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Israel's ten lost tribes

The story of Israel's ten lost tribes have captivated many people. Some think it's fables and other know it's true. The question everyone is asking is what happened to them, how far they traveled and with whom the tribes and ethnic groups against the company, and assimillerades in.

Many people on earth have some ancient DNA that is Hebrew. It's not just Europeans who have it, but Americans (South, formal, north), Africans, Indians, Asians, etc.. This is something that interests the Israelis much, and some will find their missing relatives, and others do not want to find more, but think it's enough of those already existing.

Mormon Church members belong to Israel's ten lost tribes. Either they have this ancient DNA in his body and belongs to the tribes because of this, or they have not this DNA but because of the conversion (nedsänkningsdopet), they have been adopted into the tribes.

The church is perceived by outsiders as a little different because of its Jewish Christian tradition (the same as Jesus' apostles were). Off from the church changed direction at the destruction of Jerusalem and secular leaders took control and ruled the Church's teaching a lot of threats and coercion (eg the Roman emperors).

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