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The black ring - New sextrenden - No sex at all


The new, so new that many do not know it yet, it is to not have sex at all. It shows it by wearing a black ring on the middle finger of his right hand. It has the ring during the time they are not open for six, so some have such a ring wearing a shorter time, while others have been there for a long time.

The black ring is for those who do not want relationships for a shorter or longer period of time, that is, they are asexual and are not open to suggestions. It's not about a self-celibacy, ie you have a strong sexual desire but refrain from having it.

A common here novel that has a plain ring on your finger through the ring shows that he does not want to have sex with other women. Anyone who has a black ring shows that he does not want to have sex with either men or women.

Just as LGBTQ-are fighting for their rights in society to get to have sex marriages through the rainbow flag, so fighting those who do not want sex at all for their rights in society now. Some LGBTQ-are feeling a little provoked by this.

Some who do not have sex at all feel discriminated against by society, because they constantly have to explain himself, so also want this group now seem so they will not have to feel left out. There is a lack of knowledge in society.

From the beginning, it was the rainbow flag for the gay, but then so added more and more groups. Should the asexual to belong to this group? It seems so, so now you should maybe call the group HBTQA.

Black ring

What to as Mormons think about this? As a single so you can live the law of chastity because an asexual life. There is nothing of sex life at all, and neither can go and train sexually by others, because then live not according to the law of chastity. As Mormons have not opted out of the sexual life, for there is nothing to choose.

So I'm starting to wonder if the black ring would be a good and fun thing. It might be really hip to be a Mormon, to be a HBTQA-ers. Some get enough dåndimpen when they think about this, I can understand that. But think of the benefits that come with this.

Instead of constantly having to explain single Mormon total absence of sexual relations, then it has "the little black ring". And just like that one belongs to an inside group and so can absorb a great deal of understanding from society.

For surely it must be nice to come in from the cold, in the heat and allowed to be accepted and avoid all this discrimination can be felt because they did not have a sex life at all and does not feel that sexual desire in himself the whole time.

I think some people in the community have gotten the idea that singelmormoner walk around with repressed sexuality who always wants to come out. But then you live not according to the law of chastity. But as single Mormons can feel that it's nice to be in a context where there is no need to feel abnormal, for society is so sexualized everywhere all the time. It is very intrusive. It's nice to be allowed to feel normal in that context.

Celibacy means not having sex. Being asexual means that you do not feel sexual attraction, but to live the law of chastity means so much more than abstaining from sexual acts. This means that you do not feel any desire for another person, whether that person is single or not. Lust will then have an intimate relationship, it created / raised then.

That is why man Mormons have recommendations on clothes, how to meet and so on. The asexuelle can feel attraction, but feel it does not need to act out this attraction is not sexual. It would instead prefer to get to know the person you are interested in. Asexual people have sex in them right circumstances.

There is a difference between celibacy, asexual and abstinent, different concepts, but they overlap. For an asexual person's sex is not like that very interesting, but they are more interested in getting to know a person and have a close intimate relationship. An asexual person can have sex if it wants to, but then it's about sex is subordinate to the fervent nearby.

Those who are asexual can feel discrimination from every angle when people do not understand the situation. There is also a risk that the asexual may experience a "helpful" corrective rape, violence or harassment by people who find it offensive when they meet people living an asexual life.

Within RFSL there is a network for the group that has the little black ring.

Celebrocracy - The world is governed largely by values

rat_pack_narrowweb__300x232,0Reading an interesting biography of the rock band U2 written by John Jobling. The singer of the band Bono has been heavily involved in political humanitarian work.

The book addresses a phenomenon called Celebrocracy. The world is run largely by appraisal.

We in the church would like to influence by individual examples.

In the Celebrocracy as Jobling talking about takes place through influence rather than a celebrity obsessed media. A few celebrities statements get a copious impact. Celebrocracy is a power institution.

A telling example mentioned in the book are from live 8 years 2005. Bob Geldof performs with a representative of an organization that works with humanitarian work 24 / 7. The Representative factual exposition of the complex problems ignored largely with silence. When his neighbor on the podium Bob makes some simple powerful "one liners" is the uncritical into newscasts and newspapers, and get a huge impact.

Forces of Celebocracy evident partly in the changed attitude to the definition of the concept of marriage and the right for same-sex couples to adopt. Celebrity statements have changed the values ​​of millions in a short time.

In social media appears increasingly celebrities (artists, actors, bloggers, writers) short highly simplified "one-liners". They also think a major impact on the members of the Church.

We're supposed to ponder and then ask God and study the best books. A patient strenuous path to sound values. It is I think worth noting the differences.

Celebrocracy can also turn negative. Avi Steinberg takes in his new book about lds up an example of this.

"To be a fan of The Book of Mormon is to walk a lonesome road. You have almost no one to talk to. None of your friends have read the book. None have had it assigned in school ... It is not Merely socially acceptable to mock and dismiss it, it's a prerequisite for being taken seriously. "

Avi is a non-believer, but deeply fascinated by the LDS. I think he's right describes something that increasingly will become universal thanks to the power of Celebrocracy. When deep contemplation replaced with powerful simplifications will members of an even higher degree of non-believers to be painted as weak, naive and foolish.

Hope I'm wrong because it's a scary way.

Guest Columnist: Observers

Brigham Young's son B. Morris Young as crossdresser (Madame Pattirini)

B. Morris Young dressed as Madame Pattirini.

Brigham Morris Young (18 January 1854-20 February 1931 (Age 77)) was one of the founders of Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association (YMMIA), the predecessor of the Young Men Program in the Church of Jesus Christ of Last Day Saints (Mormon Church).

Morris Young was the son of Brigham Young and one of his wives, Margaret Pierce. Year 1875 earned Morris Young in a mission mission for the church in the Hawaiian Islands. Shortly after returning from this mission, he was asked by his father to organize YMMIA together with Junius F. Wells and Milton H. Hardy.

In 1883 served Morris Young in another missionary assignment in the Hawaiian Islands. He married Armeda Snow, a daughter of Lorenzo Snow. Their son Lorenzo Snow Young was a prominent architect in Utah.

Year 1885 returned Morris Young, his wife and their children from his service in his second mission in the Hawaiian Islands. Immediately after returning to Utah, Morris Young began to act as a crossdressing (transvestit) singer under the pseudonym Madam Pattirini. Morris Young behaved like Pattirini on venues in northern and central Utah from 1885 to 1900 century. He could perform a compelling falset, and many in the crowd did not realize that Pattirini was Morris Young.


Kevin It's still November, but I thought still to share with you some wonderful Christmas music. The worst is, I do not start early today I saw outside the Hemköp at Frölunda Torg they sell buns .... That must be a record early!

Pentatonix is ​​a vocal group consisting of Avi Kaplan, Kirstie Maldonado, Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, and Kevin Olusola. Kevin is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Avi is a Jew and the rest I do not know. Scott and Mitch gay and Pentatonix also supports officially LGBT movement.

"During The Sing-Off, Pentatonix visited the administrative offices of The Trevor Project, an American non-profit organization founded in 1998 and the leading national organization focused on Suicide Prevention Efforts Among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth "

Kevin is both a singer and renowned cellist, beatboxer, saxophonist, songwriter and producer. beatboxing means that as a vocalist you can make vocal percussion sounds like drums and rhythms. In Christmas, Kevin will perform with other famous members of the church such as violinist Jenny Oaks Baker, Vocal Point and Snow College Live Symphony.