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Tempeltjänarnas accommodations in Washington DC is now considered monastery


For almost four years I have regularly written on the largest forums, Flashback that can resemble Mormon Temple and its associated buildings with the historic churches convent and its buildings.

Mormon Temples and its ceremonies has its counterpart in the old churches, monasteries and nunneväsende. In some arranges live monks and nuns at the monastery, while the other orders as they live at home and have regular jobs. Some Mormons live in the house next to the temple or in apartments in the same block, ie the temple area. Other Mormons live at home and have regular jobs. Mormons who have made the temple promises (vows) have a temple recommend, and are allowed to stay in the temples.

To my delight it has something finally happened in terms of the Washington DC Temple, Maryland. The purchased apartment complex with 44 apartments located just over one kilometer from the temple itself, and used by the traveling members to serve in the temple, has been seen as the Monastery of Maryland's highest court.

So now I really hope that the leaders of the church continues with this, and refer just now that they have tax exemptions on buildings used as in the same manner as in monasteries.

Mormon Temple and associated buildings are in fact the Mormon Church convent, and I'm very happy that I see that church leaders look at it all the same way as me.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not have to pay property taxes on a Montgomery County apartment complex where it houses religious workers, the state's highest court held Wednesday.

The Court of Appeals said the apartment qualified for a property tax exemption as a "convent," Which is Contrary to the determination by the Supervisor of Assessments of Montgomery County and the Maryland Tax Court, an executive branch agency.

The church was seeking to reinstate its exemption for the building, Which houses visiting workers who Generally spent two years serving at the church's Washington DC Temple in Kensington.

"We are pleased to hear That the Maryland Court of Appeals upheld a status That has been in place for almost three decades," church spokesman Eric Hawkins said in an emailed statement.

Defending the Faith: Jerusalem's disputed Temple Mount

Looking out onto the Mount of Olives from the Old City in Jerusalem in April 2011 .. The Dome of the Rock is visible in the foreground on the Temple Mount and, on the horizon, is the tower of the Russian Church of the Ascension.
Looking out onto the Mount of Olives from the Old City in Jerusalem in April 2011 .. The Dome of the Rock is visible in the foreground on the Temple Mount and, on the horizon, is the tower of the Russian Church of the Ascension.

Contention between Israeli Jews and Palestinians Stretches back nearly a century, with little hope of resolution. In the past few months, however, the conflict has increasingly focused on a struggle for control of the Temple Mount.

The site of Solomon's Temple and, later, of Herod's temple at the time of Jesus has been a sacred place for over 3,000 years. The original Jewish Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 70 BC Rebuilt Years Later, the temple endured another six centuries as the center of Jewish spiritual life Until The Romans destroyed it in AD 70 amidst a Jewish rebellion. The surviving Jews were scattered and havebeen left without a temple for Almost 2,000 years.

When the Holy Land was Christianized in the early fourth century by the order of the first Christian Roman emperor, Constantine, monumental churches were built throughout it, including the Holy Sepulcher over the traditional tomb of Jesus. However, the Temple Mount was intentionally left desolate as a sign of the fulfillment of Christ's prophecy That not one stone of the temple would be left standing. And so it remained for three centuries, visited by pilgrims Following in Jesus Christ's footsteps, but unadorned by any Christian shrine.

Thus, When the Arab Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 638 under the Caliph Umar, They were entered into a treaty to protect the Christian and Jewish holy places in the city. Searching for a location in Jerusalem to construct a mosque for the new Muslim community, the Arabs naturally turned to the large space left empty by the Christians on the Old Temple Mount. Soon the Arabs had built not only the Al-Aqsa Mosque for prayer and worship, but Also a new shrine. Known as the Dome of the Rock, The Sanctuary is one of the great architectural achievements of the Islamic world. It commemorated the biblical Temple of Solomon and the place where Jesus taught and Performed miracles - Both of whichwere described in the Quran and accepted by Muslims as authentic sacred history. In addition, Muslims believed That Muhammad had visited the Temple Mount of Jerusalem in vision, ascending from there into heaven.

Apart from a century of Christian rule over the Crusaders, the Temple Mount remained in Muslim hands for the next 13 centuries. Jews were given locations on the fringes of the Temple Mount for prayers, Which Eventually developed into the Western Wall.

The Israeli conquest of Palestine and East Jerusalem in 1967 friendlyness of the Temple Mount in Jewish hands again for the first time in 1,400 years. Although some Israelis at the time agitated for permanent occupation of the Temple Mount and destruction of the Muslim shrines there, the Israeli government Decided to leave Muslim Authorities in charge of the area. Indeed, the rabbinic leaders of Israel forbade Jews from entering the Temple Mount lest They unintentionally profane the sacred precincts where, of according to Jewish law, only priests Could enter.

Throughout the medieval period of Muslim dominance in Jerusalem, the Jewish messianic expectations were of two minds Regarding the rebuilding of the Temple. One maintained That When The Messiah came, he would rebuild the temple as a sign of his divine authority. The other tradition held That the temple must be rebuilt by the Jews in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. These two traditions - Which Could be called the quietist and activist - still exist Among Jews today. Activist Jews thus believe That Israel must expel the Muslims from the Temple Mount, destroy the Dome of the Rock and rebuild the "Third Temple" to prepare the way for the Messiah.

For decades, These Third Temple movements havebeen preparing and agitating for the rebuilding of the temple, going so far as to make utensils, furnishings and priestly robes for use in the coming sanctuary. Every year, on Jewish holy days, These groups have attempted to Force Their Way onto the Temple Mount to pray, and have consistently been turned away by Israeli security forces.

In Recent months, however, Increasing numbers of Jews have Begun Wider agitation for the right to ascend the Temple Mount to pray, in violation of the early 1967 status quo agreement Regarding the site. Palestinian Muslims have reacted with bothering demonstration and violence, and with the threat of a Potentially new "intifada" (uprising). Thus, despite Isaiah's prophecy That the Temple Mount Should be "a house of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56: 7; Mark 11: 17), It remains a source of discord and conflict.

22746Daniel C. Peterson, professor of Islamic studies and Arabic at BYU, is editor-in-chief of the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative, founder, Chairman of "Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture" and a Blogger Patheos. His views do not Necessarily represent Those of BYU.

Should the church renounced the right to perform marriages?

temp When I married for almost twenty years ago, so we got married first bourgeois, before we were sealed in the temple. I understood that not all members saw it as really ok to marry in a civil ceremony first. I myself had not gone through the temple and did not feel ready for it. Because the church has to perform marriages so too has the Church decided that if you choose civil marriage first, you have to wait a year before you can be sealed in the temple.

For so many, the issue of temple sealing has been a difficult issue. Relatives of the couple who have not been members of the church or had a temple recommend, have been excluded from one of life's great festivals. Some members compensates for this with a ring exchange ceremony after the temple wedding, where everyone can join in, but it still feels not good, because the marriage itself is already completed.

In parts of Europe, among others, so do not have church marriages. This means that the couple first married civilian, with all the relatives present, and then go off to the temple itself besgeglingen. In the US, for a group that describes this difference and how important it is to let the family be involved in the wedding ceremony. The group calls itself Family First Weddings. They draw on a scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants, which states that all marriages should be public. In the original edition of the Doctrine and Covenants chapter. 109: 1 says that marriage shall take place in public.

I have heard that some members in Sweden goes around this by waiting a year to temple marriage simply by going down to the example of Spain and to seal in the temple in Madrid immediately after the civil ceremony.

Now a blogger gone out with the task of the Church to officially change its statutes and remove the right to perform marriages for temple sealings, as it stands in the same relation, such as baptism, that is it not a legal document. Perhaps it is the resulting debate in the United States that the agencies should come to force religious institutions to perform marriages to marry same-sex couples as ghosts? The Church teaches in any case have denied rumors arisen so it remains to be seen if there is any insider who leaked information about future changes in the church.

Salt Lake City Weekly 130703.Family First Weddings Group asks the LDS Church to change temple waiting period

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Church releases revealing clip about tempelgarments and temple clothing

clothes Today, I was actually quite shocked. I got to experience a youtube clip that was put out of the church's official news channel Mormon Newsroom it 16 October. It is about the underwear that we members of the Church bears when we as adults have gone through the temple. The film also shows what we members usually describe as "Package"Because it is a kind of case where we keep our accessories; a headdress, a band / belt, an apron and a robe / cloak. Now, both the temple clothing and contents of the packet up. So this is stuff that we never get to show up outside the temple, and therefore it is for me as a member of sensational news as a non-member would never understand.


Temples, language, LGBTQ focused on Christ and love

october_general_conference_2014_shirts_tshirt-r3cf1fc2e6bb946f196af6d388a58422e_8nah8_324This weekend's General Conference has come to an end. I have not finished listening to all the Sunday sessions, without listening right now on Sunday's final session. If you read in newspapers and partake of social media, it is primarily the issue of temple, language, LGBTQ and focus on Christ and the love that has distinguished this General Conference.

No new temple was announced by our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, but he noted that when all the temples that have been announced so far have been completed, we 170 temples worldwide. It was with pleasure that some of the speakers were allowed to use their native language when they spoke. The languages ​​spoken besides English was Cantonese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Anyone who got to deliver the church's view of LGBT issues was Elder Oaks, the same person who got to hold the talk about women and the priesthood in the spring. I wonder if the other seventy believe that an ex. Judge is best allowed to deliver speeches in controversial topics. I listened to Elder Oaks talk on the air and saw a difference in the attitude of Church leaders. The issue of same-sex marriage Oaks commented that it must let the people decide. Although the church officially a negative view of same-sex marriage so it seems that the church now accepts the societal changes that we see around the United States. Oaks was clear to emphasize that as members we should love all people intended etnicietet, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks: "Love One Another As I Have Loved You"
"... We Should ask the person of goodwill toward all, Rejecting Persecution, claen Persecution based on race, ethnicity, religious belief or non-belief and differences in sexual orientation."

"Love is the very essence of the gospel"

"He That hath the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil"

"Loving kindness is required."

Fox13. 141004. LDS Church Leader Discuss the legal battle over same-sex marriage During Semi-Annual Conference

Review Journal. 141004.Mormon leader reiterates the church's stance on gay marriage

Salt Lake Tribune. 141004. Be civil in fighting gay marriage, Mormon apostle says

Click the link below to listen to Elder Oaks speech: