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Social Trinitarianism - Mormons way to interpret the Trinity


The latest 50 years, innovative theologians tried to describe the Catholic doctrine of the Trinity from 325 of Nicaea in a more modern way. The world picture has changed, and in doing so we need a new way to describe the Godhead, that God the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit.

What not many theologians think of is that Joseph Smith was truly a pioneer in this, and he described it during his lifetime. But at the time was that his revelation little too magstark for contemporary theologians. The result for JS was that he was painted black in the media and the vernacular, he was persecuted and eventually he was murdered. Even some of his followers had to suffer a lot, and some of them were murdered too.

Would the same thing happen today? Probably not, because nowadays it is quite common to hear of people have encountered angels, and both the one and the other says he met Jesus.

Time has caught up with JS now, and now so do you call the entire social Trinitarianism. There are some different interpretations (classes) of the Social Trinitarianism, and the Mormon Church would think that God the Father can manifest themselves physically if he wants and have the desire with it.

Below are some videos from a person who believes in social Trinitarianism. This is Steve Thomason, which is a modern Lutheran theologian who is doing his PhD. In his interpretation of social Trinitarianism may God the Father does not manifest itself physically (Mormons believe that God the Father can). It seems so anyway when I look at his nice video that is well worth watching. He explains the theology through animation.

When he talks about God is infinite and that we humans are finite, so are the consequences of the fall as he speaks. The wages of sin is death, but Jesus Christ, we are lost people. Jesus' atoning work was that all people will be resurrected and receive an immortal body and with this be able to exist forever, but to get some of God's life required that we have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. There is a big difference between having an immortal body and exist forever and to take part of Jesus Christ's eternal life.

I hope that you understand the difference, for it is immense. If you live a life without Jesus, it is one's own power, strength and knowledge to rely on, but if you live a life where Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, it is his power, strength and knowledge that you can get to portion of. We choose people ourselves, we have the freedom to choose how we want it.

I have previously written about the social Trinitarianism, and it is always relevant to us Mormons as we are so often misunderstood by other Christians just completely unnecessarily.






Nashville Tribute - members of the Church of Jesus Christ glorifies Jesus Christ by country

Redeemer_Nashville_Tribute_CDWe have previously here at ML written about Nashville tribute, Country Music, Country band consisting of different members of the Church. The first album was released, the album Joseph: A Nashville Tribute To The Prophet (2005) Now the band has also released an album titled Redeemer: A Nashville Tribute to Jesus Christ. Unfortunately not this album available on Youtube yet, but once the first album.

Update: Read about the known SDH guest artists who will be featured on the latest album; Alex Boyle, David Archuleta, Diamond Rio, Katherine Nelson, Nathan Pacheco, SHeDAISY etc. DesNews.141103.Big names Contribute to Nashville tribute band's new "Redeemer 'album


Reactions to the church's controversial statements on Wednesday

emma_smith-288x359 There has been a lot of reaction to the church's latest update which two articles were added to the first article on polygamy. Mota Olle in gate seems to be the attitude that the Church uses now. Everything controversially discusses objectively. If anyone feels like writing a antimormonbok it is enough now to go to - the Church's official website to get inspired.

Personally, I feel noticeably quiet everywhere dealing with polygamy. I can almost see that little amused either so I write about that church is too exclusive that does not recognize same-sex marriage, or so I write about the church's polygamy, where many otherwise liberal secular moral raises eyebrows.

Yes, we really do not know much about polygamy. In fact, we do not know how physical Joseph was with her all the wives. We may well assume that it did not happen so much physically with the wives who were sealed to Joseph after his death. Polyandrin described; Joseph was sealed to already married women - it means that Joesph had a life together with the already married women, or did it mean that the women were sealed to him before eternity, and that the women lived with only his lawful wife men as they had in mortality? We really do not know very much and some children were also not associated with these relationships.

The famous blogger Jana Riess has picked up a few points over controversial statements that have been published on the church's website. For us who have read a little about polygamy in the church is nothing directly again, but now there are these data finally with the Church's official website.

1) JS was sealed to a number of women who were already married. In January, when the first statement on polygamy was released on Gospel Topics, there was criticism that there polyandrin Nauvoo was not mentioned. It was not widespread, but it existed. Now the church has officially recognized this.

2) Some of the polyandroma real tions were only for eternity, but some may have been sexual in nature. There are no records of sealings were for time and eternity or just for eternity.

3) J.SS first polygamous marriage was already in the middle of 1830 century after an angel appeared to him three times and demanded that he should start with polygamy. For third occurrence threatened angel with a sword. Joseph married Algiers. Whether Joseph's first wife Emma knew this is unclear.

4) Many polygamous marriage entered into without the first wife's consent. Emma felt unlikely to Joseph sealings. Joseph received a revelation 1843 who said that his first wife would be asked, but even if she said no, so the marriage would ever go through without his first wife's blessing.

5) Most of Joseph's wives were between 20 and 40 years, but he also married teenagers. Helen Whitney March is described as having been sealed to Joseph "several months before her 15 th fördelsedag"Which is slated to be a rewrite of writing that she was 14 years.

Riess expresses that the reaction to the church's statement has generally been positively received by members of the Church when the church is open with uncomfortable details. Some members pointed out, however, that we do not know all the facts when it also contemporary with Joeph were many who openly went against him and tried to defame him, others attach themselves to the Church's statement about "kanske"[May]. But so it is. Some things might seem to have happened. But most of the time, we know very little about.

Janariess141023. 5 Facts about Mormon polygamy from Wednesday's controversial LDS statement

The Book of Mormon is one of the most expensive books in the "Pawn Stars"


On "Pawn Stars" offered owner Rick Harrison one of the most expensive books ever had been in the shop: the Book of Mormon.

The appraiser and expert, Rebecca Romney told Rick that it was by far the most valuable book that she had assessed. She concluded that the book was worth about 40 000 dollars.

It seemed as if everyone was shocked by 1842 edition of the Book of Mormon value. Even the owner of the book, Adam, was shocked and said that he felt that Joseph Smith when he found the plates. While "Pawn Stars" fans on Twitter were surprised.

Rebecca Romney who is an expert on rare and exclusive books, the value of the book is directly related to the history of the troubled start of the Mormon Church. This particular book was worth more because it was the last printed edition before the founder of the Mormon Church were killed.

In the end, Adam decided to sell the book to Rick 24 000 dollars.

I met an angel

angelmoroniMost people know that angels exist. It's actually more common that we believe in the existence of angels than we believe in God. Maybe it's something we forget when we talk to people about our faith. It's a little easier to relate to angels and to believe in them.

For the most part, it is invisible angels. But if they want so we can see them, but only if we believe. Unable to see and experience the heavenly world without faith. Faith is the foundation and the key that unlocks the door to spiritual experiences. It is easy to talk to people about guardian angels, and the vast majority want to believe that they have a self.

"Inger Waern is the woman in the four books collected people's own accounts of encounters with angels. Over 200 stories it has become through the year, and the common experience among those she spoke with a strong sense of peace and tranquility in the angelic encounter. "
"What would you say to the angels' function and role is?
- I would say that the angels battles for us. It was a surprising feeling that lingered after this angelic encounter, the battles for me. "

The idea that I get when I read the article in the newspaper the day is that Joseph Smith probably would have been far better treated by the people if he lived today. At that time he lived so experiences and encounters with angels something extremely unusual, and while it was a priest and pastor's position in society and the church something so much bigger. They were very powerful men of great influence, and when they did not like something, they showed this very clearly.

I saw last Friday, a documentary on BBC Knowledge, "Salem: unmasking the Devil," It was about a witch trial that the priest in the village started. The women were innocent, but the priest used his influence in the village and also in the neighboring village. Many women died because of this.

Joseph Smith lived in a time when priests and pastors were as important as the very top leaders in a city. They did not question them, and those who still did it happened very bad. In today's society, so the reactions had not been as fashion fortunately.

There are many ways that one can meet an angel, but one thing we know - you will not find the experience. There are many people who have encountered angels, more than you might think. But it does not always mean that they are ready to admit it or talk about it.