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An app for prästadömsförättningar


An app for the priesthood ordinances that are not officially church has now been translated into Swedish.

The following ordinances are covered:

1. Anoint with oil
2. Seal the anointing
3. Inaugurating oil
4. Confer the priesthood and ordain to the ministry
5. Separating officers
6. A father's blessing or other blessings of comfort and counsel
7. Give the child's name and blessing
8. Renaming
9. Confirm
10. The Sacrament
11. Inaugurating home
12. Inaugurating the graves

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Tempeltjänarnas accommodations in Washington DC is now considered monastery


For almost four years, I have regularly written on the largest forum in the Nordic region, Flashback, that you can resemble the Mormon Temple and its associated buildings with the historical monasteries and its buildings.

Mormon Temples and its ceremonies has its counterpart in the old churches, monasteries and nunneväsende. In some arranges live monks and nuns at the monastery, while the other orders as they live at home and have regular jobs. Some Mormons live in the house next to the temple or in apartments in the same block, ie the temple area. Other Mormons live at home and have regular jobs. Mormons who have made the temple promises (vows) have a temple recommend, and are allowed to stay in the temples.

To my great pleasure, something has finally happened in Washington DC Temple, Maryland. The purchased apartment complex with 44 apartments, located just over one mile from the temple itself, and used by visiting members to serve in the temple, has been given the status of monastery of Maryland's Supreme Court.

So now I really hope that the leaders of the church continues with this, and refer just now that they have tax exemptions on buildings used as in the same manner as in monasteries.

Mormon Temple and associated buildings are in fact the Mormon Church convent, and I'm very happy that I see that church leaders look at it all the same way as me.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not have to pay property taxes on a Montgomery County apartment complex where it houses religious workers, the state's highest court held Wednesday.

The Court of Appeals said the apartment qualified for a property tax exemption as a "convent," Which is Contrary to the determination by the Supervisor of Assessments of Montgomery County and the Maryland Tax Court, an executive branch agency.

The church was seeking to reinstate its exemption for the building, Which houses visiting workers who Generally spent two years serving at the church's Washington DC Temple in Kensington.

"We are pleased to hear That the Maryland Court of Appeals upheld a status That has been in place for almost three decades," church spokesman Eric Hawkins said in an emailed statement.

My view of the events of the past few years


You can not write history as it really took place. All who experienced it do not write down their recollections and the few that do, the result of personal interpretations to submit stories differ.

Within communities and organizations fill historiography a deeper meaning. Yesterday's events are presented in a way that serves contemporary needs. The underlying is that the Community is true and legitimate. I was made strong by the Swedish history (Karl XII and G II A) when I was a little kid. Nothing was mentioned then that Charles XII was the first European king who engaged in ethnic cleansing.

The story is written by people today based on our performance framework and our moral beliefs. These are also the two frames that set limits on what should be included.

Examples of behavior that such a history with it.
1) Suppression of circumstances can upset the common cohesion.
2) Aversion to make known, but delicate, circumstances generally known.
3) A strong community creates a social pressure (implied as pronounced) to write a different story.
4) Historical events are selected, presented and conveyed rather than expressed "objectively".

The story is written, because of the above, as the literature describes as "The Theory of Historical Consciousness".

A) Some historical events strongly emphasized while others "disappear".
B) There arises a silent "agreement" about the official story.
C) Different types of sanctions available against those who question the Common Framework. While arises a system of rewards to those who remain within the framework and through their actions reinforces it.
D) history writing fills mainly function to serve the interests of the Community for the day.
E) The historic Framework defines many times of what is left out, not what should be included.
F) A person may belong to multiple communities simultaneously. One can, for example, belong to the LDS while being gay. It occurs when a tear which would seem to affect one or the other community. Equality and discomfort for polygamy is the second example of the friction that leads to conflicts morally charged.

When a person for any reason come into conflict with their community, they can often drastic expressions. Often it starts with a moral conflict. One question the foundation of the former Community and they often go far to try to influence / disturb. Breakup becomes intense. Common in LDS instances is that in a very short time reading intensively (often on the Internet) and makes rebellion. But sometimes stops it there. Mormon Church must be torn down and the family / friends must be saved. Disclosure of the Church is therefore under a bang.

On the Internet there are plenty of negative anti-Mormon pages flying the "objectivity" of the flag. From these forums retrieves insurgent many times disjointed examples and quotes that creates a legitimacy to the decision to leave the church. It is followed remarkably often a need to tell / legitimize his decision for family / friends. It brings with it a behavior that is often seen on the example facebook.

- Instead of trying to understand the history of the Church use selected parts of it, torn from their context, as weapons against members of proving that the Church is not true. "Truth in party" is more important than "the whole truth".
- The Mormon Church is accused of withholding historical material, as if it came would prove that the church is not true. They interpret because all the Church's actions as blackout, fraud and conspiracy.
- They have a black and white image where Church leaders and scholars are seen as the bad guys while attacking the Church is seen as good.
- They say that there is no need for a fair and reflective historiography since the Mormon Church is still not true. They are also reluctant to take on such perspective when it is seen as a defense of the church. They have no consistent interest in allowing themselves to be influenced by the new solid negative perception.
The above is too boring with him that it is often useless to argue with them. The atmosphere becomes spiteful and I would directly advise against trying to "reverse" the question back to the faith. They are not allowed to go astray, but sheep do not want to belong to the herd. They choose to leave it.
Church's action is therefore even after the divorce object of their intense attention and criticism while felletandet performs the function of a constant confirmation of the correctness of their own decision to leave. This can apply to the black and prdm. The shopping mall. Polygamy. The publication of the essays are met with words like "too small", "too late", "too biased" etc. It is never possible to satisfy the critics. It's pointless.
All we can do is to show patience and love, but also to set limits. Do not just listen without arguing it might as well be.

Thinking of Jeremiah 37: 11-15. Jeremiah has warned and called upon the covenant people to repent and thereby made himself unpopular.
Chaldeans besieging Jerusalem, and Jeremiah decide to consolidate and save his home in the land of Benjamin. When he must leave Jerusalem arrested him at the gate. He wrongly accused of wanting to adhere to the Chaldean enemy. The people do not believe in the right explanation. Jeremiah scourged and incarcerated. The only part of the truth (he's trying to leave Jerusalem), but they forget the important subject (fortified Benjamin) and end up in the wrong conclusion. Nevertheless, they are convinced that to know the exact truth.
It's just exactly the same as happens now. Church leaders are unpopular, and their motives questioned. As Joseph. Critics believe they have 'truth', but has in fact only a part of it. Joseph church and current leaders will experience the same reproach, that Jeremiah in his time. The story goes back.
Then there are the sincere doubter. These can in principle be reasoned with because they are open to understanding. There is a will in them. The talks will be constructive for all involved.

Guest Columnist: Observers

Are you a member of the Mormon Church? Then it's time to get yourself an LDS Account as soon as possible

As part of an effort to find more Effective ways to communicate with a growing global membership, the Church is contacting millions of its members via email to share Important announcements.

If you are a member and do not have an LDS Account already so it's time to get one as soon as possible. For now, the church should begin sending email to all members who have such an account.

The 3 and 4 December, they send out an email from the First Presidency to all who have an LDS Account on, and the first email is part of "News & Inspiration" that you can subscribe to, and it will eventually be expanded to a few different choices that members can subscribe to via email. The members can of course always stop the subscription whenever they want, by accessing their LDS Account and changing the settings.

Would not it be nice to get such an email. This first email will be translated in 10 different languages, so I do not know if it will be in Swedish, but otherwise, so we hope that it will be in English to us. You can set the default language of the LDS Account.

Church to Send Email Newsletters to Members Worldwide

For the first time, the Church is contacting millions of its members via email to share Important announcements. On December 3 and 4 batches of emails will be late to members who have provided an email address through Their LDS Account. The content is a message from the First Presidency and two messages Concerning the holiday season.

In the email, the First Presidency writes, "We are pleased to announce this new Church Email Newsletter That We Will Regularly publish and share with members throughout the world. This newsletter is part of our effort to find more Effective ways to communicate with our growing global membership in order to share timely and valuable messages That Can Strengthen our love for Jesus Christ, for our families, and For Those Around Us. "

To be respectful of members' needs and choices, it will be possible to unsubscribe from the emails. To make surethat members receive the emails They will need to register with an LDS Account online and include an email contact address. If members have already registered The, They Will Need to makesure Their account is updated with a current email address. Church newsletters will be translated into 10 languages.

"In a world where communication channels are so Numerous and fragmented, delivering a message That does not've become distorted along the way is increasingly Difficult," said Elder Anthony D. Perkins of the Seventy. "The Church has a unique advantage in That millions of faithful members have entrusted Their email address to us. We feel the time has come to Utilize These staff email addresses to Improve the effectiveness of our communications to Church members. "

The first email is part of the "News and Inspiration" email subscription. The specific content for the email is a welcome and introduction by the First Presidency addressing the purpose of the email and giving a greeting staff. The email alsocontains information about the Church's Christmas message, "He Is The Gift." The third and final part of the email contains details about the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional.

"One purpose of email newsletters is to assist members in Becoming aware of Church resources thatwill Strengthen Their faith in Christ, bless Their families, and help them serve in the community," said Elder Perkins. "We plan That overtime members willhave a few more specific choices in newsletters They would like to receive. But this email channel Could Also be used to notify members During Emergency Situations or for matters of urgent importance to the First Presidency or the Twelve. "

LDS women with children now eligible for full-time work at the seminary and institute


LDS mothers with children at home are now entitled to work full time as teachers in the Church Seminar and Institute Program.

The policy change was presented to the staff on Friday, says Chad Webb, the administrator of the LDS religious department, the Seminar and the Institute. It quickly generated sorrow and excitement among women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"We have previously had no women employees who have young children at home, given their important role as mothers," said Webb. "While we continue to acknowledge the contribution they make in their homes, we also realize that sometimes their personal relationships are such that family situations require them to work."

The church employs more than 2000 full-time seminary and institute teachers around the world.

Full-time salaried seminary teachers who work in areas with large LDS population in Utah and Idaho, where the Church offers seminary classes in buildings adjacent to public high schools in the liberated school hours. More than 400.000 mormonn young people participate in seminar classes around the world, although most are taught outside school hours with 44.000 volunteer teachers serving in Church callings or as missionaries.

Institute program takes care of almost 400.000 young college-age at the Institut around more than 500 colleges and universities around the world.

The first woman to serve as a director of a district of Religion Institute expressed excitement about the policy change.

"It has been a worry that if I ever had children I would have to leave the seminary and institute," says Barbara Morgan, who oversees LDS Institute in Greater Boston Area, including at Harvard and MIT. "This decision is great. I love it. I think it's the right time. I would have been surprised if it had not changed soon. "

"I'm honestly very excited," she added, "No 1 for my future and for other women, and No. 2, I'm really happy for the students, both male and female students, who have the ability to have women with children experienced in establishing families as a teacher in the classroom. "

Webb said the adjustment has been carefully considered for years now and was discussed with church leaders with higher rank in charge of Church teaching.

He also asked for advice from the women who lead the Church auxiliaries.

"We specifically sought their advice and found that they were united in their feelings that this was the right thing to do," he said. "But in the end it was an employment decision taken by the Administration in seminary and institute."

The decision comes at a time when other changes for women have happened in the church. In the last 25 months, the Church has, among other things, reduced the age at which women can earn full-time mission, created new leadership positions for missionaries, enabled women to pray at general conferences and made the general meeting of the quarters a part of general conferences.

Morgan has known Webb and other members of the administration of the Seminar and Institute for 15 years. She confirmed that they have talked about and considered the policy during at least this time.

Morgan knows women with children who decided not to go into teacher education because they knew they could not be employed. She knows women who married men who had children from a previous relationship and had to leave the seminary and institute.

She has also known teachers who marry, as she eventually hopes to do, and then had children and had to leave the Seminar and the Institute.

"I remember thinking when I came into the program from the beginning, that this might not be the right career for me if my husband dies and I have children and I need a job, I'll be trained to do this but not be eligible for a job. "

This is one of the reasons why Morgan, who obtained a master's and master's degree at BYU, completed a Ph.D. at Utah State University when she taught in church history at BYU after teaching at the Seminar for six years.

Webb said that all this was considerations played a role in the decision.

"These decisions are important, so therefore we have thought of it all a lot. I am glad that the time is right. We recognize and value the important role of mothers and families. We also recognize that many women are amazing teachers and role models for our students. We trust that our teachers will make the right decisions for their own personal and family situation. "...

... Webb said that administrators removed the policy that made separate members unsuitable for a full-time employee appointment. Now, those who marry after a divorce can come for a job.

# # #

For those interested, you can read the full article here