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No, I'm not Charlie

crown of thorns

Freedom of expression is something precious that we must protect our society. We must have the right to express our views. It is a prerequisite for a democratic society. But freedom of expression is something that can also be abused. One of the things that Jesus Christ went through, which was part of his suffering before he underwent a painful death was that he was mocked. The mockery was both verbally and physically. Jesus was mocked because he recognized that he was the king of the Jews and had a crown of thorns pressed down on his head and a cloak laid on their shoulders. How should we as Christians behave towards our fellow human beings? Yes, not Jesus critics made in each case.
Yes, though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, this would be me nothing. (1 Cows 13: 3)

To express their opinion, freedom of expression, but to mock, ie shape, is not freedom of expression. We should show respect for our fellow man, which does not mean that we necessarily agree with them in their opinions or beliefs. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we know that we are to live in such a way that we have the Holy Spirit's presence. Paul expresses in praise of love that it does not matter what we do, if we do not do it in love.

Sometimes that bothered my two boys together. One of them can run crying to me and complain about how he has been kicked and beaten by her brother. Such terrorism is not accepted in our family, but at the same time, I ask, of course, why the former brother struck the other. The answer is many times that the kinds and kicks come in response to a verbal provocation. Provocation does not give the right to retaliate, but provocation in itself is not right. As a mother rebukes I both my boys. Both have acted wrongly. Then of course there is no excuse for terrorism, but that there is any right to legitimize mockery.

In Sweden, you have the right to think and say almost anything you want. You have the right to express yourself on the radio, on television and on the web. The Freedom of Expression states of these rights. There is also what not to do, such as slander or insult another person. (Source: )

Yes, what you say about the above quotes? Well, those who advocate the right to violate believe that they violate Muhammad - who is dead. But if Muhammad is dead, how can he be offended? Of course, is not directed against the mockery of a dead person can not be violated without the ridicule aimed at the target group that feels offended; those who believe that Muhammad was God's true profet.Frågor that these are not simple and I notice in various forums that the views on free speech differ between members of the Church. All do not look at it as I do. We are members of the church and go to the temple, however, include covenants which among other things means that we must not mock second people.Although I can to some extent feel fragmented in terms of, for example, satire artwork. My uncle took several years Gothenburg Trade and Sjöfartstidning. The magazine was known among other things for its satire drawings of Nazism in 1930 century. Using various means to combat xenophobia and racism does not feel foreign to me, but to mock people's religion is simply reprehensible. He who is without sin may cast the first stone.

Breaking records, sharing faith: 1,000 gather for live Nativity in Provo

YouTubers-Largest-Live Nativity-Guinness-World-Record-600x369

What Happens When You gather world-class musicians, YouTube celebrities, 2,000 people dressed as angels, a donkey, two sheep and a camel? The Guinness World Record for the Largest Live Nativity Scene, plus an epic YouTube music video, and a free download of MP3 What Will rapidly've become a Christmas classic.

Radiant is pleased to serve as the sponsor and creative partner to this amazing, unprecedented collaboration between Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, The Piano Guys, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Several Other notable YouTube personalities, including Shay Carl, Alex Boye, Cute Girl Hairstyles , Devin Supertramp, Stuart Edge, Kid History, Studio C, The Gardiner Sisters, and others. The project came together in record time with help from the heavens-as well as a heavenly host of earthly angels who worked around the clock to bring the creative vision to life.



Celebrocracy - The world is governed largely by values

rat_pack_narrowweb__300x232,0Reading an interesting biography of the rock band U2 written by John Jobling. The singer of the band Bono has been heavily involved in political humanitarian work.

The book addresses a phenomenon called Celebrocracy. The world is run largely by appraisal.

We in the church would like to influence by individual examples.

In the Celebrocracy as Jobling talking about takes place through influence rather than a celebrity obsessed media. A few celebrities statements get a copious impact. Celebrocracy is a power institution.

A telling example mentioned in the book are from live 8 years 2005. Bob Geldof performs with a representative of an organization that works with humanitarian work 24 / 7. The Representative factual exposition of the complex problems ignored largely with silence. When his neighbor on the podium Bob makes some simple powerful "one liners" is the uncritical into newscasts and newspapers, and get a huge impact.

Forces of Celebocracy evident partly in the changed attitude to the definition of the concept of marriage and the right for same-sex couples to adopt. Celebrity statements have changed the values ​​of millions in a short time.

In social media appears increasingly celebrities (artists, actors, bloggers, writers) short highly simplified "one-liners". They also think a major impact on the members of the Church.

We're supposed to ponder and then ask God and study the best books. A patient strenuous path to sound values. It is I think worth noting the differences.

Celebrocracy can also turn negative. Avi Steinberg takes in his new book about lds up an example of this.

"To be a fan of The Book of Mormon is to walk a lonesome road. You have almost no one to talk to. None of your friends have read the book. None have had it assigned in school ... It is not Merely socially acceptable to mock and dismiss it, it's a prerequisite for being taken seriously. "

Avi is a non-believer, but deeply fascinated by the LDS. I think he's right describes something that increasingly will become universal thanks to the power of Celebrocracy. When deep contemplation replaced with powerful simplifications will members of an even higher degree of non-believers to be painted as weak, naive and foolish.

Hope I'm wrong because it's a scary way.

Guest Columnist: Observers

Brigham Young's son B. Morris Young as crossdresser (Madame Pattirini)

B. Morris Young dressed as Madame Pattirini.

Brigham Morris Young (18 January 1854-20 February 1931 (Age 77)) was one of the founders of Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association (YMMIA), the predecessor of the Young Men Program in the Church of Jesus Christ of Last Day Saints (Mormon Church).

Morris Young was the son of Brigham Young and one of his wives, Margaret Pierce. Year 1875 earned Morris Young in a mission mission for the church in the Hawaiian Islands. Shortly after returning from this mission, he was asked by his father to organize YMMIA together with Junius F. Wells and Milton H. Hardy.

In 1883 served Morris Young in another missionary assignment in the Hawaiian Islands. He married Armeda Snow, a daughter of Lorenzo Snow. Their son Lorenzo Snow Young was a prominent architect in Utah.

Year 1885 returned Morris Young, his wife and their children from his service in his second mission in the Hawaiian Islands. Immediately after returning to Utah, Morris Young began to act as a crossdressing (transvestit) singer under the pseudonym Madam Pattirini. Morris Young behaved like Pattirini on venues in northern and central Utah from 1885 to 1900 century. He could perform a compelling falset, and many in the crowd did not realize that Pattirini was Morris Young.

Bagley Mormon family in Utah makes YouTube hit


For a total sum of 5,49 USD and a fun afternoon, the Bagley family from Riverton, Utah has attracted national attention. Their live-action remake of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" has almost 50 million hits on YouTube.

Robbie Bagley engaged his sisters Mia and Ariana to help him film the video. Most of the costumes and supplies were made from things around the house or borrowed from neighbors: leftover fabrics for the dresses, a borrowed DLSR camera to record the video and a rock band microphone for audio, Salt Lake Tribune reported. Even Mias shoes were too large, held together with silver tape. The 5,49 USD spent was paper to decorate "Elsa's" door.

When the video was first published, it got a lot of attention, and got an average of one million views per day, but in the past week it really took off. Unfortunately, with increased fame, there has also been increased criticism, and many YouTube users have taken the matter in their own hands to defend the two sisters: