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The forger Mark William Hofmann tries to deceive the Mormon Church

Mark William Hofmann was a 6-generation Mormon whose parents were very religious. He was not very good at school. He had many hobbies, blah magic, electronics, chemistry, and he collected stamps and coins. He forged a coin in adolescence. He and his friends liked to make bombs for fun.

Like many young men in the church, he offered to go out on a mission for two years to England. There he became interested in books that were skeptical of Joseph Smith and the Church, and books whose authors were anti-Mormons. After the mission, he studied at university, got married and had four children.

Hofmann was surrounded by gullible and kind people, and knew what kind of document that would interest them. His method was to learn what sort of document that people were looking for, and then he would "find" documents for them. This was a lucrative market where he could earn a lot of money.

He was bitter at the church when he did not like the Church's admonitions. This earned him a special interest in falsifying documents that the church might be interested. Because of his interest in church history, as Hofmann knew what could be both spectacular and interesting, and in addition would harm the church twice over.

He would sell the paper for good money to the church, and would surely be written in such a way that the enemies of the church had a field day. He started with some harmless little things that the church jumped at. He wanted to see how the leaders of the church responded first.

Then he created the "Salamander letter," where Joseph Smith met a white salamander that turned into an angel, and showed Smith's magical and occult interests. Church leaders were not sure whether the letter was indeed genuine, but wanted to be safe than sorry, so they bought the letter.

Eventually it was proved that the letter and the others were fakes, and no one knows how many counterfeits that Hofmann did, for they were numerous. Because of the Hofmann did think some enemies of the church on a rumor that says that the Prophet Joseph Smith was an occult magician, even though this is not true. Occultism and magic is forbidden in the church.

The Hofmann did affect the Church even today, and it still circulating undetected forgeries among church members and enemies. In his attempt to hide what he did, he became a murderer. He is in prison in Utah for life. Read more

The religious bluffer John Franklin Harrell use Joseph Smith's name

Not everyone wants the Mormon Church well, without trying to make money from the church for themselves. It was fortunate that the religious scam, John Franklin Harrell and his cronies got caught. But before that they had cheated of about 100 people their life savings, 30 million dollars.

Harrell used the Joseph Smith's name in the scam: The fact that there was a secret trust fund on 1.6 trillion linked to a descendant of Mormon Church founder. First needed an insurance company is created, hence the need for investment.

The risk was minimal, it was said, and investors were promised a biblical theme park, a Christian radio station, scholarships, social development centers and miraculous cure for autism, Parkinson's son and cancer. The lesson is not to believe claims about the promise of minimal risks. Read more

Martin Luther

There are many things that Martin Luther would agree with Joseph Smith. Luther did not believe that the Bible was faultless. It would be wrong to say that he was a Mormon, but his theological views are not identical to today's evangelical Christians either.

Martin Luther did a lot for the kingdom of God when he translated the Bible into German. When you then discover that he also believed that people could have the opportunity to change his mind after death and begin to believe in Jesus, then jumps to the heart of many. It's not just Mormons who believe it then.

According to Luther, one can thus learn things after death for the new lessons, it is possible to understand what Jesus has done for us humans. It is Jesus Christ who is the Lord and Savior, and without him there is no hope. Everything is just the grace of whatever we do, we do it in the power of the Lord when we are His disciples in all simplicity.

"God forbid, That I should limit the time of Acquiring faith to the present life. In the depths if the Divine Mercy, there May be opportunity to win it in the future state. "

"God forbid that I should limit the time of acquiring faith to the present life. In the depths of the divine grace might be able to conquer it in a future state. "

(Letter to Hansen von Rechenberg, 1522, (Luther's briefe, ii. 454. 168 Cited page, The Afterlife of Henry Buckle, George W. Jacobs & Co. Phila., Pa.)) Read more