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SeminarieTV 25: & Doctrine connected 124-124

Lulea seminary class films, presenting and editing this week's episode.


Starring: Elisabeth Dahlqvist, Moa Wirtala, Joseph Wirtala, Isaac Naslund; using Stockholmare: Saga Stahlberg, Frida Stahlberg, Beatrice Halldén. Message by David Newell, Branch president in Lulea.

NOTE: This section 25, 24 not as the beginning shows.

The Doctrine and Covenants 124

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No, I'm not Charlie

crown of thorns

Freedom of expression is something precious that we must protect our society. We must have the right to express our views. It is a prerequisite for a democratic society. But freedom of expression is something that can also be abused. One of the things that Jesus Christ went through, which was part of his suffering before he underwent a painful death was that he was mocked. The mockery was both verbally and physically. Jesus was mocked because he recognized that he was the king of the Jews and had a crown of thorns pressed down on his head and a cloak laid on their shoulders. How should we as Christians behave towards our fellow human beings? Yes, not Jesus critics made in each case.
Yes, though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, this would be me nothing. (1 Cows 13: 3)

To express their opinion, freedom of expression, but to mock, ie shape, is not freedom of expression. We should show respect for our fellow man, which does not mean that we necessarily agree with them in their opinions or beliefs. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we know that we are to live in such a way that we have the Holy Spirit's presence. Paul expresses in praise of love that it does not matter what we do, if we do not do it in love.

Sometimes that bothered my two boys together. One of them can run crying to me and complain about how he has been kicked and beaten by her brother. Such terrorism is not accepted in our family, but at the same time, I ask, of course, why the former brother struck the other. The answer is many times that the kinds and kicks come in response to a verbal provocation. Provocation does not give the right to retaliate, but provocation in itself is not right. As a mother rebukes I both my boys. Both have acted wrongly. Then of course there is no excuse for terrorism, but that there is any right to legitimize mockery.

In Sweden, you have the right to think and say almost anything you want. You have the right to express yourself on the radio, on television and on the web. The Freedom of Expression states of these rights. There is also what not to do, such as slander or insult another person. (Source: )

Yes, what you say about the above quotes? Well, those who advocate the right to violate believe that they violate Muhammad - who is dead. But if Muhammad is dead, how can he be offended? Of course, is not directed against the mockery of a dead person can not be violated without the ridicule aimed at the target group that feels offended; those who believe that Muhammad was God's true profet.Frågor that these are not simple and I notice in various forums that the views on free speech differ between members of the Church. All do not look at it as I do. We are members of the church and go to the temple, however, include covenants which among other things means that we must not mock second people.Although I can to some extent feel fragmented in terms of, for example, satire artwork. My uncle took several years Gothenburg Trade and Sjöfartstidning. The magazine was known among other things for its satire drawings of Nazism in 1930 century. Using various means to combat xenophobia and racism does not feel foreign to me, but to mock people's religion is simply reprehensible. He who is without sin may cast the first stone.

The temple - a retreat for the soul and a place for conversations.


Last week I had the privilege of being the temple in Stockholm. In a week, I had had a severe headache and felt quite how tired I was of having had so much pain. I almost regretted that I had booked tickets to the train. But I came away.

It started not great. Missed the tram and had such a rush to the train that once I hopped on the last car so it was just two minutes left until the train would go. In my own mind I praised God that I had managed to keep up. Once in Stockholm so I found despite my poor sense of direction to the local train quite promptly. Jumped on a train that was standing on the platform and asked for safety's sake if it went to Västerhaninge. They did such and the doors slammed shut. Once in Vasterhaninge it was as if I had come there in just a few minutes.

Although I did not attend the temple as often as it feels a bit like coming home. I walk into the grocery store and buy ready meals for five days and attracts as home shopping bags and suitcase to the guest house. The guest house belongs to the temple. There you can get cheaply - quadruple costs about 60 kr night - both sleep and get access to computers for genealogy, teverum and a well equipped kitchen. The guest house is covered by Jesus Pictures and it feels sacred only to enter there. When I booked the room so I also got a code to the front door. It is necessary, for the guesthouse are often quite so empty. It feels really quiet just to get to the guest house.

When I packed up my stuff and stowed the food in one of the guest house's fridge and pantry drawers so I just feel an infinite tranquility. The temple and the guest house is a retreat for members of the Church. Besides getting to know the privacy and quiet so I meet always on members from different nations. Many times I have experienced interesting and spiritual encounters with other people. It's just like that one is only himself here. The time barely exists and what happens in one's everyday life suddenly feels very remote.

This time I visited the temple there was an open week where any can visit the temple. Usually, the temple weekly weight to each rod (pin) eg Gothenburg rod. This time I got acquainted with both Swedes, Norwegians and some Russians. The sad with the Russians was that only a woman could speak English. She had with him his two sons, 14 and 17 years and complained that they could not English. The teaching of English have no higher priority in Russia. Her hope was that the boys would come to be called on a mission to an English-speaking country so they could learn English properly. Can the English so they can then load a college education at a distance for a low cost of Church University. I was humbled by this wonderful Russian woman, who just came to the temple that this was her "first temple" - Russians belonged to the temple in Stockholm until the temple in Helsinki had been built. After much effort, I have now learned to say "privjet" which means "hello" in Russian.

It went much better to talk to my Norwegian siblings. A sister I met in the guesthouse gave a lasting impression. Self, I thought she was about 55 years, but I almost fell of the pin when she told me that she was in fact the whole 80 years. Naturally, I had to ask this wonderful and positive sister about how she could stay so youthful. Hennnes explanation was that she had chosen to be always positive, always look ahead and leave everything behind. Arild, I think I remember that she was called, had gone through difficult trials in life. Her one the son, one of seven children, had passed away already in their twenties in a hereditary disease that also shortened her husband's life. At 60 age was Arild widow and then chose to make sure she had a rich life and serve in the temple.

Another sister who I met at the Camilla. We had a jätttrevligt conversation where Camilla came into the matter of faith. She talked about how she had served as a missionary in Salt Lake City and where in contact with many women who had a background in polygamous splinter groups. Camilla told me that she found a text in which one of the church leaders had written something about that young women would be pleasing to men. Camilla felt when she read the lyrics she suddenly was full of doubts. "What am I doing here?" Was her thought. But things changed. Camilla came to the realization that books and what other people said would not make her wiser. She came to the realization that if anyone knew the answer, it's God. Camilla decided to pray to God and ask if the gospel was true and that is what has kept her left.

When I did the sessions so I got for the first time see another new temples movie. There are now four temples films that are alternately displayed. The latest came to the temple in Stockholm in October last year. One of the temple workers told me that the last movie was a real disappointment. She hoped that it would be removed. It was a pity that she said so for so does that you do not have any expectations for the film. But I'm inclined to agree unfortunately. The acting was not at all the same as in the two other new films. The only thing that felt like a special interpretation in this film version was that the piecemeal experienced Satan more like a voice that could be heard in his head rather than an actual person. It felt quite so nasty. But on the whole did not feel the film version specifically thought out.

When I would go home last day, it was last Saturday, so it turned out to be class 2 warning in southern Sweden. I did not at first even if I could come home with my train. A little nervous it was, but I got permission to sleep over at the guest house from Saturday to Sunday if the train would not have gone. It was one of the employees at the guesthouse that helped me, swung room and key and so on. We also had an interesting conversation when we took the local train a few stops. He told us a little about his life and his divorce he had gone through a few years earlier. As we talked, it felt a bit like we had known each other for years. This feeling of togetherness, I experience often along with other members, especially in connection with that I visit the temple.