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Personal Revelation

personal revelationIf there is something that is characteristic of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is the belief in personal revelation. The church was restored by a young boy named Joseph Smith received personal revelations. Inspired by James in the New Testament Joseph came to the realization that he did not have to go to different churches to get answers to their existential issues, but could turn directly to God in prayer.

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and he will get it."(Jak 1: 5)

Now that we have an established church of Christ on earth with prophets and apostles, what does the personal revelation of the role? Personal revelation is the personal knowledge of God's will in your life. Of course you can not get the revelation concerning standards and the theology we should have in the church, nor can you get a personal revelation involving more than yourself and maybe your immediate family.

I can take an example of a so-called personal revelation went really wrong. Many years ago now, it was a brother in the Church of Sweden, which reported that he had received revelation that the Church would reinstate polygamy. He was absolutely convinced of their case and contacted several members, including me, where he presented his case. It was all very sad for this are examples of misuse of personal revelation. You can not get personal revelation that changes the prevailing theology of the Church, nor personal revelation involving all church members. In his case led his persistence that he was expelled from the church.

But if I have a personal revelation and church leaders say anything else to me, what is right? The answer is that it is always your personal revelation that goes first. Personal revelation in your life and as long as it does not involve doing violence to the official teachings of the Church, it is your personal revelation that apply. If a person would receive a personal revelation that said that it was good to cohabit with another person and thereby initiate an extramarital relationship, so it would not be right, but if a person would receive a personal revelation that he or she is not capable with a new office in the Church because of personal reasons, is of course the personal revelation first.

A number of years ago I spoke with a man who left the church. He was bitter that he was assigned to the responsible offices in the church against his will, although he pointed out that he needed to take care of his wife who had mental problems. He complained that you have to follow their leaders in the church and I told him that of course he would have gone to the Lord in prayer about this and followed the personal prayers answered he had received.

In the Old Testament, we have a clear example of a man who went against his personal revelation to follow a prophet's call. The judgment against the man was harsh. The consequence of that he did not follow his personal revelation was that he died as a result. (1 Kon 13: 1-32)

What gives us the personal revelations? Personal revelation is about a relationship with God and it gives us power, love, guidance, comfort, warnings. It is a witness or the committing of our faith and gives us the knowledge and understanding, and sometimes even rebuke.

Personal revelation is a kind of compilation of feeling and intellect. Below is a revelation that Joseph Smith received that were directed to Oliver Cowdery.

See, you have not understood. You thought that I would give it unto you, when all you thought about was to ask me. But behold, I say unto you, that you have to perform it in your own mind. Then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you, therefore, you shall feel that it is right."(D & C 9: 7-9)

We can see four steps: 1) Ask something in your mind (= intellect) 2) Ask God in prayer 3) Manifestation of answered prayers (= feeling) that leads to 4) knowing that it is right. (= Knowledge)

When we receive personal revelation from God, we must be aware that the response we receive from God is not always fulfill our wishes, but of God.

But thy word must be fulfilled. Help thy servants, that with the assistance of Thy grace to say: Thy will be done, O Lord, and not our. "(D & C 109: 44)

We know again this is also in the words of Jesus to God in the Garden of Gethsemane, where he expressed the will of God, not Jesus' will, could happen.

Personal revelation does not mean that God meets our needs immediately. We must also be patient. Sometimes patience also mean that we should be patient when it comes to our own faith, our hope and patience to have love.

Be patient, was serious, was moderate, have patience, faith, hope and love."(D & C 6: 19)

Many times when we ask for something, it can be a matter of choice between two good things. Perhaps the answer from the Lord that it actually does not matter which choice you make. You will still reach the goal regardless of transport.

But I would certainly speak to you about your trip to the area from which you came. Let build a boat, or buy one, as seemeth you good, it makes me feel the same, and start quickly your journey to the place called St. Louis."(D & C 60: 5)

Word of Wisdom in time

Sylvester GrahamThe Word of Wisdom, a health regulations Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which came after the revelation of the church's first prophet, Joseph Smith in 1833, consisting both of advice on what to eat and which are beneficial for the body and what you should not use because it is harmful to the body. The Word of Wisdom was begun only a council, which meant that it was seen as forced to follow the rules. Not until into 1900 century became part of the health rules binding and was stipulated to be both could join the Church and would gain access to the church's temple. The rules must be followed today is abstinence from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and black or green tea.

In practice, this means that the other areas, which still "only" advice, not be followed by the members of the church and not always followed. Other advice given is that members should eat sparingly with meat, but eat cereals such as wheat and otherwise basing the diet on fruits and vegetables. Grapes are specifically mentioned.

The health advice given is sustainable today and can be compared to the so-called Mediterranean DietWhere the focus is on excluding red meat from your diet and instead base the diet of fish, vegetables, fruits and cereals. Sparingly with wine recommended to assimilate the antioxidants, Which is also found in the grape.

Members of the Church who fully follow the Word of Wisdom has a longer life and less incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Mentioned in this context is that Seventh-day Adventists, to a greater extent abstain from meat than members of the Church of Jesus Christ does, and, like the members of the Church of Jesus Christ abstain from tobacco, alcohol and coffee and tea, is globally known for their health and longevity.

How came the Word of Wisdom? Well, according to the church's own sources did Joseph Smith in prayer to the Lord after he was bothered by cigarette smoke from the brothers in the church. His wife Emma also complained about how dirty it was after the brothers when they came together, spitting snuff on the floor.

"When They assembled together in this room after breakfast, the first They did was to light Their pipes, and, while smoking, talk about the great things of the kingdom, and spit all over the room, and as soon as the pipe was out of Their mouths a large chew of tobacco would then be taken. Often When The Prophet [Joseph Smith] entered the room to give the school instructions he would find himself in a cloud of tobacco smoke. This, and the complaints of his wife at having to clean so filthy a floor, made the Prophet think upon the matter, and he inquired of the Lord Relating to the conduct of the Elders in using tobacco, and the revelation known as the Word of Wisdom was the result of his inquiry. "(Source:Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 12, p 158.)

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe in the restoration of the church not only has been implemented within the community, without God in all times have spoken to all the people and inspired them. Examples mentioned include that God inspired people to carry the Reformation, which in turn paved the way for the church's restoration. It is also in this way we must look at the Word of Wisdom. Criticism has been leveled against the Church because the thoughts contained in the Word of Wisdom was not news at this time. Instead regarded Joseph Smith, along with other intellectuals who appeared at this time include the poet James Russell Lowell, Educator and reformer Bronson Alcott, Father of the famous writer Louisa Alcott and women's rights campaigner Amelia Jenks Bloomerhave been inspired by the pastor presbyterianske Sylvester Graham.

From 1829 spread his health ideas in the northeastern United States. Graham was a healthy way of life strongly associated with sexual restraint. Ate meat could lead to stronger sexual appetites, for example. His program consisted besides abstinence from meat also emphasis on a diet based on whole wheat flour, fruits and vegetables. He also stressed the importance of hygiene where bathing and daily brushing included. Something that was not completely obvious to the people of the future. Besides banning meat would also not strong spices and mustard and ketchup included in the diet. It could also give rise madness of people.

Of course, here we see great similarities between the Reverend Graham's teachings and the Word of Wisdom, but in the Word of Wisdom is not motivated abstinence from certain foods with sexuality or mental health, nor is it that one should refrain from spices or mustard and ketchup.

Not all people who appreciated Sylvester Graham's health teachings. He was persecuted by bakers and butchers who saw their domains and threatened by people who simply liked to eat meat and white bread.

Today, not many people remember Sylvester Graham, but it graham flour we buy in the shops is named after him and Kelloggs Cornflakes creation for inspiration from this presbyterianske pastor.,7092457