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"Sophie was caught by a sect"

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Just when I began to think that Media in Sweden might have begun to be less restricted and more international in its mind, suddenly an article appears in Aftonbladet, which is the pure return to the Middle Ages.

In an article in Aftonbladet with the title "Sofi was caught by a sect" (2015-03-06) describes how distraught parents who lost her daughter to a Mormon sect. Another interview with a renegade Mormon included. Unlike the story of "Sofi" so is this woman's name is not fingrerat.

The story of "Sofi" is a story that many members know. Indeed, there is not so many members in Sweden that you do not know who it is written on, especially not in this case. On Mormon Lady, we wrote about "Sofi" for a couple of years ago. The story is tragic. It is not really about a girl who chooses to become a Mormon. It is about parents who can not accept her daughter's life choices. Self I recognize all too well. My parents forbade me to have the church do when they understood my interest in it. I was forced to choose between the church and my parents. I was in fear of those who would represent my security and trust. How difficult it must be for parents to accept their children's choices and how difficult it must be for Aftonbladet not to be so black and white - all to create sensation? The sad for Aftonbladet is that there are lots of people in this country who actually know Mormons and who know that what they write is not true. "Sofi" himself wrote a blog post here on Mormon Lady for a couple of years ago where she gave her version of what had really happened. To avoid further conflicts with his parents as we were asked, however, to remove the blog post.

It is surprising that Aftonbladet may still be in this kind of duck pond and not realize that they have made fools of themselves. Other Swedish newspapers wrote today respectful of our faith. If you read a popular magazine, Huffington Post, you find many articles about the "Mormons." Some are not so flattering, but many are quite positive. They give words a nuanced picture of our church and our faith. How can Aftonbladet be as medieval? It is a mystery indeed.

Church Public Affairs felt that this article was going on and will respond to the criticism. Mormon Lady has been in contact with FINYAR researching new religions and alternative spirituality. They are surprised Aftonbladet's actions, but says Aftonbladet is difficult to communicate with. Aftonbladet had not contacted them that the article was about. Mormon Lady was the one who had to tell "Sofi" man if they stood them in Aftonbladet. The question is what kind of journalism it represents; not to allow all parties to be heard and not even informed that they intend to write about them?

On a couple of facebook groups for Swedish Church members who I'm in so discussed Aftonbladet article. How do you react when members of the Church of the article? Yes, some taking up the fact that only 16% of the Swedish population have confidence in Aftonbladet, according to a recent survey. Others feel a sense of security that people in general and, for example, employers think it is ok that they are "Mormons." Some get upset and think that Aftonbladet represents a limited socialist vision. We can all think differently. For my part, gives the closest to a post-traumatic stress disorder. I myself have gone through like Sofi has had to go through. But even though it is our parents who torment us so no one asks about our emotions and how we have been treated.

My eldest daughter is no longer active in the church. Sure, I hope that she will come back to the church sometime because it is such a great joy and comfort to have Jesus Christ in his life. But whatever she chooses for life, I respect her life. She has her free will and the right to choose her own life. As members of the Church, we must respect that our children choose their own lives and their own life view. To me it is also obvious that all parents, regardless of their faith, respect their children's choices.

To read the article in its entirety so is this:

National Geographic - The Secret Bible

The Secret Bible

American documentary from 2005. The series puts Christianity secrets under the microscope and want to find out what is truth and what is fiction in the case of three substances and phenomena originating in the Bible: Knights Templar, Jesus rivals and the apocalypse.

Building Bridges Between Spirit-Filled Christians and Latter-Day Saints (Mormons): A Translation Guide for Born Again Spirit-Filled Christians


Found a very good book that can help in communication. It is a book that is written by Rob and Kathy Datsko, now members of the Mormon Church, but has the same kind of experience as my earlier life. It makes it easier for Catholics, Protestants and evangelicals to communicate with Mormons and vice versa.

The book is cheap as ebook, but you can read for free on direct GoogleDocs also if you want to check it out first. Also available on Adlibris that book.

Rob and Kathy Datsko are converts to the LDS Church. They providesprofessional a fantastic overview of Relating the various aspects of the Latter-day Saint gospel living and beliefs With that of the "Spirit-filled Christians." In the authors' description, That can include anyone from Catholics to Protestants and Evangelicals.

Datskos providesprofessional Several great suggestions how Latter-day Saints can better communicate with this vast demographic. Spirit-filled Christians are Referred throughout the book as "SFC" In the same way that "LDS" is used for Mormon:–Pentecostals–Renewalists-and-Third-Wavers-and-Latter-da

My view of the events of the past few years


You can not write history as it really took place. All who experienced it do not write down their recollections and the few that do, the result of personal interpretations to submit stories differ.

Within communities and organizations fill historiography a deeper meaning. Yesterday's events are presented in a way that serves contemporary needs. The underlying is that the Community is true and legitimate. I was made strong by the Swedish history (Karl XII and G II A) when I was a little kid. Nothing was mentioned then that Charles XII was the first European king who engaged in ethnic cleansing.

The story is written by people today based on our performance framework and our moral beliefs. These are also the two frames that set limits on what should be included.

Examples of behavior that such a history with it.
1) Suppression of circumstances can upset the common cohesion.
2) Aversion to make known, but delicate, circumstances generally known.
3) A strong community creates a social pressure (implied as pronounced) to write a different story.
4) Historical events are selected, presented and conveyed rather than expressed "objectively".

The story is written, because of the above, as the literature describes as "The Theory of Historical Consciousness".

A) Some historical events strongly emphasized while others "disappear".
B) There arises a silent "agreement" about the official story.
C) Different types of sanctions available against those who question the Common Framework. While arises a system of rewards to those who remain within the framework and through their actions reinforces it.
D) history writing fills mainly function to serve the interests of the Community for the day.
E) The historic Framework defines many times of what is left out, not what should be included.
F) A person may belong to multiple communities simultaneously. One can, for example, belong to the LDS while being gay. It occurs when a tear which would seem to affect one or the other community. Equality and discomfort for polygamy is the second example of the friction that leads to conflicts morally charged.

When a person for any reason come into conflict with their community, they can often drastic expressions. Often it starts with a moral conflict. One question the foundation of the former Community and they often go far to try to influence / disturb. Breakup becomes intense. Common in LDS instances is that in a very short time reading intensively (often on the Internet) and makes rebellion. But sometimes stops it there. Mormon Church must be torn down and the family / friends must be saved. Disclosure of the Church is therefore under a bang.

On the Internet there are plenty of negative anti-Mormon pages flying the "objectivity" of the flag. From these forums retrieves insurgent many times disjointed examples and quotes that creates a legitimacy to the decision to leave the church. It is followed remarkably often a need to tell / legitimize his decision for family / friends. It brings with it a behavior that is often seen on the example facebook.

- Instead of trying to understand the history of the Church use selected parts of it, torn from their context, as weapons against members of proving that the Church is not true. "Truth in party" is more important than "the whole truth".
- The Mormon Church is accused of withholding historical material, as if it came would prove that the church is not true. They interpret because all the Church's actions as blackout, fraud and conspiracy.
- They have a black and white image where Church leaders and scholars are seen as the bad guys while attacking the Church is seen as good.
- They say that there is no need for a fair and reflective historiography since the Mormon Church is still not true. They are also reluctant to take on such perspective when it is seen as a defense of the church. They have no consistent interest in allowing themselves to be influenced by the new solid negative perception.
The above is too boring with him that it is often useless to argue with them. The atmosphere becomes spiteful and I would directly advise against trying to "reverse" the question back to the faith. They are not allowed to go astray, but sheep do not want to belong to the herd. They choose to leave it.
Church's action is therefore even after the divorce object of their intense attention and criticism while felletandet performs the function of a constant confirmation of the correctness of their own decision to leave. This can apply to the black and prdm. The shopping mall. Polygamy. The publication of the essays are met with words like "too small", "too late", "too biased" etc. It is never possible to satisfy the critics. It's pointless.
All we can do is to show patience and love, but also to set limits. Do not just listen without arguing it might as well be.

Thinking of Jeremiah 37: 11-15. Jeremiah has warned and called upon the covenant people to repent and thereby made himself unpopular.
Chaldeans besieging Jerusalem, and Jeremiah decide to consolidate and save his home in the land of Benjamin. When he must leave Jerusalem arrested him at the gate. He wrongly accused of wanting to adhere to the Chaldean enemy. The people do not believe in the right explanation. Jeremiah scourged and incarcerated. The only part of the truth (he's trying to leave Jerusalem), but they forget the important subject (fortified Benjamin) and end up in the wrong conclusion. Nevertheless, they are convinced that to know the exact truth.
It's just exactly the same as happens now. Church leaders are unpopular, and their motives questioned. As Joseph. Critics believe they have 'truth', but has in fact only a part of it. Joseph church and current leaders will experience the same reproach, that Jeremiah in his time. The story goes back.
Then there are the sincere doubter. These can in principle be reasoned with because they are open to understanding. There is a will in them. The talks will be constructive for all involved.

Guest Columnist: Observers

Jesus never said there would not be any more prophets

profSometimes boggles the thought for me that I used pass the snowy streets of Michigan To talk to people on prophets. Var I crazy? Am I still crazy? Day day out ... I knocked of someone door or stopped them on the streets in order to say something like, do you want hear a message of Jesus Christ"? Om against all odds would say "yes... I started tell us about prophets.

Wait!" sa people you said that you would share one message of Christ. " "I would. Would any of us ever know about Christ without to prophets had first told you about him for US? ' I do not want hear something about prophetsthey would say. There are none more prophets A.D. We do not need longer prophets since Christ left Bible and the Holy Spirit to us.

While the door was being slapped again would I ask to get share a scripture ur Bible.

The person who answers before listening, is foolish and shameful.(Proverbs 18:13)

The scripture could get hearts soften and we would gain further one few minutes to share with you that so many of us has traveled Long Range worldwide to share.

The message is; There is living prophets again. These prophets has arrived in these last days to testify of Jesus Christ and to determine each statement about who he is. after nearly 1700 years of confusion and darkness, is de living prophets as exposed and restored true knowledge if the Lord Jesus Christ back to earth. Because of these prophets so we now know who we worship and how vi to worship him. Without prophets so should we referred to our own philosophical speculation God.

Is he a man or a God?

Does he have a body fair nuor he was a Spiritessence?

Is he three beings or something else?

KRav Baptism for salvation or is it subordinate? If it is secondary why we do the. Om the required so as it is John 3: 3-5 it is action. Does that mean that other measures are also required for our salvation? Do we need repent for salvation or is an oral Creed enough?

Vi could continue several days

But seriously God has not always functioned through prophets?

"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." (Amos 3: 7)

Om that Writing is true, why would anyone in this world not with excitement and curiosity welcome the idea of ​​a to ensure Prophet? Could it be true? Available ever en time in the history of this world where a prophet would better required CHANGE in our days?

Throughout History God has always sent prophets for to "restoreen knowledge of the gospel back to earth. Amos also said that

11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the word of the LORD.
12 They shall wander from sea to sea
and run to and fro, from north to east to search for word of the LORD, but they shall not find it. ". (Amos 8: 11-12)

Du can search the whole earth after The gospel of God and no matter how very searching ... If no prophet on the earth, then du not find it. No one has ever only "figured out " God's will without first was to them through prophets.

There is a basic fact. You can not receive Christ without accept prophets. It is a logic impossibility. Vi would have no idea Who Christ is without teachings of the prophets. It would be crazy to tell we accept and believe in Christ and simultaneously reject Witness John Baptist. Christ get games of the scribes and Pharisees as accept dead prophets and rejects the living prophets. He says these important words about future prophets;

"For I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall not see me again until you say, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord." (Matt 23:39)

Translation from old English reads: You can not see Me or feel until acceptance Prophets as I sent to you. " I imagine that of the things that Frustrate Jesus manure is When he sends of His servants to teach his people and these then Rejects them. I can imagine Jesus placing his hand on the servant's head and then say something similar to what he said when he showed state i Israel at that time;

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stones those who are sent to you. How often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and ye would not. 38 Behold, your house will be deserted. 39 For I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall not see me again until you say, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. "(Matt 23:37)

This pattern in that God sends prophets to their children has lasted for thousands of years. It began with Adam. He rejected. He sent Noah and Abraham and Moses. De rejected. Prophets sent to People on the American continent. Although the avvisas. People says in all time "We have prophets. Vi do not need more prophets.

However, it is Clearly, we need prophets.

Roger Williams founder of Baptist Church in America expressed this Best Qualityt. Cotton Mather said,, "Mr. Williams told for their supporters to when he himself was misled, he had, in turn, misled themAnd he noted that there was no one on earth as could administering baptism or any of the gospel ordinances. DHY as he advised them refraining all and wait upcoming new Apostles. "

"Mr. Williams [finally] told [his followers] 'that being himself misled, he had [misled them,' and] he was now satisfied williams that there was none upon earth that could administer baptism [or any of the ordinances of the gospel] ... [so] he advised them therefore to forego all ... and wait for the coming of new apostles. "

Will you Remember when Jesus told us "watch out for False Prophetsthat would come after his time? Remember The Invisible bThe words of this statement The Savior. Jesus said, Never the not would be some more prophets. If the not would come prophets so he would Having said "now comes not longer prophets". In its warning so are an implicit promise that prophets actually coming after he's gone. He just wants to that we should beware of false Prophets.

And so he leaves us with perhaps of the important advice He can give; "By their fruits ye shall know them."

Does this sound crazy?

It is Biblical.

So when someone says there is no need prophets our time introduce them to one few whose fruits are worth careful consideration.