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"Sophie was caught by a sect"

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Just when I began to think that Media in Sweden might have begun to be less restricted and more international in its mind, suddenly an article appears in Aftonbladet, which is the pure return to the Middle Ages.

In an article in Aftonbladet with the title "Sofi was caught by a sect" (2015-03-06) describes how distraught parents who lost her daughter to a Mormon sect. Another interview with a renegade Mormon included. Unlike the story of "Sofi" so is this woman's name is not fingrerat.

The story of "Sofi" is a story that many members know. Indeed, there is not so many members in Sweden that you do not know who it is written on, especially not in this case. On Mormon Lady, we wrote about "Sofi" for a couple of years ago. The story is tragic. It is not really about a girl who chooses to become a Mormon. It is about parents who can not accept her daughter's life choices. Self I recognize all too well. My parents forbade me to have the church do when they understood my interest in it. I was forced to choose between the church and my parents. I was in fear of those who would represent my security and trust. How difficult it must be for parents to accept their children's choices and how difficult it must be for Aftonbladet not to be so black and white - all to create sensation? The sad for Aftonbladet is that there are lots of people in this country who actually know Mormons and who know that what they write is not true. "Sofi" himself wrote a blog post here on Mormon Lady for a couple of years ago where she gave her version of what had really happened. To avoid further conflicts with his parents as we were asked, however, to remove the blog post.

It is surprising that Aftonbladet may still be in this kind of duck pond and not realize that they have made fools of themselves. Other Swedish newspapers wrote today respectful of our faith. If you read a popular magazine, Huffington Post, you find many articles about the "Mormons." Some are not so flattering, but many are quite positive. They give words a nuanced picture of our church and our faith. How can Aftonbladet be as medieval? It is a mystery indeed.

Church Public Affairs felt that this article was going on and will respond to the criticism. Mormon Lady has been in contact with FINYAR researching new religions and alternative spirituality. They are surprised Aftonbladet's actions, but says Aftonbladet is difficult to communicate with. Aftonbladet had not contacted them that the article was about. Mormon Lady was the one who had to tell "Sofi" man if they stood them in Aftonbladet. The question is what kind of journalism it represents; not to allow all parties to be heard and not even informed that they intend to write about them?

On a couple of facebook groups for Swedish Church members who I'm in so discussed Aftonbladet article. How do you react when members of the Church of the article? Yes, some taking up the fact that only 16% of the Swedish population have confidence in Aftonbladet, according to a recent survey. Others feel a sense of security that people in general and, for example, employers think it is ok that they are "Mormons." Some get upset and think that Aftonbladet represents a limited socialist vision. We can all think differently. For my part, gives the closest to a post-traumatic stress disorder. I myself have gone through like Sofi has had to go through. But even though it is our parents who torment us so no one asks about our emotions and how we have been treated.

My eldest daughter is no longer active in the church. Sure, I hope that she will come back to the church sometime because it is such a great joy and comfort to have Jesus Christ in his life. But whatever she chooses for life, I respect her life. She has her free will and the right to choose her own life. As members of the Church, we must respect that our children choose their own lives and their own life view. To me it is also obvious that all parents, regardless of their faith, respect their children's choices.

To read the article in its entirety so is this:

LDS women with children now eligible for full-time work at the seminary and institute


LDS mothers with children at home are now entitled to work full time as teachers in the Church Seminar and Institute Program.

The policy change was presented to the staff on Friday, says Chad Webb, the administrator of the LDS religious department, the Seminar and the Institute. It quickly generated sorrow and excitement among women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"We have previously had no women employees who have young children at home, given their important role as mothers," said Webb. "While we continue to acknowledge the contribution they make in their homes, we also realize that sometimes their personal relationships are such that family situations require them to work."

The church employs more than 2000 full-time seminary and institute teachers around the world.

Full-time salaried seminary teachers who work in areas with large LDS population in Utah and Idaho, where the Church offers seminary classes in buildings adjacent to public high schools in the liberated school hours. More than 400.000 mormonn young people participate in seminar classes around the world, although most are taught outside school hours with 44.000 volunteer teachers serving in Church callings or as missionaries.

Institute program takes care of almost 400.000 young college-age at the Institut around more than 500 colleges and universities around the world.

The first woman to serve as a director of a district of Religion Institute expressed excitement about the policy change.

"It has been a worry that if I ever had children I would have to leave the seminary and institute," says Barbara Morgan, who oversees LDS Institute in Greater Boston Area, including at Harvard and MIT. "This decision is great. I love it. I think it's the right time. I would have been surprised if it had not changed soon. "

"I'm honestly very excited," she added, "No 1 for my future and for other women, and No. 2, I'm really happy for the students, both male and female students, who have the ability to have women with children experienced in establishing families as a teacher in the classroom. "

Webb said the adjustment has been carefully considered for years now and was discussed with church leaders with higher rank in charge of Church teaching.

He also asked for advice from the women who lead the Church auxiliaries.

"We specifically sought their advice and found that they were united in their feelings that this was the right thing to do," he said. "But in the end it was an employment decision taken by the Administration in seminary and institute."

The decision comes at a time when other changes for women have happened in the church. In the last 25 months, the Church has, among other things, reduced the age at which women can earn full-time mission, created new leadership positions for missionaries, enabled women to pray at general conferences and made the general meeting of the quarters a part of general conferences.

Morgan has known Webb and other members of the administration of the Seminar and Institute for 15 years. She confirmed that they have talked about and considered the policy during at least this time.

Morgan knows women with children who decided not to go into teacher education because they knew they could not be employed. She knows women who married men who had children from a previous relationship and had to leave the seminary and institute.

She has also known teachers who marry, as she eventually hopes to do, and then had children and had to leave the Seminar and the Institute.

"I remember thinking when I came into the program from the beginning, that this might not be the right career for me if my husband dies and I have children and I need a job, I'll be trained to do this but not be eligible for a job. "

This is one of the reasons why Morgan, who obtained a master's and master's degree at BYU, completed a Ph.D. at Utah State University when she taught in church history at BYU after teaching at the Seminar for six years.

Webb said that all this was considerations played a role in the decision.

"These decisions are important, so therefore we have thought of it all a lot. I am glad that the time is right. We recognize and value the important role of mothers and families. We also recognize that many women are amazing teachers and role models for our students. We trust that our teachers will make the right decisions for their own personal and family situation. "...

... Webb said that administrators removed the policy that made separate members unsuitable for a full-time employee appointment. Now, those who marry after a divorce can come for a job.

# # #

For those interested, you can read the full article here

Home Parents on P1

phoneMormon militant mothers - No, kidding, I just, it is not. But as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as we are expected to be active citizens. Some of us are active in political parties and some are active in various other organizations. Now a member of my congregation made its voice heard on behalf of the Parents' Home network P1. She writes the following on Facebook:

Ended up at P1 today .. a little rusty when it was a while ago it was but I think said smth anyway. Madeleine from home parents were super professional and Johanna Åkesson I became teary-eyed by ...
At 09: 30 morning ..

The link that I have been given below should then lead to the posts in the debate, but I have not found it - yet ....

Next controversial article on the Church's official website

Church historian Elder Snow

Church historian Elder Steven E. Snow announced according to the Washington Post that the church has plans to publish an article about women and the priesthood of the Church's official website. The topic is very sensitive in the church when it feministiske advocate Kate Kelly was excluded from church last summer. It was not, as the Church pronounce it, her views that resulted exclusion, but her methods which include a demonstration outside the General Conference and pressure through the media used as tools to persuade the leadership of the Church to change its doctrine on female priesthood. Very exciting happening in the Church right now when the church has set up a female section of the General Conference, allowed women to hold prayers at the General Conference and also now allowing female chaplains. Why does my prophetic inituation me laying on of hands of women to give blessings, as was the practice at the time of Joseph Smith, will be re-introduced into the church. So be it, this means that we will have women, paid chaplains in the church that can do everything but to bless the sacrament (communion) and perform baptisms and marriages. This requires namely a man who holds the keys of the priesthood.

"Elder Snow told the Times That the church commissioned Several essays on controversial topics in May of 2012, and That They are considering releasing one essay on women and the priesthood. Kate Kelly, the leader of a Mormon group called Ordain Women, was recently excommunicated from the church on charges of apostasy. "Source: The Washington Post. 141111.The Mormon Church finally acknowledges founder Joseph Smith's polygamy

For those who want to see an interview with a female Mormon chaplain refer to this article KUTV 141107.Inside the Story: Mormon woman preacher