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Views on marriage will not change

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Pope invited to a conference in Rome. There, met many religious leaders who shared their traditions around marriage. All had the same view of it all. Men and women complement each other and have different roles, and a child needs his mother and father.

The religious leaders felt invigorated by the conference and they knew they had a challenge ahead of them to deal with. It is difficult for them will be when they want to be able to meet all the people who are LGBT are in their particular life situation. They are not heterosexual, and they feel they do not fit into the religious norm. Moreover, they are not LGBT-are because they chose it, but they are born that way.

This is of course a great disappointment for all those who want to see a change and that same sex marriages should be allowed. The Pope raised the hope for a little while ago because he wanted the tone of homosexuals would be toned down and become softer and inclusive. They are now disappointed and believe that the pope has turned coat after the wind.



Joseph Smith's Polygamy is not so secret that the media would emphasize

Helen March Kimball - one of Joseph Smith's wives

We have over the years written a number of blog posts about polygamy in the Mormon Lady. When now the DN, Aftonbladet, Metro etc in Sweden and other newspapers abroad suddenly make it sound as though The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has withheld information and / or not recognized information about Joseph Smith's polygamy so I would argue that it is not true. If you read the standard works of the Church Doctrine and Covenants that are short and sweet, where about polygamy. Here we are in the initial, summary text of the chapter read as follows:

Revelation given through Joseph Smith in Nauvoo, Illinois, recorded on July 12 1843, regarding the new and everlasting covenant, which include marriage union eternal nature and also a plurality of wives (History of the Church, 5: 501-507). Although the revelation was recorded 1843 it is clear from the historical records that Prophet then 1831 had known the teachings and principles of this revelation contains.
1-6: Exaltation achieved by the new and everlasting covenant; 7-14: The conditions and terms of this covenant is made; 15-20: Celestial marriage and a continuation of the family makes it possible for humans to become gods; 21-25: The strait and narrow path leading to eternal life; 26-27: Act concerning blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is given; 28-39: Promises of eternal increase and exaltation given to prophets and saints in all ages; 40-47: The power to bind and seal on earth and in heaven given to Joseph Smith; 48-50 Lord seals upon him his exaltation; 51-57: Emma Smith advised to be faithful and true; 58-66: Laws regarding several wives produced. Source:

Although the information has not been previously on the Church's official website, it does not mean that it has been the official. Church's official daily newspaper Deseret News wrote about Joseph Smith's polygamy in several years. On Mormon Lady, we also have discussed earlier Joseph Smith's polygamy.http: // FAIR has had conferences about Joseph Smith's polygamy several years back in time. 2008 was blah following statement:

We know of all the children from the relationship with Emma, ​​but where are the ones born from other women? There are Several statements That are floating around thathave been recorded, even Several years after Joseph Smith's death, suggesting the Possibility That so and so could have been a biological child of the Prophet from a polygamous relationship, but no one Could ever confirm any of Them.

The question of Joseph Smith's any sexual relations with his many wives've got until the DNA came to be applied not so many years ago, only been a source of speculation. Today we can say that Joseph Smith, who got 9 children with his wife, Emma, ​​does not seem to have left no genetic trace in the form of seed for some of the approximately 40 wives he had. Something that may seem strange considering that the pill was pure science fiction on the 1830's and that the condom first began to come into use in the United States around the 1850's.

Maybe I need to check up on Martin Luther's view that disabled people should be killed and that he hated Jews are on the Swedish Church's official website ... ...... Maybe it's not official yet !!!

Why have we not domestic adoption?


In Sweden moves the debate in the LGBT movement on the right to the use of host / surrugat-mothers. Personally, I am against this, not for religious reasons, but simply because there is money to be made and people to exploit. To me, is the host / surrugat-moms who equated with giving away organs to afford their survival. For if we skip persons Anna Wahlgren, who seemed to think that it was a small thing to give birth, there remains the rest of us women who have realized that it takes a lot of strength and energy to wait and bear children. The body torn and is not to be used as some kind of child manufacturing factory. When I was talking to a lesbian colleague Host / surrugat mammary so I was met by coherent reaction. She also thought it was about exploitation.

On TV4 politicians blog I staggered as follows:

Host / surrogacy (I do not use the word surrogate for it is derogatory)
It is basically impossible for gay couples to adopt. There are no children available. (Source:

When I read this, I will be so surprised. What do you mean there are no children available? It had certainly been if there had been a choice for Swedish women. Some time ago I came across a post on a parents forum. It was written by a woman who had broken up with his girlfriend. She already had two children from a previous relationship and did not want to keep the baby as she waited. Her comment was that she wished she could adopt her child, because it felt wrong to kill the child.

It amazes me that more voices are raised in Sweden concerning eligibility for adoption and adopt indigenous children. Where is the freedom of choice? Or are considered women who do not want to perform an abortion when they do not feel they are unwilling or unable to keep their unborn children as "brainwashed," "oppressed" and so on and so on.

Personally, I understand very well the women who do not want to undergo an abortion. I myself have faced the same choice, agreed to an abortion, but then luckily changed my mind. In my case, my doctor insisted on an abortion because my baby had a birth defect. Sometimes I still feel anxiety before that I might have conducted an abortion.

Then think tank this instead. I do not want my children, but begrudge another child instead. There is little that I have written that if any of my children are dying to get their bodies used to save the life of another child. What is more valuable than giving life to someone else?

But you might say. think of bearing a child and then leave it off. Yes, but first, it's actually a choice, and secondly, I can not for my life figure out what would be the difference emotionally and physically to wait and give birth to a surrugatbarn which then was removed. Yes, is not it so that it "feel " this is my eggs that I carry on instead of something implanted egg.

So I do not see domestic adoptions as anything other than a win-win project.

There are plenty of childless couples, both within the LGBTQ and among heterosexuals who can not have children. More childless predicted it will be too because chlamydia is increasing among the population and untreated chlamydia can lead to sterility.

The cost of a conventional adoption can be up to 190 000 for an only child. The question of adoption, thus becomes a class issue. It can not be denied. In addition, the waiting time is long for those who choose not to take a child with disabilities. It can then take around 5 years and then want many couples also have two children. In the end, this will be difficult, both for economic reasons and due to that we should not be over a certain age to get the right to adopt.

Out of curiosity, so I gluttade into an adoption website in Utah. It said the cost of adoption indicated. They had carefully written that there will be costs for having to live more, etc., ie costs that would have existed if it had had the opportunity to bring children into the world. But the adoption cost landed on 20 dollars! Suddenly no question of adoption, something that only the rich are able to. With domestic adoptions can all get the opportunity to good fortune to take care of a child or children.

Costs to Foster and Adopt

Generally the cost to adopt through the Foster Care System is nominal Compared to other adoption avenues.

Up front, there are fees for Background Checks Associated with being licensed (generally less than $ 20). There May Also ask costs Associated with Bringing a residence into compliance with state regulations. These Vary Widely. Finally, there are legal fees Associated with the adoption proceedings. The State reimburses up to $ 2,000 of These costs - Which Generally covers costs to families.

I know that a lot actually drives the issue of the right to domestic adoptions. It is the Christian Democrats. Maybe there are some people who do not want to take the pliers in which the Christian Democrats suggest, but the fact is there are women who would have preferred to adopt away and there are childless couples who want to adopt - whatever any of them have political color. Why not let the issue become rainbow-colored and allow all parties to be involved?

Mark Peredes criticized for criticism of Harry Reid

markThis week Mark Peredes, bishop of a local church in Los Angeles and also writer on Jewish Journal fallen under fire when he wrote a column in the Jewish Journal about how he believes that the democratic politician Harry Reid is an embarrassment for the church when he supports a party that stands up for abortion and same-sex marriage. According Peredes so Reid does not meet the requirements of a temple interview where the issue among others is if you have dealings with organizations that are opposed to the church.

Given that about half of all Church members vote for the Democrats, it's no wonder that Mark Peredes has endured harsh criticism. Even the Church has spoken out officially in the case and says that Peredes has abused his role as bishop when he was in his article speaks as official representatives of the church rather than to express that this is his personal opinion. TV channel KUTV is also an element of the event.

"Church spokesman Dale Jones did tell 2News in a statement," Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are, of course, Entitled to Express Their own political opinions. However, publishing Such views while using a title of a church officer, even if only as a leader of a local congregation as in this case, ice Entirely Inappropriate. "

I think it is quite right and important that the church officially marks the priesthood holder must not abuse their office to express their personal political opinions. Unfortunately, this happens very often. In Sweden, for example, expressed a priesthood holder with a relatively high position in the church that he felt that we as members would not give money to beggars in the case of organized begging. Of course I was upset when I heard this and hope that members understand that he abused his position in the church.

Richard Davis, a professor of political science (political science) at Brigham Young University, who is also the Democrat, told the Salt Lake Tribune that local church leaders do not have the freedom to deny someone a temple recommend, based on the person's political dealings. ReviewJournal141108.Mormon bishop under fire for Reid Criticism

JewishJournal141106.Good riddance to Harry Reid, the Senate, Mormon leader

First Missionary


I remember the first Missionary I ever met.

It was on a bus and he was so excited to tell me about the Gospel. Back then I was an agnostic. We had The Same mothertounge; Airlines. He was suprised that i rode the Book of Mormon in a week. Back then I rode it as a fairytale. Now as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I believe The Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

One week ago we met for a soda. Fredrik Means alot to me and with hope he will Become a pilot some day. That is his ambition and dream.

"Lo, this only have I found, That God hath made man upright; but They have sought out many inventions. "Eccelatis 7: 29.

Thanks Fredrik though it was not you who baptized me.

Johan Finne is a writer, gardener and artist. 2013 He received an honorable mention for his many years of work in the Swedish-Finnish HBTIQ movement of the compound Regnbågsankan. He's employees and writer on including and also works as a gardener and artist.