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Nyårsbal 2015

Nyårsbal 2015

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Gothenburg rod invites its members with friends to nyårsbal, along with the young people at Bolliaden.
Admission: 100 kr; Family Price: 250 SEK (cash payment)
Refreshments will be served.

Host: Louis Herrey

on December 31
kl. 20: 00 - 01: 00
the 31 December at. 20: 00 to the 1 January 2015 pm. 01: 00
Aranäsgymnasiet Kungsbacka

Lukiokatu 44, 43442 Kungsbacka, Sweden

Anything that affects me is not about me


Have you ever met a person who takes everything personally? What other people do and say, they take as an expression of how humans feel about them. And of course, the most negative.

It's tricky to relate to such a man. You must consider both one and two laps before you say or do something, and it may be wrong in any case. Then you have to take the time to explain and assure that it did not mean anything bad, and to express their positive feelings about the person.

Most probably thinking "but I'm not like that, thank goodness." Or?

When we encounter negative things, such as illness, unemployment or a crime, we ask sometimes "why the Lord does this to me?" We assume that he must have done it to us by someone (unfair) reason. Or we ask 'what have I done wrong? "And assume that the negative that hit us must be punished by a fierce and angry God.

I think that in the premortal existence was fully aware that we are in mortality would be exposed to things that neither was our own fault or the Lord's action. Illness, accidents, natural disasters and other is simply a result of the mortal world we live in. But now that the veil of forgetfulness has hidden our memories of the premortal existence, we have also forgotten mortality conditions.

I always marvel at the people lose faith in God when a loved one dies. They have had their faith there while others relatives died, but when their own loved ones die can be no God, "he would have heard my prayers. I prayed's so intense! "

Other people who lost their relatives prayed safe too intense. But now it's not about how intensely the relatives ask, or how much they and the dying have done right or wrong. Sickness is a part of living in mortality. Sometimes we can cure, other times the disease is discovered too late, or there is no cure.

What matters is how we deal with the negative. We are here to evolve, and what we develop to depend on our choices. We can let the negative to make us bitter, or we can look for the positive. Since what we focus on expands, we choose for the negative will constitute a larger or a smaller part of life and of our personalities.

Now when it is darkest, the light especially valuable, and the most precious light is the light of love that burns in our hearts and reflect the divine light of love.

Guest Columnist: Miriam

24 / 7 Music Stream - Christmas 11-25 December - Mormon Tabernacle Choir


For anyone who likes Christmas music .. Now comes the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to flow freely 24 hours per day 11-25 December from all their popular, famous and award-winning recordings.

President Ronald Regan coined the term to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was America running 1981, and the choir is arguably America's most famous and most popular running, with no competition.

Seventy word for loneliness

Lonely Girl

In Sweden, it is very many people who feel lonely and beyond. I see people wander through life all alone, and I'm thinking why they do not try to acquire some friends. But it's not always easy to make friends in Sweden, for very many acquire them already in childhood and youth in school.

Stuck in Sweden so we move on us a lot because we get a job in a new city. As we stand there all alone and without it there safe social network that we all need. For the network that we have built up will not help as much as we need friends in the place we live and work.

Now the festive season, I think quite special at all these lonely people who are in Sweden. Should they need to hibernate alone in their apartment or house? Should they go into hibernation? Who will warm their hearts and make them happy now? In December, so hang you too much with close friends and family, and it is then that they alone feel even more alone.

Hillevi Wahl, columnist for the Metro newspaper writes:

The social loneliness is something else. Anyone who my mother was suffering from, after many years of abuse. And I also felt such shame and sorrow over in my youth. I had no family, friends and social contacts. When I had my thirty birthday party I invited around sixty people - and no one came. In retrospect, I can understand why, I was bad at making people feel special. And in myself there since the early feeling that if I disappeared from the face of the earth, no one would miss me. Maybe I would have needed someone showed me a way out of loneliness. Professor John Cacioppo has launched method called EASE - Ease Your Way to Social Connection. E stands for Extend yourself. He believes that if we want to break the isolation, we must extend a hand, start chatting with the person we want to get to know. A stands for Action Plan - we must look for us to contexts where contact occurs, an association, a choir, a congregation. S stands for Selection - choose rather few deep connections in front of many superficial. And perhaps the most important and most difficult of all: E - Expect the best. We must dare to believe that others wish us well.!mInvPrezmNc/

It can be difficult to extend a hand when you feel lonely, but it's just when it needed extra. It is not enough that society that TV provides. We need to look up an association, a choir or congregation as soon as possible. And I know that the Mormon Church, there are many who love to stretch out a hand and looking for new friends. Why not daring to look up the church and go to the Christmas party or a meeting on Sunday? It's like they say: "Fresh ventured, nothing gained."

We light a candle of Advent


This is already the first Advent! We develop Advent candlesticks, julpyntar, bake saffron bread and begins to sing Christmas carols. For most of us, Christmas is the height of cosiness, if one may so express it. But for some, Christmas is a reminder of how lonely they are, how little they have, and how uncertain their future looks like.

A nice newer Advent song called "We light a candle of Advent". I quote from the text:

"We light a candle in the Advent,
It warms those who are frozen.
We light a candle in the Advent,
It brings light into our darkness here.
And all who are afraid and freezes on earth
They ought to sit at our table when
We light a candle in the Advent,
When we light a candle of Advent. "

(Lyrics and music by Stewe Gårdare)

When I go to work I pass 7-8 beggars on the way there, and as many on the way home. It is incredible how many people really not have it we ordinary Swedes take for granted - a real home, plenty of food, the family around him, health care, water and sanitation, electricity. They live in abandoned, chilly caravans and cooking over an open fire, sitting all day out whatever the weather, waiting for someone to take pity and give them some money, but nothing else to do but sit and stare ahead.

For me it is inconceivable that someone can get the idea that these people actually have money and just putting on. How long would any of us bear to sit there?

But then there are those who are emotionally poor. They may have jobs, housing, work colleagues, health care and everything else that we see as being, but lacks self-esteem, joy and hope. We believe that everything is as it should until one day they do not come to work or school, for they could not live any longer.

During a period in my life I was slightly depressed. A woman in my surroundings said always friendly and uplifting things to me, and it made a great difference to me! When I felt better and thanked her for her warmth, she began to cry. She'd had no idea that I felt bad, she said - she just had the habit of utter every kind thought!

We may not see anyone feel bad, but we can light up when we see people, show kindness, and call attention to the positive we see in them. Then maybe we light a candle in the Advent of a fellow-creature darkness, a light that reflects the love our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them.

Guest Columnist: Miriam