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Lucy Walker - one of Joseph Smith's wives

30102678_122861881853Now FAIRMormon to begin a video series on Joseph Smith's wives. Lucy Walker is the first in this series.

"After much suffering and sadness, the Walker family settled in Nauvoo, where They Became acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith and lived with his family for a number of years. May 1st, 1843, Lucy was married by Wm. Clayton to the Prophet Joseph as a plural wife. "


Now the old chapel in Växjö sold

The chapel in Växjö Folkungagatan 10 c
The old chapel on Folkungagatan 10 C in Växjö

It was the 22 April 2013 as Växjö branch moved from Folkungagatan 10 C to Main Street 4 opposite Smålandsposten.

The old chapel was previously a doctor's residence where the famous växjö physician Emil Lindell lived. The church has had this remodeled house in a little more than 50 years. Many members felt that it was emotionally hard, for they had been baptized there and grown up with this chapel.

From the beginning it felt chapel probably very central, but the more that Vaxjo grew so closed some streets and it felt like it was aloof. It was not so easy to invite people to the old chapel because of this.

There was no handicap toilet, and there was no elevator to the rooms on the second floor where the lesson rooms were, and it was very difficult for some members to walk in the steep staircase. There was also a lack of parking space for the cars, because it was not good to park on the street outside the slope. In other words, no good situation at all.

In the beginning it felt strange to meet in the new chapel. It was both exciting and sad. It was a converted room in the center, which was adapted for the needs of the Church. There is a lot of traffic and many who walk by. The noise level outside the new chapel may seem annoying at first, but amazingly, so get used to it after a while.

The new chapel has a toilet for the disabled, and the whole chapel is located on the ground floor of the house. It is needed in other words, no elevator. It's also easy to get into the chapel by wheelchair. There are many places where you can park cars in the center, and it is easily accessible as well. Moreover, it is close to the bus stop and it takes only few minutes to walk from the bus station. Full marks for the leaders of finding a place that is centrally located and easily accessible.

Now Vaxjo branch has been at the new place a couple of years, and finally it is the old chapel sold. From the beginning, was the starting price for 2,7 million. The tender process has taken a long time because there have been two who were interested in buying the house. But this week it became increasingly clear, and the chapel was sold for 3,5 million.

Those who bought the house and will be moving into a young couple with two small children. The house is a beautiful old house, but it will have to be upgraded for 1-1,5 million probably. The price had probably not been as high as if it had just been a fan, but it is primarily state that is interesting. That is why the price became so high after all. In addition, there is a very large and lovely garden that fits just for a family.

Joseph Smith's Polygamy is not so secret that the media would emphasize

Helen March Kimball - one of Joseph Smith's wives

We have over the years written a number of blog posts about polygamy in the Mormon Lady. When now the DN, Aftonbladet, Metro etc in Sweden and other newspapers abroad suddenly make it sound as though The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has withheld information and / or not recognized information about Joseph Smith's polygamy so I would argue that it is not true. If you read the standard works of the Church Doctrine and Covenants that are short and sweet, where about polygamy. Here we are in the initial, summary text of the chapter read as follows:

Revelation given through Joseph Smith in Nauvoo, Illinois, recorded on July 12 1843, regarding the new and everlasting covenant, which include marriage union eternal nature and also a plurality of wives (History of the Church, 5: 501-507). Although the revelation was recorded 1843 it is clear from the historical records that Prophet then 1831 had known the teachings and principles of this revelation contains.
1-6: Exaltation achieved by the new and everlasting covenant; 7-14: The conditions and terms of this covenant is made; 15-20: Celestial marriage and a continuation of the family makes it possible for humans to become gods; 21-25: The strait and narrow path leading to eternal life; 26-27: Act concerning blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is given; 28-39: Promises of eternal increase and exaltation given to prophets and saints in all ages; 40-47: The power to bind and seal on earth and in heaven given to Joseph Smith; 48-50 Lord seals upon him his exaltation; 51-57: Emma Smith advised to be faithful and true; 58-66: Laws regarding several wives produced. Source:

Although the information has not been previously on the Church's official website, it does not mean that it has been the official. Church's official daily newspaper Deseret News wrote about Joseph Smith's polygamy in several years. On Mormon Lady, we also have discussed earlier Joseph Smith's polygamy.http: // FAIR has had conferences on Joseph Smith's polygamy several years back in time. 2008 was made as follows:

We know of all the children from the relationship with Emma, ​​but where are the ones born from other women? There are Several statements That are floating around thathave been recorded, even Several years after Joseph Smith's death, suggesting the Possibility That so and so could have been a biological child of the Prophet from a polygamous relationship, but no one Could ever confirm any of Them.

The question of Joseph Smith's any sexual relations with his many wives've got until the DNA came to be applied not so many years ago, only been a source of speculation. Today we can say that Joseph Smith, who got 9 children with his wife, Emma, ​​does not seem to have left no genetic trace in the form of seed for some of the approximately 40 wives he had. Something that may seem strange considering that the pill was pure science fiction on the 1830's and that the condom first began to come into use in the United States around the 1850's.

Maybe I need to check up on Martin Luther's view that disabled people should be killed and that he hated Jews are on the Swedish Church's official website ... ...... Maybe it's not official yet !!!

DN and CNN notes that Joseph Smith had many wives


Say what you want about news in newspapers, but now pay attention to the DN that Joseph Smith had many wives. Large headlines and everything is sensational when DN writes:

"Mormon Church recognizes for the first time that its founder had almost 40 wives, the youngest only 14 years old."

Even CNN is celebrating today that Smith had several wives, and even those have gotten the idea that the Mormon Church has not said anything about this before. Hmm .. and what about the source criticism really?

"Smith's marital history had been the subject of frequent-historical debate, but Until recently Mormon leaders had taken pains to present its founding prophet as happily married to one woman. Now, the church says, "Careful Estimates put the number between 30 and 40. '"

It's good to write about this, but so very new is not really information. But perhaps it is news for those, who knows. It seems that some members of the Mormon Church, nor knew that Smith had several wives, and then I'm a bit surprised actually. Do they only attended church occasionally and not been doing self-study?

We can do family history and see it in the FamilySearch if you want, and then you see also Joseph Smith wives. So the question is how things are with the members genealogy really.

For those who want to read in the Church's material available on the Internet, and there are quite a few that are there, so you can get information about Smith had multiple wives. It is plainly in the Institute's book.

"Moreover, Joseph Smith and the Church were to accept the principle of plural marriage as part of the restoration of all things (see v. 45). Accustomed to Conventional marriage patterns, the Prophet was at first understandably reluctant to engage in this new practice. Due to a lack of historical documentation, we do not know what his early Attempts were to Comply with the commandment in Ohio. His first recorded plural marriage in Nauvoo was to Louisa Beaman; it was Performed by Bishop Joseph B. Noble on April 5 1841.12During the next three years Joseph took additional plural wives in accordance with the Lord's commands. "