jewish people and their culture.

Under the existing program in the Mormon Church, B'nai Shalom promotes greater understanding of jew culture, history and traditions, and encourages, assists and promotes jew genealogy.

Members and their friends meet once every six months (LDS Chapel, 142 West 200 North, Salt Lake City - Thursday before General Conference) to eat food, hang out together, and a guest speaker with very good skills and knowledge of things within Judaism and Mormonism. Read more


LDS Family History Library, located west of Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, will have a Scandinavian genealogy course on Saturday 16 January. Mandatory registration.

At 9: 00 "Finding the Place of Origin of Your Immigrant"

at 10: 15 "Laying the Groundwork for Success"

at 11: 30 "Naming Patterns and Lifestyles"

at 13: 30 "Effective Use of Scandinavian Gazetteers"

at 14: 45 "Reading Germanic and Scandinavian Gothic Script". Read more

Mormon genealogy

Mormon genealogy. Every week it received more documents to the Mormon Church's genealogical databases, so that people can be family research forward even more to the 4500 Mormon Family History Centers located throughout the world.

More than 150 000 members work voluntarily to index the document. 60% of Americans are interested in genealogy, and is one of the fastest growing recreational interests.

Family History Library in Salt Lake City is visited by more than 2000 people every day. The centers are visited even non-Mormons. Read more