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Twilight phenomenon

Twilight phenomenon. The author Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon can not be missed when you read articles in newspapers, blogs and forums. And usually ascribed to it in disgust, irony, hatred and contempt. I wonder why her Christian faith will kölhalas public at all.

As a Christian, Mormons are known, then pulled religion into immediately. Everything to talk to the person and diminish and ridicule. This is always done. And if it be otherwise? Nah. Why do Mormons just get hunted like prey? Did not Stephenie Meyer's probably a hassle anyway when the Mormon Church's own bookstore Deseret Book have removed her books from their range?

Christian Mormons get to read about vampires and werewolves, but there is nothing edifying but just regular books. There is no "mormonskt" in her books. Who writes about religion in CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and JK Rowling? Can not people behave normally towards Mormons Christians? It's bullying, persecution, hatred and ridicule which journalists leads call-up.

Mormon taste of alcohol without swallowing

Although Christians Mormons do not drink alcohol or coffee or tea, and do not use tobacco or narcotics or drugs, it is possible for them to work in restaurants.

In Taiwan there is a restaurant where the owner plus some of the staff are Mormons. They serve both alcohol and wine at the restaurant.

The owner has been a sommelier course and is knowledgeable in the wines and other alcoholic beverages that fit together with the various dishes. Though she does not swallow the wine or alcohol, but spit it out after tasting.

Mormon Church and 12-step program


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates according 12-step program when you want to recover as abusers (alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription and OTC drugs, tobacco, coffee, tea, pornography, not appropriate sexual behavior, gambling, codependency, food) . In the U.S., Mexico and Australia, there are special groups that meet, and here in Europe, it has started up groups in England.

If you can not go to such a group, you can at least download the item / study guide for free, and available in several languages, even in Swedish. It's called "Recovery Program for addicts," and has been adapted with permission of the Church's doctrines, principles, and beliefs. Read more