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The first Christians

Read today an article about the first Christians in the day, it's about how it was in Ephesus. What kept the Christians together was the common ethics, and how they lived their lives. Mormon Church would have fit in there, then it was about the true faith in Jesus gave expression to be had fellowship with other believers (hence the need for the meetings of the church), to have a Christlike character (love, piety, humility), showed a high morals (primarily regarding sexuality), renounced the riches of this world (the material, and then the tenth a good start), turned from idolatry (we believe in one god, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), was willing to suffer for Christ (non-Christian persecute us is logical, but when the Christians who are faithful to the Emperor Constantine makes it so you feel bad in the depths of its interior).

There is a dividing line between different groups of Christians, and it became really clear in 325 of Nicaea. It's not that it was a unanimous decision that took place there, but it was a small minority who set up the Emperor Constantine and his regime. In my personal opinions in the this question, so I wonder how these power-hungry Christians. Was it so that they were tired of being in the minority (for they were really there) and they wanted to run over his other Christian brothers and sisters. When and where these Christians decided that they would rather quarreled with other Christians, and that the best way to spread the Christian faith was by allying itself with the government. Did they not see that the result was persecution, deportation and death? Where the naive, ignorant, power hungry, conniving, or what?

I do not think they could send their Christian brothers in death, of immense suffering and unspeakable horrors. How could they forget what the Roman emperors were capable of if you became their friend. I do not understand the "mind control" as the Roman emperors had over these Christians. View Nicaea 325 and the other councils. They are as bewitched. Is it the fear and dread, or is it that power tickles so nice? This is incomprehensible, totally incomprehensible. There have always been books except the Bible, and you do not make a big thing of it all. The Bible has never been the only holy scripture, although some try to make it so. Mormon complements the Bible, and the Bible is always paramount in the Mormon Church. Read more

Unitarianism thrive in Utah

To be unitarist in Utah is amazing. There is no problem at all even if Unitarianism is a small minority. Good contact with the Mormons, despite having a different part of the theological interpretation in some areas, such as homosexuality. Journalists often ask after unitaristernas åsikterer on various issues, and may be much larger and positive media coverage than the corresponding month membership.

It is about 100 members, of which about 40 pc, gay, bisexual and transgender, and about half the congregation is ex-Mormons. Mormons generally respects unitaristerna despite their different theological interpretations of the Bible. Mormons usually ask for unitaristerna, not attack them. Read more Read more

Mormon Church and 12-step program


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates according 12-step program when you want to recover as abusers (alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription and OTC drugs, tobacco, coffee, tea, pornography, not appropriate sexual behavior, gambling, codependency, food) . In the U.S., Mexico and Australia, there are special groups that meet, and here in Europe, it has started up groups in England.

If you can not go to such a group, you can at least download the item / study guide for free, and available in several languages, even in Swedish. It's called "Recovery Program for addicts," and has been adapted with permission of the Church's doctrines, principles, and beliefs. Read more

Preconceived notions about Mormons

  1. mythsHave polygamy. Wrong, abolished in 1890. Do not confuse the Mormons with those who were expelled. Mormons are just over 13 million members.

  2. Receiving government subsidies like other religious churches, associations etc. Wrong, requesting not to receive grants from the government, municipality or county.

  3. Do not celebrate Christmas, Easter and Pentecost mm. Wrong, celebrate it just as much as other Christians.

  4. Do not use a car, telephone, television, radio, computer, internet etc. Wrong, members are modern and positive technical development.

  5. Believe that God created the universe in 6 days. Wrong, the Church believes that God organized chaos / matter, but do not know how long it took.

  6. Belief in multiple gods. Wrong, the Church believes that God the Father is the origin. We worship only Him and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, no other. No one can ascend the Father. Paul speaks of being "joint heirs with Christ" and to take part of the divine nature. This means that we strive to partake of the divine attributes of love, compassion, mercy, etc., and that sometime in the future themselves to be such. Never be equal or equal with God.

  7. Think that all but church members are going to hell. Wrong, do not believe in a literal hell after death, but it is our own burning consciences when we discover that we lived in a wrong way. All humans go to heaven.

  8. Church members believe that going to heaven because of his deeds / job. Wrong, members affirm both their Christian heritage and their ancestors from Israel ten missing / lost tribes of the Northern Kingdom. If daily rules and regulations are as good as you can, then get more and more blessing from God, little by little.

  9. Do not do military service. Wrong, there are members who are military personnel, and police officers.

  10. Homosexuals may not become members. Wrong, they may become members, and they will live avhållsamt like all other singles in the church. Only those who are married (a man with a woman) must have sex.

  11. Adverse to education. Wrong, they are positive and studying both happy and very. Many have university education.