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Christmas - giving not getting

So here in time for Christmas so I have suddenly been hit by the news that I no longer have any work. 40% working I have from December, with the right to 75 days as part-time unemployed, means that I probably need to go on to become full-time unemployed for a while.

Since I am a single mother of four who have not yet managed to scrape together either to the year's supply or more months' salary in the bank, according to the church council, then comes a hefty austerity and cuts in the household budget.

For the children, I have announced that there will be as many presents this year. We simply have to take care of the money we have. It does not appear that the children have taken offense, but maybe the smallest in six years have not understood properly. I have in any case, bought a pair of three gifts to each child. My eldest son who is almost eleven years have shrugged and said that "we still have so much stuff."

But is not this still a chance to reclaim what Christmas is all about anyway? Instead köphysteri we can as a family to concentrate on just being together and think about giving instead. To give, it can in fact most of us.

In Relief Society, the church's sorority, initiatives have already been taken for the Christmas service project. Contact has been made with the Christian humanitarian organization Star of Hope, and we have received information about what to give for something now for Christmas. We will pack it we donate in banana boxes and bring to our chapel. My youngest daughter and I wandered off to a couple of grocery stores and begged banana boxes. Now, six banana boxes in the basement storage room filled with baby clothes and toys that will make life a little easier for someone outside our family rich country.

What is Christmas for you? Is it köphysteri, "Christmas gift", winter trip to slightly warmer country, or is it mainly Community and rewarding? I think we all have to think a little what Christmas represents. We celebrate that our savior was once born in poor circumstances in a stable. He is our God came down to us in all simplicity. The Christ wants to communicate to us is love and fellowship,
the desire to give and be there for each other and appreciate and feel gratitude
for what we actually have. For me, these thoughts are represented so well in Topelius
poem set to music by Sibelius. A Christmas song that reminds me of my childhood there
Christmas was marked by my Finnish Swedish heritage.

Give me no splendor, gold or pomp of-designed
Christmas time.

Give me the glory of God
guardian angel, and the earth peace.

Give me a party that delights most, the king, I have
asked the guest!

Give me no splendor,
Not gold, not glory, give me a guardian angel!

Give me a home on native land,

a fir tree with children in the ring,

an evening in the light of the Lord's words

and darkness where around!

Give me a nest

with samvetsro,

with joyful faith, hope and faith!

Give me a home on native land

and the light of the word of the Lord!

Zacharias Topelius


To celebrate Christmas and other celebrations in the church

Lucia Celebrated in Western Fröluda chapel at the Christmas party 2010.

How do you celebrate Christmas and other celebrations in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?
Ask sometimes come up and I think it may be partly due to our church confused with Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate either Christmas or other Christian celebrations.

Members of the Church celebrate Christmas and Easter because these festivals celebrates it as the position of a spiritual believes are the most important events in world history: Jesus Christ's birth, death, suffering and resurrection. They also celebrate local and national holidays in their home country, such as birthdays, anniversaries and other important family events.
ur A life member from the Church of Jesus Christ official website.

The answer is that there is no real difference between Christmas celebrations and other ceremonies of members of the Church of Jesus Christ and members of other Christian churches. The Church organized the Christmas party and Christmas concert every year, ivarjefall in our church in Western Fröluda which is a really great congregation. We have no special additional meetings at the celebrations, which means we do not have meetings such as Good Friday or Christmas Day. Our meetings are always on Sunday and the Sunday closest to Christmas tends to be a shortened meeting and always have a Christmas theme. At Easter is always kept Speaking of Jesus' death and resurrection on Sunday.

Of course there are celebrations in Christian churches that we have in our church, for example, and early Christmas midnight mass, but it is open to any Member to even participate in these traditions. There are many members who like everything from gospel concerts in the Free Church to midnight Mass in the Catholic Church and happily attending these events.

In the home celebrates members in July just like any other. Here in Sweden, with visits to relatives, Donald Duck and Christmas gifts. Christmas story is read and in many homes, including mine, are a nativity scene set up as a counterweight to all the elves decorating the home.

A member of Sweden writes the following about the church and his family's Christmas traditions:

"We usually have a special Sunday in every parish, in connection with Christmas Eve, which replaces the" regular "worship the one that goes in the Christmas theme. Then we usually have a Christmas program where members (both adults and children) in front of the Christmas story interspersed with carols that describe what you just read about. Moreover, usually rod (association of a number of parishes in a geographical area, much like a pin) have a Christmas concert sometime in December. Though it varies little from year to year depending on who is given the task of planning it.

As for the members' own traditions there are enough how much anywhere. There is no explicit "Mormon tradition" that I know of, except that we are asked to remember and to have Jesus Christ in the Centre. But it's not just specifically for Christmas. It should be always do.If I start from myself, my family was a little vagabonds. We tended to go around among relatives all the time and participate in their traditions and had not so much their own. When we got to try on both the one and the other.

In my wife's bardomshem read always Christmas story together, then looked at Donald Duck and after it got some dress up as Santa Claus and hand out presents. In the beginning it was always my wife's father, who would go an errand, but as doing all wanted the children also pretend to be Santa Claus. Father usually aim to invite someone home on Christmas Eve, he did not know and he seems to think alone. Usually someone he met on the bus or on the town a week before Christmas. It is always exciting to see who he has invited when we celebrate Christmas with them. I think this is a fine tradition, but we have not really dared to latch on to it.

Nowadays, kids like to dress the Christmas tree, wrapping presents and exhibit decorations. I myself am not so fond of baking, but the children and the mother likes to bake gingerbread and saffron noise. Last year we started a tradition we picked up together (I also ...) build a pepparkashus we would eat on New Year's Eve, but it did not survive as long as ... Big brother and little sister usually takes care of Santa's job on Christmas Eve. "

In the church, we have not nothing against more secular traditions and celebrates happy the church. The young people in the church have Valentine's Day celebrations and for the children we have, for example, Halloween party. Now, on Monday night, I and my children celebrate Halloween in the church under the theme "Trunk or treat". Normally, it is called "Trick or treat"But since you do not want kids calling and begging for candy with strangers so, to establish cars on the chapel's parking where there is candy in the trunk (= trunk) of the car. My kids think this is great!

The vestibule of the Western Frölunda chapel at the Christmas 2010.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir holds every Christmas a Christmas concert that is a fantastic event. This Christmas, I have contacted the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and marketed our Swedish Christmas carols tax. To my delight, I got answers to my music proposal would be presented to the repertoire manager for the choir! Who knows what will appear in future concerts at Tabernacle Choir.