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Isaiah Institute with Avraham Gileadi Ph.D. - Vignette of 1 6

Avraham GileadiAvraham Gileadi is an expert in Isaiah and is a member of the church. For those who are inresserad to learn more about Isaiah, this is a film that is exciting to see.

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Isaiah Institute with Avraham Gileadi Ph.D. - Vignette of 1 6 from Color My Media on Vimeo.

National Geographic - The Secret Bible

The Secret Bible

American documentary from 2005. The series puts Christianity secrets under the microscope and want to find out what is truth and what is fiction in the case of three substances and phenomena originating in the Bible: Knights Templar, Jesus rivals and the apocalypse.

Defending the Faith: Jerusalem's disputed Temple Mount

Looking out onto the Mount of Olives from the Old City in Jerusalem in April 2011 .. The Dome of the Rock is visible in the foreground on the Temple Mount and, on the horizon, is the tower of the Russian Church of the Ascension.
Looking out onto the Mount of Olives from the Old City in Jerusalem in April 2011 .. The Dome of the Rock is visible in the foreground on the Temple Mount and, on the horizon, is the tower of the Russian Church of the Ascension.

Contention between Israeli Jews and Palestinians Stretches back nearly a century, with little hope of resolution. In the past few months, however, the conflict has increasingly focused on a struggle for control of the Temple Mount.

The site of Solomon's Temple and, later, of Herod's temple at the time of Jesus has been a sacred place for over 3,000 years. The original Jewish Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 70 BC Rebuilt Years Later, the temple endured another six centuries as the center of Jewish spiritual life Until The Romans destroyed it in AD 70 amidst a Jewish rebellion. The surviving Jews were scattered and havebeen left without a temple for Almost 2,000 years.

When the Holy Land was Christianized in the early fourth century by the order of the first Christian Roman emperor, Constantine, monumental churches were built throughout it, including the Holy Sepulcher over the traditional tomb of Jesus. However, the Temple Mount was intentionally left desolate as a sign of the fulfillment of Christ's prophecy That not one stone of the temple would be left standing. And so it remained for three centuries, visited by pilgrims Following in Jesus Christ's footsteps, but unadorned by any Christian shrine.

Thus, When the Arab Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 638 under the Caliph Umar, They were entered into a treaty to protect the Christian and Jewish holy places in the city. Searching for a location in Jerusalem to construct a mosque for the new Muslim community, the Arabs naturally turned to the large space left empty by the Christians on the Old Temple Mount. Soon the Arabs had built not only the Al-Aqsa Mosque for prayer and worship, but Also a new shrine. Known as the Dome of the Rock, The Sanctuary is one of the great architectural achievements of the Islamic world. It commemorated the biblical Temple of Solomon and the place where Jesus taught and Performed miracles - Both of whichwere described in the Quran and accepted by Muslims as authentic sacred history. In addition, Muslims believed That Muhammad had visited the Temple Mount of Jerusalem in vision, ascending from there into heaven.

Apart from a century of Christian rule over the Crusaders, the Temple Mount remained in Muslim hands for the next 13 centuries. Jews were given locations on the fringes of the Temple Mount for prayers, Which Eventually developed into the Western Wall.

The Israeli conquest of Palestine and East Jerusalem in 1967 friendlyness of the Temple Mount in Jewish hands again for the first time in 1,400 years. Although some Israelis at the time agitated for permanent occupation of the Temple Mount and destruction of the Muslim shrines there, the Israeli government Decided to leave Muslim Authorities in charge of the area. Indeed, the rabbinic leaders of Israel forbade Jews from entering the Temple Mount lest They unintentionally profane the sacred precincts where, of according to Jewish law, only priests Could enter.

Throughout the medieval period of Muslim dominance in Jerusalem, the Jewish messianic expectations were of two minds Regarding the rebuilding of the Temple. One maintained That When The Messiah came, he would rebuild the temple as a sign of his divine authority. The other tradition held That the temple must be rebuilt by the Jews in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. These two traditions - Which Could be called the quietist and activist - still exist Among Jews today. Activist Jews thus believe That Israel must expel the Muslims from the Temple Mount, destroy the Dome of the Rock and rebuild the "Third Temple" to prepare the way for the Messiah.

For decades, These Third Temple movements havebeen preparing and agitating for the rebuilding of the temple, going so far as to make utensils, furnishings and priestly robes for use in the coming sanctuary. Every year, on Jewish holy days, These groups have attempted to Force Their Way onto the Temple Mount to pray, and have consistently been turned away by Israeli security forces.

In Recent months, however, Increasing numbers of Jews have Begun Wider agitation for the right to ascend the Temple Mount to pray, in violation of the early 1967 status quo agreement Regarding the site. Palestinian Muslims have reacted with bothering demonstration and violence, and with the threat of a Potentially new "intifada" (uprising). Thus, despite Isaiah's prophecy That the Temple Mount Should be "a house of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56: 7; Mark 11: 17), It remains a source of discord and conflict.

22746Daniel C. Peterson, Professor of Islamic Studies and Arabic at BYU, is the editor-in-chief of the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative, founder of, Chairman of "Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture" and a Blogger Patheos. His views do not Necessarily represent Those of BYU.

My view of the events of the past few years


You can not write history as it really took place. All who experienced it do not write down their recollections and the few that do, the result of personal interpretations to submit stories differ.

Within communities and organizations fill historiography a deeper meaning. Yesterday's events are presented in a way that serves contemporary needs. The underlying is that the Community is true and legitimate. I was made strong by the Swedish history (Karl XII and G II A) when I was a little kid. Nothing was mentioned then that Charles XII was the first European king who engaged in ethnic cleansing.

The story is written by people today based on our performance framework and our moral beliefs. These are also the two frames that set limits on what should be included.

Examples of behavior that such a history with it.
1) Suppression of circumstances can upset the common cohesion.
2) Aversion to make known, but delicate, circumstances generally known.
3) A strong community creates a social pressure (implied as pronounced) to write a different story.
4) Historical events are selected, presented and conveyed rather than expressed "objectively".

The story is written, because of the above, as the literature describes as "The Theory of Historical Consciousness".

A) Some historical events strongly emphasized while others "disappear".
B) There arises a silent "agreement" about the official story.
C) Different types of sanctions available against those who question the Common Framework. While arises a system of rewards to those who remain within the framework and through their actions reinforces it.
D) history writing fills mainly function to serve the interests of the Community for the day.
E) The historic Framework defines many times of what is left out, not what should be included.
F) A person may belong to multiple communities simultaneously. One can, for example, belong to the LDS while being gay. It occurs when a tear which would seem to affect one or the other community. Equality and discomfort for polygamy is the second example of the friction that leads to conflicts morally charged.

When a person for any reason come into conflict with their community, they can often drastic expressions. Often it starts with a moral conflict. One question the foundation of the former Community and they often go far to try to influence / disturb. Breakup becomes intense. Common in LDS instances is that in a very short time reading intensively (often on the Internet) and makes rebellion. But sometimes stops it there. Mormon Church must be torn down and the family / friends must be saved. Disclosure of the Church is therefore under a bang.

On the Internet there are plenty of negative anti-Mormon pages flying the "objectivity" of the flag. From these forums retrieves insurgent many times disjointed examples and quotes that creates a legitimacy to the decision to leave the church. It is followed remarkably often a need to tell / legitimize his decision for family / friends. It brings with it a behavior that is often seen on the example facebook.

- Instead of trying to understand the history of the Church use selected parts of it, torn from their context, as weapons against members of proving that the Church is not true. "Truth in party" is more important than "the whole truth".
- The Mormon Church is accused of withholding historical material, as if it came would prove that the church is not true. They interpret because all the Church's actions as blackout, fraud and conspiracy.
- They have a black and white image where Church leaders and scholars are seen as the bad guys while attacking the Church is seen as good.
- They say that there is no need for a fair and reflective historiography since the Mormon Church is still not true. They are also reluctant to take on such perspective when it is seen as a defense of the church. They have no consistent interest in allowing themselves to be influenced by the new solid negative perception.
The above is too boring with him that it is often useless to argue with them. The atmosphere becomes spiteful and I would directly advise against trying to "reverse" the question back to the faith. They are not allowed to go astray, but sheep do not want to belong to the herd. They choose to leave it.
Church's action is therefore even after the divorce object of their intense attention and criticism while felletandet performs the function of a constant confirmation of the correctness of their own decision to leave. This can apply to the black and prdm. The shopping mall. Polygamy. The publication of the essays are met with words like "too small", "too late", "too biased" etc. It is never possible to satisfy the critics. It's pointless.
All we can do is to show patience and love, but also to set limits. Do not just listen without arguing it might as well be.

Thinking of Jeremiah 37: 11-15. Jeremiah has warned and called upon the covenant people to repent and thereby made himself unpopular.
Chaldeans besieging Jerusalem, and Jeremiah decide to consolidate and save his home in the land of Benjamin. When he must leave Jerusalem arrested him at the gate. He wrongly accused of wanting to adhere to the Chaldean enemy. The people do not believe in the right explanation. Jeremiah scourged and incarcerated. The only part of the truth (he's trying to leave Jerusalem), but they forget the important subject (fortified Benjamin) and end up in the wrong conclusion. Nevertheless, they are convinced that to know the exact truth.
It's just exactly the same as happens now. Church leaders are unpopular, and their motives questioned. As Joseph. Critics believe they have 'truth', but has in fact only a part of it. Joseph church and current leaders will experience the same reproach, that Jeremiah in his time. The story goes back.
Then there are the sincere doubter. These can in principle be reasoned with because they are open to understanding. There is a will in them. The talks will be constructive for all involved.

Guest Columnist: Observers

Lucy Walker - one of Joseph Smith's wives

30102678_122861881853Now FAIRMormon to begin a video series on Joseph Smith's wives. Lucy Walker is the first in this series.

"After much suffering and sadness, the Walker family settled in Nauvoo, where They Became acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith and lived with his family for a number of years. May 1st, 1843, Lucy was married by Wm. Clayton to the Prophet Joseph as a plural wife. "