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Michael's baptism

Michael's baptism
Michael's baptism the 3 May 2014 at 13: 00 in Täby parish. In the picture you see elders Sahlin, Elder Johnson, Michael and elders Ogaard.

I have been a member of the church since May 2014 and many have wondered how I have come in contact with the Church, what my parents think about the church and why I joined. It was little more than half a year ago I was baptized, that I was going to celebrate it by writing a blog post about why I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The fact is that I have always had an interest in religion since I was very small, I have always believed in God, or at least believed in a higher power. When I was younger, I read sometimes the stories of the Children's Bible about Jesus, Jonah and David and several characters and thought of it as standing. I have been a member of the Swedish church since I was very small as most Swedes have, and I did not go to church so much until autumn 2012 when I became more serious in my faith and I read all the Gospels in the New Testament.

I was on a kind of alternative confirmation camp that is not my home, but had it was a bit more like a language trip. I was in England a few weeks, very nice people and so, but I knew well that the Swedish Church was not sufficiently Christian without adapted too much to what people wanted to hear and not what they ought to hear. I still like the Swedish church and many there are very nice people, but I decided to test on another church that was a Free Church. Even though I liked it more, I felt in the end not comfortable with everything that unbelievers will go to hell.

I later read about other religions and churches, and finally found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon Church as it is often called. I was a little familiar with it, knew that they had the Book of Mormon that Mitt Romney, who was a presidential candidate in the election 2012 in the US was Mormon, and I had also read about the church a few years ago when it was more up to date but did not think much more on that.

I read in any case on genealogy, temple, Joseph Smith, the church's history and some of the church's publications online, and after that I ordered home Book of Mormon, and two American missionaries came and handed over the book. I asked the missionaries and listened to their message. They came several times and I liked everything what they told me. I visited the chapel located in a municipality near where I live and thought it was nice, since they continued to visit me and we decided a date for baptism, the 3 May 2014 pm. 13.00 in Täby parish.

Baptism began with some speeches and hymns that I am a child of God and Come follow me, and then I was baptized and became submerged in the water. After the baptismal service continued with several speeches and hymns and then were treated to refreshments and I got as a gift all the Church's writings (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) that the missionaries had written a page with a message to me.

Baptism was the best moment of my life when I became born again and all my sins were forgiven. I had believed in Jesus before but now I followed him through to join his church. I knew and still know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God who established the true religion and that he was especially selected by God. Joseph is one of my greatest heroes when he sacrificed his life for us living today could take part of the gospel that we read about in The Doctrine and Covenants 135: 7

"They were innocent of any crime, as they have often proven to be, and put in prison only by traitors and wicked men scheming. And their innocent blood on the Carthage Jail floor is a large seal, sat on Mormonism, which no court on earth can reject, and their innocent blood on the State of Illinois coat of arms, with the state's broken promise, given by the governor, is a witness to the everlasting gospel is true and that the world can not question, and their innocent blood on the banner of liberty, and the United States Magna Carta, is an ambassador for Jesus Christ religion that must touch the honest hearts of people of all the nations, and their innocent blood, together with all the martyrs of innocent blood, which John saw underaaltaret, cry out to the Lord of Hosts till he avenged the blood of the earth. Amen."

The church is true, and even though I have heard some criticism of the church, both from critics and people who have left the Church, it has not affected me when I was able to get an answer to critical questions by reading on church websites where there is very good information or websites or blogs that Mormon Lady & Friends or FAIR Mormon and of course also by praying to God by asking.

Now it has been 6 months and over 7 days ago, I was baptized as a member of the church, and I have never regretted it, I'm still as active and thrive even better than I did when I became a member because I've got more friends and know more about the church now. It has not been as tough as those in my family who know I am a member for supporting me and many of my friends think it's cool for me to take such a decision to become a member of the Mormon Church.

Guest Columnist: Michael

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch in third place to become US president

Imagine my storHatchidea when I read in the Salt Lake Tribune that Senator Orrin Hatch is in third place to become US president. Sure, he is capable, but he's actually stuffed 80 years. Probably he thinks well, prophets, so can I, or? Now it is so that it is not particularly likely that Hatch ever becomes president. First, we have a vice president who enters should anything happen with Obama and then the President (House Speaker). In addition, he is that this will be his last time in the Senate before he retires in January 2019.

The only thing I know about Hatch really is that he is a Jew-friendly, sits on the board of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and has spoken publicly that he wished he was a jew by birth. Perhaps it is so that I and the rest of the world may need to read more about this man.

Salt Lake Tribune.141106.Utah's Sen. Orrin Hatch to ask 3rd in line for the presidency

  • The 16th century Jewish mystic who influences the New Age Hollywood pop stars

    An exterior view of the Kabbalah Centre is shown in Los Angeles, Friday, May 6, 2011.
    An exterior view of the Kabbalah Centre is shown in Los Angeles, Friday, May 6, 2011.

    Although he is one of the most influential Jewish mystics and theologians, Isaac Luria (1534-1572) is not well-known outside of Jewish circles. Also known as "ha-Ari" or "Arizal" (meaning "the Lion," Referring to the lion-headed cherub That bears the throne of God inEzekiel 1: 10), Luria was the founder of "Lurianic Kabbalah," the dominant form of Jewish mysticism today.

    Born in Jerusalem to a wealthy family, Luria was raised in Cairo, Egypt, where his family's wealth allowed him to indulge his passion for study and mysticism. At age 22, Luria ENTERED a seven-year period of semi-seclusion, During Which he intensively studied the massive Jewish mystical classic, The "Zohar," Which was just being printed for the first time in Mantua and Cremona, Italy. He finns Claims to havebeen taught secret mystical doctrines by Elijah, the biblical prophet who ascended into heaven without dying (2 Kings 2: 11). According To Jewish mystical beliefs, God Permitted To Remain Elijah on earth, teaching the spiritual elite. Hence the claim by some Jews That Jesus was really Elijah in disguise (Mark 6: 15), Or That Elijah met with Jesus (Mark 9: 4).

    In 1569, Luria moved to Safed (Tzefat) into Galilee, where he joined the mystical group of Moses Cordovero. After Cordovero's death, Luria quickly rose to prominence as the leader of the group. Remarkably, Luria's term as a mystical master and teacher lasted only four years (1569-1572), cut short by an early death at age 38. During his life, Luria taught his esoteric doctrines orally only to a small group of spiritually elite mystics, who were sworn to secrecy. After Luria's death, his leading disciple, Chaim Vital (1543-1620) wrote Luria's teachings down in private notes, Which Eventually were circulated in manuscript in Jewish esoteric circles for a century and a half Until They were published as "Etz Chaim" ( " The Tree of Life ") in 1782.

    Like most Jews and Christians, Luria believed That the world was a given place. He taught That God "contracted" his omnipresence, creating a space in Which Could Occur creation. Creation occurred by the emanation of God into a sequence of four different spheres or "worlds," each successive one Further from God and more material.

    Human souls were "sparks" of God, who were alienated from God and trapped in material "shells" from Which They Could be freed through mystical knowledge and practices. Beyond returning his own "spark" to God, the ultimate goal of the mystic was "tikkun olam" ( "the rectification of the world"). That is to say, the mystic's beliefs and practices would rectify not only himself but overpriced the world.

    Christian readers of the Bible might be surprised That Luria taught the doctrine of reincarnation ( "gilgul"), believing That souls / sparks who had not Achieved salvation in one lifetime had other chances at rectification.

    Luria taught That Israel Could be spiritually rectified, and thus prepared for the coming of the Messiah, only through the study and practice of Jewish mysticism. Luria and his disciples Seemed to Believe That The Coming of the Messiah was imminent.

    Chaim Vital, Luria's Most Important disciple, privately believed That he was the messiah, and kept a detailed private spiritual journal of his dreams, visions and shapes lives. Another later Lurianic mystic, Shabbetai Tzvi (1626-1676), publicly proclaimed himself to be the Messiah, and Briefly convinced much of the Jewish world to accept him as he prepared to go to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. His movement was cut short by the Ottoman Turkish Sultan, who viewed it as an act of political rebellion.

    Isaac Luria's interpretation of Jewish mysticism remained fundamental to many Subsequent Kabbalistic system. Although Luria himself believed his mystical doctrines Should not be taught publicly, his later followers believed Kabbalah That Should be made accessible to all Jews, not just the mystical elite.

    Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (1885-1954) is the most influential modern Lurianic interpreter and commentator, who wrote an important issue commentaries on Luria's teachings. Even Wider publication of Luria's teachings can be found in The International Kabbalah Centre (, Founded by Philip Berg and his family. The Bergs teach a kind of New Age Lurianic Kabbalah, Maintaining That Lurianic Kabbalah Should be studied by all people, not just Jews.

    Although rejected as heretical by many traditional Kabbalists, the Kabbalah Centre and other similar movements have transformed Luria's teachings from The Secret Doctrine of a small 16th century messianic Jewish mystical group into an international form of New Age popular culture that's now Followed by Hollywood celebrities.

    Daniel C. Peterson, professor of Islamic studies and Arabic at BYU, is editor-in-chief of the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative and chairs The Interpreter Foundation, and blogs on Patheos. William Hamblin is a professor of history at BYU and co-author of "Solomon's Temple: Myth and History" and is the author of Several books on premodern history. They speak only for themeselves.

    Kirby: Now let's face the real Mormons

    robert It's not easy to do right. The new movie that launched the Church Meet The Mormons have cleared both rose and rice at critics, but also among members. Some members feel they are not represented in the film, such as LGBTQ people. Otherwise, I think that those who put together the film nevertheless has taken into account various parameters such as age, ethnicity, gender, marital status (enstamstående mother) and feminism (a kickboxande woman).

    Last in the line of critics is Robert Kirby, the ironic columnist at the Salt Lake Tribune, who is also a member of the church. Under the heading Now let's face the real Mormons so does Kirby up with the myth of the perfect, well-groomed Mormons, an image is maintained, not least by the church itself. The reality is quite different.

    "I've just seen" Meet the Mormons ". A sort of documentary on my own which was released last Friday. A star for effort. The film is mostly a showcase of hellyllemormoner than an honest picture of the real us. While it's nice that the mine is portrayed as so blissful positive, so I stand there and wonder if I've grown up in a completely different church. There on display are six sketches of the "typical" Mormon families living typically mormonskt. There, with an ex. homeless, single mother, a candy bomber from World War II, an American football coach, a humanitarian aid worker in Nepal, a black bishop in Atlanta and an American mother who is a kick boxer.

    The problem for me is that each story is nicely wrapped in some kind 50- 60's motto of "Father Knows Best" or "middle class format Leave it to The Beaver ". All are perfectly trimmed. All real frustrations and follies implied rather than put the focus on. Brother Cleaver: "Oh dear, it is time for the church."Beaver" Jeez. I love to sit still for hours " Sister Cleaver: "Let me just get the scriptures dear. "

    Please. I have been a Mormon all my life and I've never had a go-to-church-experience that resembled something like that.

    Old man: "Have you hidden your kyrkisbyxor again? Come here! "

    Me: "I do not want to go. It's boring"

    Mom "Do not press on his head as hard as Bob, do not forget what the bishop said.

    In fact, the church was in "Meet the Mormons"As unreal as the church I was in. All the kids stayed at his place and was reverent. People sat quietly and waited for the meeting to begin. The True Mormon Church - especially in the younger churches with a lot of kids - sounds equally reverent and uplifting as March cats. There were a lot of ideas that we behaved ourselves properly. No one was sent to his room because they failed to read the Scriptures with the rest of the family, or to have made up an irreverent prayer at the blessing of the food. No one was thrown out of the seminary and family home evening was not like a small riot. If "Meet the Mormons"Aims to show that we are the same as your non-Mormons, you would probably beat your head too. I know of someone who is so orderly and spotless. I think the same applies to you.

    At best, it showed "Meet the Mormons " for those who did not know that we do not just reside in Utah, which holds the Amish in Pennsylvania, and that there are different color versions of us around the world, but that was about all.

    Mercifully, there are some good parts. I especially liked the part about the black bishop in Atlanta and kick boxes and sister in Costa Rica.

    In fact, I'd love to belong to a church where everyone had different skin color than mine. It had ivarjefall been more interesting than the sensory loss of color vision that surrounds me now ... But something must be done to be able to create something that shows the real us, the sort of Mormons that you already know because you lived next door to them and sometimes they go get on your nerves and bothering you to the max. You can bet your life that the LDS church is not going to do it. So therefore, I will, as soon as I raised money, get involved in creating the sequel: "Now let us meet the real Mormons." Source: Salt Lake Tribune. 141012.Kirby: Now meet the real Mormon

    When I read Kirby's column so I feel he has a point. I remember when I got that new investigators to the church. What struck me was how well-groomed and perfect it all was. How would I fit in there? But afterwards, I learned that beneath the surface, we are all equally imperfect. The difference is probably that as a member of the Church, strives to live as good a life as possible. And screaming kids - it's something you never get away in a Mormon congregation. There are kids everywhere - and all are equally mischievous ...

    Last week in the US for Håkan Palm. Now we want to get the book translated into Swedish as well!

    Palm1 Now soon Hakan Palms promotional tour in the United States over. Here in Sweden await the cold, but also excited to get to look forward to a translation of Surviving Hitler Swedish language so that this important document of Nazism in Sweden may be more widely publicized.

    On the left you will see Hakan Palm with Paul and Bonnie Oscarson. Sister Oscarsson are notoriously Young Women president in the Church, so even if we do not hit her in the Stockholm temple anymore where the couple was on a mission so we get to take part in her speech at the Church of broadcasts.

    There have been many meetings in Salt Lake for Hakan, among other things with the team that created the book of his scripts, business meeting with Lyle Mortimer, owner and CEO of a large media company and a host of friends. ...

    The team that created the book of my script. How wonderful to be able to thank them with lunch, wooden horses and feed-back from me. From left Lisa Roper, Production Director - Malina Grigg, Type Setting. - Heidi Taylor, Story Developer, Suzanne Brady, Editor and Shauna Gibby, Designer. Sam Preston from PA department was unable to delts in the lunch.
    Sebastain and Janea with their two children, Ann-Margret Wennerlund and Spencer + Joyce Jenson. Sebastian = Per Nilsson for 35-40 years ago.
    Business meeting with Lyle Mortimer, owner o the CEO of a large media company.
    Study visits to the distributor of books purchased on-line.
    Brent Peterson took me to a supermarket / wholesale chain and showed that they had the book for sale.
    Reid o Donna Johnson in their beautiful home.
    Turturduvornsa Susan O Kenneth Lundmark. He was Swedish-European and US champion in the high jump at 70 - century.
    Tina Tanner Olegård presents me at BYU - before I lecture for history students and leaders from universities.
    Faculty Management had a meeting with Tina Tanner Olergård and me and drew up plans for the future.
    Talk about being singled out by not just any ghost anywhere on the wall. (Check out my little new super projector on the table) Parley Garden Fireside.
    Closing dinner with my hosts Dennis and Madelyn Johnson and Susan and Kenneth Lundmark.
    Reunion of Gregory and Candelyn Newell.
    Willy Herrey, Gregory Newell, Gerd Herrey, Gil Herrey and some Palm. Gerd Marianne Herrey and Gil Mariana Herrey Torriente.
    Selfie of a book club in Alpine.