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Blood donors

There have been new rules for those who want to be donors. The club was through Wednesday. From now on it must not be donors if they had had sex with a person who in the past year have tattooed themselves or pierced himself. Read more Read more Read more

This is very interesting, I withdraw immediately to mind the recommendations that we members have not to tattoo or pierce us us. Women may make a hole in each ear for a pendant, but not many. Anyone who does not hear what the Council does not treat yourself or God with respect, and forget that our bodies are temples of God because the Holy Spirit lives in us.

The church makes recommendations built on Scripture as a foundation, and explains not always close so it is not good. It is rather a statement than a detailed lesson on the reasoning behind it all.

With this new law has Mormons have a new argument for why they will not tattoo or pierce themselves. Mormons are allowed to give blood, so they should not be confused with groups that are forbidden to do so. It always feels good to be ready and not have to say no because you can not because its laws have rules on who can donate blood or not.

Mormons, Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, and caffeine

I do not know where people got the information that Mormons can not drink Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola. They argue for a ban on the grounds that it contains caffeine. But the revelation was not at all about the caffeine, but on hot drinks, which in a later revelation became clearer in that it became clear that it was all about coffee and tea.

So this is just about coffee from the coffee plant, whether it's kokkaffe or brewed coffee, and if it is dekaffeinerat or not. Nothing from the coffee bush. This also applies tea. Ranging from the tea bush, whether it is green tea, black tea (ie, leaves that have undergone treatment) of all kinds. It may be black tea flavored with various fruit essences or anything that has been added (orange peel, lemon peel, flower petals, etc.). This also applies to white tea, which is tea brewed from tea leaves from the tea plant (the most extreme and tender leaves of each branch, top leaves).

This one is what it is about. No coffee or tea. But you have to drink herbal teas, coffee substitutes (may include chicory and other things and are purchased in health food store) and everything else that contains caffeine. You should just be moderate in the use of caffeinated beverages and other foods. For much of what makes you get up to speed.

The rule has absolutely nothing to do with caffeine at all. Caffeine is in addition to coffee and tea to chocolate in all its forms (candy, ice cream, sauces, puddings, cakes, etc.), chocolate drinks, sports press, energy drinks, malt beverages (Ovomaltine, Ovaltine), Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Root Beer (American soda), other kinds of soft drinks, etc.. You should just be careful so as not to get addicted to these things. Moderation is best, and you may well be on the cautious side so that it is safe.


Caffeine is also known as protein (found in tea), guaranine (found in guarana), matein (found in the (yerba mate). Long thought that these were a bit different in their chemical structure, but recent research seems to showing that it is caffeine anyway, after all.

To sum it up: It's not true that Mormons can not drink or eat anything with caffeine. It's "only" about a deeper insight into a prophetic revelation of "hot drinks", where it was made clear that it was tea and coffee. / wiki / Word_of_Wisdom # Hot_drinks

Mentally ill

I know a Mormon who is now not active in the Mormon Church, but sometimes go to the Swedish Church. I am convinced that it is dual membership. She is really mentally ill and retired early after a very long time. She was mentally ill before she joined the Mormon Church. One thing is certain, if an anti-Mormon met her, he had certainly tried to make out that the Mormon Church has made her ill, for it tends to be their style. But in this particular case, I know that her brother has read much psychology and knows the full background. Most mentally ill (who is a member ellerhar been a member of the Mormon Church) has had contact with both the county and municipality for many years before they found the Mormon Church. Fortunately, well then that all illness is documented in medical records with dates and everything. Then, there are certainly a few who were healthy when they joined, and then become mentally ill for membership. Though it does not mean that the Mormon Church made them sick. Not at all.


Medicine. Read yesterday in Aftonbladet that doctors warn of grapefruit + certain medications. Although some different medications + St. John's wort was not good. Sometimes it was medicine out effect, other times it doubled the effect. Good information. I think there is other food + drugs that also reacts. Research do not know much yet about this. It is known that people react differently to the same medicine sometimes because of our DNA. The doctor believes that medication may not work for everyone, but it does not. I met a member of the Church today who have ADHD. Frequently medicine will not work well, but coffee does. She drinks coffee in the medical purpose of having his ADHD under control. This is a good example of how medically effective and robust coffee, and when used for medicinal purposes in consultation with the doctor, it's great. You should never self medicate themselves. So there are members of the Mormon Church who drink coffee.

Mormon Church and 12-step program


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates according 12-step program when you want to recover as abusers (alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription and OTC drugs, tobacco, coffee, tea, pornography, not appropriate sexual behavior, gambling, codependency, food) . In the U.S., Mexico and Australia, there are special groups that meet, and here in Europe, it has started up groups in England.

If you can not go to such a group, you can at least download the item / study guide for free, and available in several languages, even in Swedish. It's called "Recovery Program for addicts," and has been adapted with permission of the Church's doctrines, principles, and beliefs. Read more