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Found a post on an interesting blog that deals with Muslim converts. Apparently, Muslims also problems with converts as "burns" out. They are so faithful, so fanatical, so obsessed with being literal believers that they finally "get tired" and want away from religion again. The blogger has met many such individuals who "take a break" from religion. Read more

Many converts to Islam are Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists, etc., who claim to have seen the light and believe That Islam is the only true religion. Muslims welcome These New converts and Encourage Them to Share Their Stories on the Internet, magazines, and television. They are thwart featured on various Muslim media outlets to Demonstrate That Islam is the one true religion. To Muslims These New converts are Proof That Islam is true.

However, most individuals who convert rarely choose to study Islam objectively before making Such an Important decision. They choose instead to be taken in by the propaganda, only to discover That They have made one of the biggest mistakes of Their Lives. This is confirmed with research Carried out by the Respected Pakistani-born American Muslim Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus (1932 - 2007) [6] who found That 75% of new Muslim converts in the US leaves Islam within a few years. Read more

It is women who are more active religious matter what religion that regard, that they are the "foot soldiers", then they switch to the religion that man has. As for the leaders who are visible, they are usually men. Very many convert to Islam changes in 3 years, but in all other converts who convert to other religions as well. In other words, a very large movement to "convert the market." The women often switch back if there is a divorce. Read more

As for the Christian converts the market as it is at least equal, regardless of the church is. Usually you move the convert just one or two steps away theologically from the original church.

"And my sense, after years of examining megachurches, Is that 80% of the people who join, including Those Who go through new member classes, are gone within the first two years."

Says Brad Waggoner, LifeWay's vice president of research and ministry development: "There's no simple answer why people are so restless." Read more

Mormon Church in Iran

It's probably not many who remember that the Mormon Church has had a mission open in Iran. It was from July to December 1975 1978. The Mormon Church was officially approved 1977, and it was the first country in the Middle East.

Two apostles visit to Iran where, äldstena Thomas S. Monson and Howard W. Hunter. There is no activity now in Iran because the political situation, but there are members of the Mormon Church of Iranian origin living in other countries. Read more

Chatting Mormon missionaries

Mormon Church wants to be a mother church of the time, and decided to meet people chatting on the internet. A pilot project was started in 2006 on when they added a chat function. There are currently 38 computers at the center which will be expanded as needs increase.

The missionaries sitting in front of a computer and chatting with interested people from around the world in English, but they plan to launch it in Spanish too. Working sessions are at 10-21, 11 hours / day in 6 days / week. Chatting: The number is increasing.

At the beginning of last year there were about 100 pcs / day, now it's about 500 pcs / day. Chat time varies from 5-50 minutes. This has resulted in 20-25 baptism date can be attributed to chatting. When necessary, they will help ordinary missionaries to the IRL (In Real Life) so the investigators come to church. All missionaries must make 12 hours at the center during their training.

Although chatting Mormon missionaries answer any possible question that people come with, so it is about clarifying the Mormon Church's faith and doctrine. If it shows up chatters who want to argue, anti-Mormons, so they are ignored, the argument does not go anywhere. Although most anti-Mormons are honest in their questions and then answer the missionaries happy to answer questions. Read more