How to become a Mormon?

Baptist-457687 tabletSeriously, I thought everyone knew how to do to become Mormon. But now I'm probably a little ashamed, because I found one on the internet who asked about this. Everyone knows not how to become Mormon. Sorry if I was unclear on that. You must register IRL (In Real Life). You can not apply through the church's website to sign up even if they have the same views as the Church. But you can contact the church through the Website even if you then do not become a member. It can go fast to become a member if you are already ready and have the same opinions as the church. A couple of weeks only.

1) First, as one looks up a couple of missionaries. You can call the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and ask to meet with the missionaries. Want to contact a missionary in the place where you live? You can get their phone numbers by contacting the mission of the church office at telephone 08-544 709 30. Just tell me in what city you live to get the phone number of the nearest missionary couple.

2) They come home to anyone wanting to become a member. Missionaries give the person (called investigators) a Book of Mormon free. It is anticipated that the Swedes have already Bible at home. Missionaries are a number of lessons to teach the faith of the Church.

3) When the missionaries believe that the analyst is ready to be baptized, then they ask the examiner about this. The missionaries want to determine a dopdatum.

4) When the examiner accepted the baptismal date then the missionaries' "manager" and an interview with the investigator. This is to ensure that education is made correctly and that the investigator is ready. In other words, a double track.

5) Baptism takes place, usually in a local church, but it can also be done out in the open.

6) Confirmation takes place in sacrament meeting.

7 Member absorption occurs in sacrament meeting.

How to become a Mormon

For those who have not been in contact with the missionaries before, there is a recorded documentary that shows them in their work. The District is in 8 episodes and The DIstrict 2 is in 3 episodes, ie total 11 episodes. The story about the documentary can be read in the link below in Deseret News. Nothing is fake or inaugurated in advance, but it's reality tv.

The District: Time to Shine (Episode 1)

The District: Brothers and Sisters (Episode 2)

The District Number One (Episode 3)

The District: A Great Instrument (Episode 4)

The District: Perfect (Episode 5)

The District: Saved for a Reason (Episode 6)

The District: Turning Point (Episode 7)

The District: Coming Home (Episode 8)

The DIstrict 2 Episode 1

The District 2 Episode 2

The DIstrict 2 Episode 3

Please Mormon Lady

Ephesians 2: 8-10

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