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24 / 7 Music Stream - Christmas 11-25 December - Mormon Tabernacle Choir


For anyone who likes Christmas music .. Now comes the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to flow freely 24 hours per day 11-25 December from all their popular, famous and award-winning recordings.

President Ronald Regan coined the term to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was America running 1981, and the choir is arguably America's most famous and most popular running, with no competition.

Bagley Mormon family in Utah makes YouTube hit


For a grand total of 5,49 USD and a fun afternoon, the family Bagley from Riverton, Utah garnered national attention. Their live-action remake of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" has almost 50 million hits on YouTube.

Robbie Bagley dedicated his sisters Mia and Ariana to help him shoot the video. Most of the costumes and props were made from things around the house or borrowed from neighbors: leftover fabric for dresses, a borrowed DLSR camera to record video and a Rock Band microphone for audio, reported the Salt Lake Tribune. Even Mia's shoes were, that was too big, held together with duct tape. They 5,49 USD was spent to paper to decorate the "Elsas" door.

When the video was first published, it received much attention, and received an average of one million impressions per day, but during the last week, so it took really taken off. Unfortunately it with increased fame also came increased criticism, and many YouTube users have taken matters into their own hands to defend the two sisters:




Kevin It's still November, but I thought still to share with you some wonderful Christmas music. The worst is, I do not start early today I saw outside the Hemköp at Frölunda Torg they sell buns .... That must be a record early!

Pentatonix is ​​a vowel group consisting of Avi Kaplan, Kirstie Maldonado, Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, and Kevin Olusola. Kevin is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Avi is a Jew and the rest I do not know. Scott and Mitch gay and Pentatonix also supports officially LGBT movement.

"During The Sing-Off, Pentatonix visited the administrative offices of The Trevor Project, an American non-profit organization founded in 1998 and the leading national organization focused on Suicide Prevention Efforts Among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth "

Kevin is both a singer and renowned cellist, beatboxer, saxophonist, songwriter and producer. beatboxing means that the vocalist can do vocal percussion sound as drum beats and rhythms. In Christmas so Kevin will occur with other known members of the Church as the violinist Jenny Oaks Baker, Vocal Point and Snow College Live Symphony.


First Missionary


I remember the first Missionary I ever met.

It was on a bus and he was so excited to tell me about the Gospel. Back then I was an agnostic. We had The Same mothertounge; Airlines. He was suprised that i rode the Book of Mormon in a week. Back then I rode it as a fairytale. Now as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I believe The Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

One week ago we met for a soda. Fredrik Means alot to me and with hope he will Become a pilot some day. That is his ambition and dream.

"Lo, this only have I found, That God hath made man upright; but They have sought out many inventions. "Eccelatis 7: 29.

Thanks Fredrik though it was not you who baptized me.

Johan Finne is a writer, gardener and artist. 2013 He received an honorable mention for his many years of work in the Swedish-Finnish HBTIQ movement of the compound Regnbågsankan. He's employees and writer on including and also works as a gardener and artist.

Meet The Mormon - Glorius - Vocal Competition

Vocal Competition

Like the song Glorious David Archuleta sings? Do you sing along with the song?

For those of you who like to sing, do not miss the singing competition as Meet The Mormons have right now. Monday 3 November is the last day to submit their contributions to them. Instructions are available on Meet The Mormon website.